The Market Is A Little Delicate Right Now - Time To Remain Positive

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Looking at the top 100 coins by market cap I didn't realise the crap like Safemoon and Shiba were part of it as I would expect them to dump at some point anyway but not everything all at once.

I have been at work all day and hadn't had a chance to catch up on what has been happening and from the looks of it a good day to miss in the crypto world lol. You have to laugh as what else is there to do as it will come back so just hold tight and whatever you do don't sell. You just know deep down many coins are changing hands from the weak into the institutions right now as I saw a report Apple bought $168 Million of Ethereum.

What is quite remarkable is that everything is down in the double digits against BTC but Hive is actually doing rather well and in the green. Funny how Hive sometimes bucks the trend and stands out even more.

Some serious damage happening right now and I don't know how or why but I am still only down 30% overall in Satoshis as forget the dollars as that is not important. This is the time to plan the next move and try to understand what is happening right now.

Shaking the tree knocking all the loose hands has to be the game plan and steering a course through this is still possible. One thing in crypto is patterns form very often and this is where paying attention can pay off handsomely.

Over the coming weeks the possibility of growing your coins through farming is something that may become an obvious solution. I am no day trader, but with so much volatility of follow my leader being Bitcoin going on what other choices are there besides waiting?

DeFi is another option which is now open to everyone these days and at least you are earning whilst waiting. I hate waiting but also am not stupid and irrational either so this weekend will all be about finding a safe course to grow somehow.

Wait until December when your mates tell you how lucky you were to get involved in crypto so early on yet they don't know and understand half of the pain many go through. How many dreams and lives have been ruined yet again over the last 72 hours and this will happen every time newbies think there are quick fortunes to be made.


I am still only down 30% overall in Satoshis

That is a nice catch! I saw something similar in my portfolio, but I didn't pay attention... Now that you are saying that, it has a lot more sense... Yes, everything is red, but all "connected" to "fake" FIAT world is burning a lot more... But, that can be reversed, and it's just a matter of time... When those in the power of media get enough for them and their buddies, we are going up!

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Thank you for choosing this for @OurPick project. I have never heard of it and will take a look. Over the last 6 months I don't even look at USDT values any more as I am only after coins now and at some point that value will just go up anyway.

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Running into fiat isn’t going to solve anyrbing and nothing has fundamentally changed but the price! I think that the more people become dependent on Bitcoin the more robust it becomes so this is just a chance to move it to those who will use it best and not just speculate with it

I tend to agree with you as using it will only speed up the process of gaining stability. The volatility I don't mind right now but further down the line it has to settle. Still has a way to go in value before that happens though.

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I think defi would be a good idea and a better option for me in the crypto world.

Nice blog

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I just think we have to think about all options right now as this could last a month or two still. We just don't know how good or bad this will be but on a positive everything is up since January so we can't complain.

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Yes we shouldn't complain now because life isn't all bed of roses.

let's hope it doesn't last much longer and if it does, it means we all got to be strong and keep building and hoping for better days

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I don’t know what the deal is with Safemoon. Seems a little scammy to me..

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really terrible sights right now in the market. reds all over.

Agree with you, exploring the defi is a great option has it will help greatly in the long term.

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Very interesting.

All of the long termers that I know personally are not at all worried about the long-term, even now. I try to stay positive and don't really look at it all that much. I did get suckered into Shiba unfortunately!