Problem gaming, Dopamine and Suicide

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I this video, I discuss the problem gaming as discussed in this Video by Dr Andrew Huberman PHD

Free to use video game footage from Youtube



Key notes

  • Problem gaming is not well-known in the medical literature
  • It is seen about 5% of gamers
  • It is associated with suicidal thought and suicide
  • The best treatment option is CBT

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I do not recommend that children under 8 years of age have this practice of entertaining themselves with video games, but since this is something that has become unavoidable, it is recommended that the accompaniment of parents and professionals is important to avoid episodes of anxiety that could lead to suicide.

It is always important to be mindful of what children play with. As for their age, I think it is good to have children engaged in problem solving activities including games of any kind as soon as possible. But in addition they should be able to solve problem in real life.

I agree with you, video game came is additive, I have a friend who almost lost his marriage because of video games and I also agree to the fact that it has connection with commiting suicide.

That's very sad to hear. I hope they were able to fix things. I hope he didn't become suicidal.

He didn't but he became so addicted that he couldn't care for himself anymore

Very sad story

I think I have to do my very own research on it

Here are the meta analysis pages from the National Library of Medicine

Thanks for this

You are welcome.

I see video games more addictive and then should be detest from it

Very nice sentiments.

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