I play that song daily cause life has taken on little meaning for a while lol

Thanks for dropping by my post and up voting me. I so much appreciate

very interesting.

The whole thing is hillarious, says the person who shares screenshots from twitter and gaming videos or doodles it’s generally 0.1 percent effort posts that get 100 dollars that are supposedly not ‘over valued’ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I still love many people from the community here but hope they move towards blurt. It’s rly doing well these days and posts do now have a legitimate value there.

They might think it’s cool and fun now but it ruins the platform. Long term the behaviour will just mean everyone goes elsewhere and whatever anyone says these sites are nothing without the content creators.

they literally don't know their own moral theory

Can you give me the link for the previous brain and the discord here please thank you

are you asking for a h!vewatchers discord invite ?

Nooooo thanks lol the proof of brain and blurt group ☺️

or were you asking for this ?

Arguing about it is a real waste of time it’s better just to focus on posting and building up the platforms that are free. Positive intention and moving forwards is always better.

oh, i'm 100% positive energy.

no attacks, no insults, just a couple of simple questions.


I just mean in these chat rooms. It doesn’t matter how much hive tokens Some person has, I’ve come to the conclusion some of these bullies just sit online all day and don’t actually go out and enjoy people, nature, travel, life and are just angry all the time. They are never going to make sense.

i seem to have made some impression

Having power over ppl on an online blog is there main entertainment I think. We just got to keep supporting each other and focusing time where it’s useful 💗

please consider reviewing your witness votes

I have never actually reviewed others witnesses much, maybe I could get more insight into the ignorance

are you in favor of decentralization ?

Yeah, I vote for the least popular witnesses I can find, typically I try to have less than 5 top 20 witness votes.

There's a few I followed from before the fork, albeit ignorantly blindly, so I don't have much an attachment to the top 20 model.

Why don't we only pay the witnesses we vote for?

Lol my inner child died, why the poor little Phearmism?

has he been pillaging poor innocent hivers too?

P.S. my phone corrects Hivers to Givers, reminded me that it's the content creators giving this platform the value like all social media. It would be in everyone's best interest to not discourage diversity in all its forms not just the colorful ones.

Edit: he made shiteangel enough said

it's the content creators giving this platform the value like all social media

100% THIS.

you also have a couple of dead witnesses in there who have been inactive for over a year


The price is inactive, they are running the right fork, does that mean they aren't active?