Eyes To The Skies! Operation #Ping Goes LIVE In 3...2...1! (1,500+ Hive Reward!) ☄️

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Here is your chance to be a part of the latest and greatest in engagement technology! Operation #Ping kicks off in only a few short days!

Meet people just like you and #Ping your way through the Hive Universe reconnecting with your followers! Not only is this going to be LOTS of fun it's also a chance to WIN over 1,500 Hive! YES! You heard me right!

Excited to Join-Up?!

Activate the #Ping Portal on your Discovery Class Star Ship before the Sign-Up deadline!

Operation #Ping goes LIVE at 0 hundered hours on Jan.08.2022. Better not wait Commander! Once Operation #Ping launches it will no longer be possible to Sign-Up!

Need more information?


Just click on the link bellow to jump to the one of the Operation #Ping announcement posts for the full details!

Would you like to see who is already signed-up? Just click on the link bellow to jump to the Sign-Up Board!

Already signed-up? Click the link bellow to jump to the Boost Bank to find out how to get an edge during Operation #Ping!

If your excited but have some questions about Operation #Ping or @Comet.Ranker please just ask me your questions bellow in the comments!

My goal is to boost engagement across the entire Hive Blockchain during the month of January!

Will you join the #CometCrew for Operation #Ping!?

Engagement is how we all win... TOGETHER!

This is @wil.metcalfe coming to you from @Comet.Ranker Headquarters. ☄️

Keep it snappy everyone! Over and Out. 📴

© Comet.Ranker 2022



¡Aquí tienes la oportunidad de formar parte de lo último y mejor en tecnología de compromiso! ¡La operación #Ping arranca en tan solo unos días!

Conoce a gente como tú y haz #Ping en el Universo Hive para reconectar con tus seguidores. ¡No sólo va a ser un montón de diversión, sino también una oportunidad de ganar más de 1.500 Hive! **SÍ, SÍ, SÍ. ¡Me has oído bien!

¿¡Emocionado por participar!?

**Activa el portal #Ping en tu nave estelar de clase Discovery antes de la fecha límite de inscripción.

La operación #Ping se pone en marcha a las 0 horas del 08 de enero de 2022. ¡Mejor no esperar Comandante! **Una vez que la Operación #Ping sea lanzada, ya no será posible inscribirse.

**¿Necesitas más información?


Haz clic en el enlace de abajo para ir a uno de los anuncios de la Operación #Ping para obtener todos los detalles.

¿Quieres ver quién está ya inscrito? Haz clic en el enlace de abajo para ir al tablón de anuncios.

¿Ya te has inscrito? Haz clic en el enlace de abajo para ir al Banco de Impulsos y descubrir cómo obtener una ventaja durante la Operación #Ping.

Si estás entusiasmado pero tienes alguna pregunta sobre la Operación #Ping o @Comet.Ranker, ¡pregúntame en los comentarios!

Mi objetivo es impulsar la participación en toda la Hive Blockchain durante el mes de enero.

¿Te unirás al equipo de #Comet para la Operación #Ping?

Con el compromiso ganamos todos... ¡JUNTOS!

Les habla @wil.metcalfe desde la sede de @Comet.Ranker. ☄️

¡Mantengan la calma todos! Cambio y fuera. 📴

¡Un agradecimiento especial por la traducción del texto original al español va a @cynshineonline! ¡Gracias Cyn! 🙏

Special thank you for translation of the original text into Spanish goes to @cynshineonline! Thank you Cyn! 🙏

© Comet.Ranker 2022


Good luck to everyone participating 💯🙏😎

Thankyou so much for showing support for Operation #Ping @trippymane! 🙌

How's the #CometWeek graffiti coming along? I'm still as amped as ever to see it when the time comes! It's something to look forward to! ☄️☄️☄️☄️

Hope you are doing well and staying out of harms way my friend! 😊

Comet Ranker

Thanks my friend, slowly it's coming along, sorry again for the long time it's taking me but I should be able to show you some cool progress in the next few days 😎💯

Thank you and keep rocking! 🙏

Am really excited about this!

And oh I saw the graphics when I had the goo internet connection yesterday, so epic! I wish I was able to transfer some Hive to register other HCBC members but hands are all tight plus the internet. Good luck to all the participants. It's a lot of prize in the basket!!!

Congrats, Wil and Comet crew! <3

I'm so glad that you managed to view the graphics and animations for Operation #Ping Gil! I really went all out creating them! It was lots of fun... and late nights too! haha!

I'm sad that most of your group wasn't able to participate this time around... but I do understand. ❤️

I hope that you guys can follow along anyways so that next time there's another engagement event by @Comet.Ranker you all will be rightUP to speed to participate in our next one! hint! hint! Annnnnd (of course!) we can always use some people in the stands cheering for the #CometCrew during Operation #Ping! That positivity is always welcome... especially here on Hive! 😁

I have about 800 followers, I can only send hive on 15 Jan as this is a start date?

Not quite yet! You still have a couple days to find your Sign-Up fee! I wanted to limit the Sign-Up period for Operation #Ping to 7 days so that once we launch (Category 1 goes first) I can focus on giving everyone the best experience ever! Soooooo… that means once Jan.07.2022 @ 23:59 rolls around all Sign-Up’s will be finished for each other the 3 Categories.

Can you dig deep and find the 10 Hive for Sign-Up? Otherwise you’ll be to late to register… 😯

Thank you. I'll do right away

Done my registration. Sent 10 hive to @comet.ranker thank you.

Sorry @wil.metcalfe
I saw your posts but I thought I'd read them later. And now I think I'm late.

@comet.ranker! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @masoom. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Your not to late actually! 14hrs and 11am. remain to signUP for Operation #Ping!

I got the Hive that you sent however because you have over 100 followers (and under 999 followers) you are a Category 2 Commander. To signUP you will need to send another 9 Hive to @Comet.Ranker if you would like to participate.

I thought I had better let you know asap as we are now into our last 24 hour window for signUP’s! ☄️

Thanks Wil.
9 hive sent

Got it! Thank you Masoom. I’ll input you onto the SignUP Board and enter your follower list into the Operation #Ping backend asap! 🙌

Ayyyyy, Operation #Ping is about to drop! Watch out world! :) I love it wooooo! 🙏

You're such a good mentor to a lot of Hivers, thank you for all your work. I was going to contact you on Twitter when Wil forwarded your account but am reluctant, you might have a lot of projects going on right now. But I saw your work and am always amazed!

Thanks so much @purepinay ! I've always gotten really good vibes from you too, and I'm so impressed with how well you've built a following and community, great work.

I'm a firm believer in never "taking the yes" away from people. People may prefer YOUR project to one's they're working on. They may be bored. They may know someone who's even a better fit for you. But these things can never be sorted out unless we ask right?

So I'm always ok with asking people, even if they're busy or may say 'no', because then at least, I didn't "take the yes" away.

Basically what I'm saying is... thanks for your kind words, and feel free to contact! #TogetherWeRyze ! :) 🙏

P.S. My projects & schedule are managed by @cynshineonline :)

I love this lesson...never take the yes away from people. I messaged Gil on Twitter jsYk ❤️❤️❤️


Hi @purepinay I love that you thought about Jay about possibly helping with a project. I sent you a message on Twitter. ❤️❤️❤️

You know it Jay! Watch out world indeed! We are about to make IMPACT all while EXPLORING our Follower Lists! 💥

Thank you for all the advice and support along the way! Here we are!!! 👓

Operation #Ping! ☄️

(grin) I love anyone who's about the impact, thanks for inviting me to contribute, lots of love to all involved! 🙏

Whooooo go Wil go! and it was my pleasure to help out. I love helping ❤️❤️❤️

hey @wil.metcalfe what time on Saturday (UTC) does week 2 go live?

Great question! That would be 7am UTC! As soon as the Category 2 post goes LIVE that is where everyone should report their #Ping Missions to! ☄️

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