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Past two days hive's been having increased usage. API nodes can get overloaded and thats a problem which has a solution. Let's get more of them, hopefully managed by different people, and even better, one for each project. But the ideal solution isn't always possible.

A solution is better than no solution, even if it isn't ideal. We have one, and thats a proposal. Proposal 184 is for a 3 nodes spread out around the globe, all reachable using a single url. No need to worry about the hard parts, just pick the url as your node and it'll give you to the best node with the magic of GEODNS.

A shitty user experience on Hive would be terrible right now, when we are trying to pull in new users with a marketing campaign. If they can't even use the platform correctly, why will they stay? Even if this isn't the best solution long term, it's one thats good enough to support for now until a long term solution comes around.

Vote for it on the peakd page here:

(Its 1 AM, I've been trying to fix a problem caused by a shitty node for the last hour so excuse the poor explanation)


There are better solutions, and we should work toward those

This is fast and doesn't impede other efforts. For everybody but @deathwing, it is an easy button

The plan is to have a budget of at least 350 HBD per month for each server in each continent.

Have you looked at Hetzner and Oneprovider? I don't know what their colocation rates are , but if you are figuring at each hbd is around $1 USD, those three servers will not cost that much including hardware rental (and Hetzner's are all with an i7 processor!)

For Hetzner look under the auction area early and often. I managed to grab one for a little less than 32 euro a month and I love it!

I actually left Oneprovider after a few years due to a panel issue and an unstable connection on one of their French servers but in general they are good and also cheap. A friend used them for colocation in the French datacenter and was happy. But be aware: With Hetzner you get a true 1 gbps or whatever you buy, while on Oneprovider you have to share your line unless you pay extra.

What panel issue did I have? Let's just say don't reboot from the panel unless you have to! It wiped my server for the first and last time after I had been there for years.

There’s a bunch of nodes on hetzner already. This is a global solution that has nodes not all in the same data center.

Would vps's be an option? I know of an excellent place that offers them in different countries including Russia. And at very good prices

We are sending 15 hive please consider using it to promote this post

Great idea. Threw all my liquid Hive towards it.

I agree with @foxon, but for the price proposal and the fact that I only know 1 great ping in Oceania makes me support this while there’s no better option. Plus to me personally would be awesome 🤩

Wouah a nice proposal for the direct benefit of HIVE and at the right price! This is a great opportunity to vote on a proposal 👍 you have my votes for your proposal

Absolutely I support this. The user experience was very poor a couple days ago while Splinterlands was blowing up. If this can help prevent that then it's well worth the cost to the DAO, because I don't think it's the last time we are going to see Splinterlands grow exponentially over night.

Aggreged please support this proposal.

This should not be on the trending page. Showing internal junk like this to new users is detrimental to the blockchain. Not saying I disagree or agree with the point being made, just saying it should not have $96 (or even $9.6) payout.

Downvote option is there. I recommend you use the button.

I've left a comment instead.

So reality should be hiddent front new users? I have only beein in this platform actively for about two and a half months, and I found that admitting being human and telling the truth of limits of your own work and responsabilitys is great for humility and is what makes hive such a cool place, not a robot like facebook or a censor like twitter.

Is one of the things i love most on this platform, and that i try with all my effort to make content every day and get my friends in it, is a great place :) for honesty and sincerity :) in fact my vote does not ammount to much, but i will add it to his witness proposal because hes working on improving and developing hive :3 <3

If this is trending then at least ought to fix the typo in the title ;)

That said, we do need a resilient platform that is available for everyone around the world.

Blame the late night on the spelling mistake :)


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Esperemos que cada vez crezca mas y mas este maravilloso mundo de hive !!

Big ✍️✨


"A jobby node...?" 🤔 -Keptin

A good idea is a good idea.

Nice post
That is really necessary

Hola queria saber si me podrian sacar de la duda de porque me aparece fondos insuficientes al querer promocionar y/o impulsar una publicacion, tengo 31.000 ecency point pero no me deja usarlos para nada. Perdon si no tiene nada que ver con la publicacion pero es que recien estoy empezando en este mundo y no entiendo mucho. Desde ya muchas gracias por la ayuda.