My happy place is a public market

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"Kahappy gyud diri sa Carbon oy!"

In English, I'm basically just exclaiming the overflowing joy whenever I visit the largest public market on the entire island of Cebu. I do! I exclaim not in silence but in words uttered with unrivaled spirits. You can imagine me galloping my way inside and around the market. And when you look straight in my eyes, you’d see fireworks dancing one after the other and at times, in unison. That’s a crazy description but that’s the truth! My happiness is as simple as a quick visit to the market.

I remember that even at a young age, I've always been fond of things adults do including going to the market. I remember going on an early morning trip to the small wet market in my hometown with my mother and father to buy meat, vegetables and pig’s blood. Now that I'm a grown-up, going to the market brings a whole new level of joy and, please don’t laugh, excitement! Yes, going to the market and seeing a wide array of goods especially vegetables, herbs and spices, meat of all types and cuts, fruits, and some other things one would never see in stand-alone supermarkets or groceries inside malls. Before I could write an entire essay about how happy I am whenever I visit public markets, let me give you a tour of my favorite market in Cebu. Come with me!

Today, I'm going to bring you to Carbon Public Market, the center of trade in Cebu City or should I say, the entire Province of Cebu. My company supplies frozen processed food to this market so I know that the market never sleeps. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration! Activities sort of wind down from 7 in the evening to 12 midnight, but at around 2-4 AM, the real action kicks in. Restaurant owners, carenderia owners, and housewives, flock to the market early in the morning to buy whatever they need to run their businesses and kitchens. The market is organized in a way that there’s an assigned section for each type of good. And before I forget, the main market extends on the nearby streets which were closed to give way to market activities. In the photos is the area where vendors display vegetables and fruits. They arrange long tables to display the items they sell. People buy in pieces or in bulk depending on their needs and there's no problem with that. One could buy even a single piece or an entire sack of potatoes and one wouldn't probably have a problem with that; there's enough for everyone.

I’ve been to Carbon countless times. And what amazes me is that despite the high number of vendors selling, every single vendor seems to sell maybe not all but still able to sell their goods at the end of the day. Some vendors buy from farmers and resell, but I’ve also seen some farmers who sell their own harvest.

During this visit, I bought an entire week's supply of vegetables and fruits. I'll give you another tour at the other section of Carbon Public Market some other time! Happy friday, cheers!

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Thank you so much!!

I just did, thank you! ❤️

Thank YOU!

Oh I would be galloping right there with you @patsitivity! These fresh produce markets are one of my favourites. Although I've never been to this one, my first place to visit when I travelled internationally was the local market. It is such a colourful experience for so many reasons. I love rubbing shoulders with the people, sampling cultural foods and truly living the aspects that make each country, or village unique. This is definitely one of my best #marketfriday

Hi @buckaroobaby! Oh woow, should I be flying to your country or the other way around? hehe My dream market tour is in a market full of spices! Haven't been to one; I could only imagine!


Oh beautiful! I have only been in a few spice markets - my friend who used to take tours to India would send me regular updates of her wonderful spice experience. But when I was in the Middle East I sat among open BAGS of spices. It was amazing

Now I'm jealouuus!!! I'm learning how to cook that's why my interest in spices has been surfacing lately. We don't have a spice market in my country, at least none that I know of. It'd be great to have a tour even in a small spice market one day! 😁

Ka lively sa carbon oi!

As always! Wala nay Covid didto, normal pas tanang normal hehe

Awww I totally forgot covid! Sa ka busy sa carbon in your photos, yes, wala nay covid. 😅

your market is well organized

It's sort of organized since portions of the market have designated items for sale. But it's chaotic and dirty, too. Nonetheless you can buy items a lot cheaper than supermarkets.

this is really a busy market👍and very colorful too, they dress like they are dancing but not working😄

Everyone's busy. No slack time when one works in the market.

The activities in the traditional market are busy too, the atmosphere of many buying and selling is also the activity if pushing carts. Thank you.

Since many buy in bulk (in sacks) that's what carts are for and also for moving around new arrivals from the farms down south of Cebu

Such a vibrancy and liveliness around there. Lots of hustle and bustle.
I can imagine why you are so excited. It just brings joy just looking at this market.
Thanks for sharing with us today. 😁

Hi @littlebee4! Just glad you didn't find me weird for being too happy in my little market day 😅 they say I'm too young to be feeling this way. But that's it, no one's gonna change this attraction I feel!

Hi @patsitivity 😁 not at all… I get like that in a gardencenter with lots of plants or art supply store…
It’s like a candy store when we were kids. The joy 🤩

Just enjoy it… I sooooo understand 😁👋🏻☀️💃🏻💃🏻

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Thanks! ☺️

Lahi ra feelings basta makatamak sa Carbon as in. 🥰🥰

Diba mamsh? Happy kaayo gyud sa Carbon! :)