Feature Update: Referral Badges - Achievements for Onboarding

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Authored by @roomservice

Dear Hive Community,
@roomservice here and it's time to present you another great incentive to bring new people to HIVE!

Referral Badges are Live!

Referral Badges

Referrer BadgeReferred at least 10 accounts to the Hive Blockchainbadge-202010
Epic Referrer BadgeReferred at least 100 accounts to the Hive Blockchainbadge-202011
Legendary Referrer BadgeReferred at least 1000 accounts to the Hive Blockchainbadge-202012


  • The account receiving the badge referred those accounts using the Open Standard for a HIVE Account Referral System (supported by at least hiveonboard.com).
  • Only one of those three badges will be rewarded to a single account. This means if somebody earned the Referrer Badge for referring at least 10 accounts and reaches 100 accounts, the Referrer Badge will be replaced with the Epic Referrer Badge.

How does it work?

Each badge is technical an HIVE account following a specific naming convention like badge-202010. Whenever the one of those badge accounts follows another account, it will indicate to front-ends that the badge was awarded. The process of managing the badge accounts can be fully automated like we did.

This is how it looks on a user profile on peakd.com

Peakd.com front-end even included very cool features around badges.
Thanks to @jarvie and @asgarth who made this happen!

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can

  • access the Accounts Feed,
  • access the Blog and
  • access Recipients

for each badge.

View a list of recipients of a specific badge on peakd.com

Creating Incentives

Earning the Legendary Referrer Badge could be the ultimate goal for social people who to work on on-boarding new user. We are working on creating special perks for people who earned a badge.

On top of that at least peakd.com confirmed, that the referral system will be added really soon! This is the point when referring people to HIVE adds monetary incentives and it's expected to lead to a increased growth of user per day.

Planned Changes to Badge Pictures

A few people told me that it's pretty hard to read the badge pictures. I agree!

When @thepeakstudio recently created these badges they were looking really cool in their original size, but in practice it turned out, that the scaled down images are really hard to read. So bare with me until it's fixed.

Even More Stuff Coming Soon

When I started @hiveonboard I haven't imagined how much stuff still could be improved when it comes to onboarding new user. Speaking of now, my to-do-list is getting longer. So stay tuned for the next update!



People who get these badges get my respect that is truly an awesome accomplishment!!
Be interesting to see who is the first to get the EPIC Referrer

Be interesting to see who is the first to get the EPIC Referrer

Me 2 😀

Hive Marketing Community is preparing a campaign on social media for promoting this feature.
It will start really soon after first dApp has integrated the referrals system. 👍

I suppose once we do some of our upcoming changes to PeakD that may help as well with our own numbers

I would bet on that 🤙

yes! It will be exciting to launch this Referral Program campaign.

I am happy to be among the people with the badge already

Thank you

Amazing, I think the badges are iconic really and I believe onboarding is becoming something that's more focused on and continuity is even recognised


Working to get to that 100 badge for @clicktrackprofit

This will incentivize people to keep pushing and promoting. Great stuff!

Love it! Great stuff man!!

I think i love this, every referrer should also be in charge of monitoring their referees activities, it will help retain users, I just feel as much energy we put in onboarding should also be put to retaining.
Thank you as this innovation is gradually taking shape and making a lot of sense. As i said we are building the tools into our future. Thanks for the effort in putting this together.

Thanks for your feedback. I totally agree, retaining user is a very important topic!

Right now I feel only a small portion of new user are actually getting regular HIVE user.
We have to find ways to keep them interested!

Yes thats why im thinking of tying the responsibility of the onboarders to also retain, maybe thats where the beneficiary rewards come in, as incentive to keep growing youre referee. Or something.

Whoever is going to get these badges, they deserve it. Thanks for motivating them.

It is really a great way to bring more and more people to Hive and lets see who bring these awesome badges.

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okay, so nkw hive has this ref system? good job.

Great idea to attract more users, good job

Loved the color coding on the badges

This is awesome! I am proud to be among the 9 people who have the first badge, "REFERRED 10 PEOPLE TO HIVE"
So epic to see who else are onboarding.
Thanks for your amazing and very professional work.

Vote for @roomservice for Witness!

Amazing job as usual. I love this!