Dog training diaries Ep.5 Scent work again

in Hive Pets2 years ago

Here I am again after a long time with my dog training videos. This time I show you scent work training again, but a bit more advanced level.

The point of the two exercise in the video was to force Nelson to give a definitive sign (laying down would be the goal) when he finds the target. But this proves to be quite difficult, because he always tries to get it himself and he is quite good at it (as proved on the second clip).
Since the video was made, Nelson successfully finished the level 1 scent work exam and we are moving to level 2. The task gets complicated with the introduction of disturbing scents, and more clear "found it" signal will be required there.

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Interesting content--and such a sweet pup! !CTP

Thank you!


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Interesting....I will try to implement some of it on my cats :) .....but dont think it will work....


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I am going to watch all the episodes. We just finished putting our dog Bradley through obedience trainong.Thenks for sharing.

I hope you enjoy them. I saw some of your posts about Bradley, you are doing great.