Marketing Update 33 // Documentary talks/New article about Hive/New NFT project/ Starkerz on Charlie Shrem

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  • Amazing development with the Hive price lately. 100% jump in 24 hours. It always feels good seeing that.
    Finbold posted an article about Hive on their website. Give it a read.
    Its a fairly long and detailed guide. We will be seeing more from Finbold in the future.



I asked you guys on twitter if you wanted to pursue a potential documentary and majority response was positive.

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  • @theycallmedan joined me a few days ago on a call with the film making team i have been talking to for the better part of last week and they are interested in doing a full feature, 60-90 minute documentary on our story and the general crypto ideals.
    I want to present the blockchain space ideology and give the Steem split as an example of the truth of the ideology. That we live by those ideals. (ride or die)
    This shouldnt be a "crypto" shill piece. It would be a broader appeal type of story that would be entered into most European festivals.
    I will be getting a short brief written inside a week. When i get it I will present to the community the film making team, their CVs, prior work, awards, and the cost which I feel is acceptable.
    We have also received an offer to make a documentary from a few people inside our community but that option is about 3-4 times more expensive per 10 mins.

  • The Charlie Shrem podcast should go live any day now and there we also had mentions of a full feature movie that Charlie is interested in funding and heading.
    We have an amazing story and an amazing community. People will become aware of that soon.

And you know what a high Hive price means? Welcome back crypto influencers. :)



  • New NFT project:


Inside 3-4 days I am launching my NFT project on Hive called: "Hive Folks".
You can consider it a tribute to our community and those that stuck by Hive through thick and thin. The NFTs are based on 50 Hivers with the total collection coming to 546 NFTs. (Expanded to 1000 after milestone is hit)

Im extremely excited to finally have this out as I created these NFTs more than 3 months ago but at the time there was no infrastructure in place for me to launch them.

Some cool features will include:

  1. Trading volume distribution.
  2. Future airdrops from partner NFT projects. (Have you ever wanted to have your own personal soundtrack?)
  3. Collection expansion for NFT hodlers.
  4. Giveaways

Thanks for all the efforts. But the nice read on Finbold Guide

The Cons part there I don't understand what does they mean by account reset. I'm not sure any blockchain gives ability to account reset. If they are talking about Recovery then Similar to other blockchains where there is secrete phrase to access your account, HIVE has owner Keys that serves the same purpose.


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Exciting times for Hive. We need to use this momentum. Of course making a movie will not happen overnight, but I think that story needs to be told. Good luck with these projects.


Will there be actors or will the movie use real people. You will have to get your guitar out.

I really don't know. Who would play Ned and Justin? Perhaps it could be done with puppets or animation!


When you think of all the characters over the years, from Ned, Dan, Bernie and Haejin to Justin, its been a wild ride. Never a dull moment.
@lordbutterfly I hope there is enough money in the pot for lots of actors.

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This is awesome its the first time I'm finding out about this I think a HIVE documentary would be incredible. In the short time, I have been here it has been the most exciting and uplifting project I have been involved in. From all the communities and all the different things, it has to offer it is a special time to be a part of it and it's only just the beginning it seems.

Same experience here. Looking forward to what Hive will be two to three years from now.

saludos, buen articulo.
Cuando vi tu publicación me dio alegría ya que mi padre es croata y yo soy venezolana, tengo la nacionalidad croata.

Pozdrav za tvog oca iz Splita! 😘

Muchas gracias, mi padre es de Ivankovo

The movie idea is so hard to imagine, but my hive holdings blowing away my bitcoin holdings was also hard to imagine, so yeah, bring it!

Hive is showing us what a community should be and what growth feels like

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@lordbutterfly I always wait for your post today your post is very interesting I read the article about hive published on I think I didn't read any article better than that about hive before this thanks for sharing

I also shared article on Twitter anyway best of luck on lunching of new nft project, bro keep it up keep promoting hive

The Finbold team did a good job. Sharing posts and articles always helps!

Kudos to the hive marketing team.. Your work is commendable.

I can't wait to see the documentary.. The fact that there is a documentary is awesome.

I hope to be around when your NFTS eventually drops

thank you for your dedication!

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Very cool, thank you! !PIZZA !BEER


That is a good idea, I want participate.

This NFT project below work with Hive and yet also didn't had the visibility it deserves...

Let me know what you think #pixel-art

Very cool!!!

chúng tôi cung cấp các loại áo bóng đá, áo tập, áo thun cao cấp

how much is the minimum to invest in this nft project? and be profitable