HivePowerBday Initiative - 100K HP Delegations in Prizes

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Hive's 3rd anniversary is coming up, and to celebrate, we want to invite you to join us on a Special Power Up Day. There will be prizes!

If you are new and are wondering what Powering Up is and why we have a day?

It is tradition now on our chain that on the 1st of each month, Hivers do a Power Up of the amount of liquid Hive they want to participate in the special day. By making a power-up, you are staking Hive. This is just a way to encourage the growth of the accounts and the amount of Hive Staked.

You can learn more about this on the blogs of @traciyork or @victoriabsb, the two hivers who carry the monthly HPUD (Hive Power Up Day) initiative.

Why Power Up?

1.- Your upvotes become more valuable.
2.- Earn more curation rewards.
3.- Earn interest for your Hive Power.
4.- You can delegate your Hive Power to curation projects and earn passive rewards.
5.- The more Hive Power you have, the more Resource Credits. This will let you do more transactions in the blockchain.
6.- You strengthen your influence on the blockchain.


Since Hive Anniversary is on the 20th, we will do a special Power Up Day on that date. All hivers are welcome to join this initiative!

Rules to be eligible for any of the prizes:

  1. Make a power-up of 10 HIVE or more on March 20th. Check out the time in UTC, so you don't miss the date.
  2. Make a "Happy Bday Hive" post and add the #HivePowerBday tag.
  3. Share your post on Twitter and other social media.
  4. Accounts must be older than one month of creation & have a reputation of 39 or more.
  5. Your account should have less than 25K Hive Power to qualify for the prizes.
  6. Be in good standing with the Hive community.

Picking the winners

We will pick the winners in live streaming through a random draft. Stay tuned for more information about this. The recording will be uploaded to

THE PRIZES! 100,000 HP in Delegations!

I'm sponsoring 50K Hive Power in delegations for a month, and along with me, @blocktrades has also agreed to sponsor another 50K in delegations for a month.

These delegations will be split between the winners as follow:

  • Two delegations of 25K HP each for one month.
  • Three delegations of 10K HP each for one month.
  • Four delegations of 5K HP each for one month.


Cover Image by @hivecreators

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Wow, thanks for this competition I will join in for sure.

15 minutes and the birtday blogs can come rolling in. 9 prizes for grabs, I am not eligible but will power up ofcourse and set an blog example

Good luck bees 🐝

A great effort indeed! @zakludick check this out for all of the #busybees

Looks like I am eligible for the contest 🤘
Let's try my luck on 20th.... You should join too #wheels folks.
Anyway, congratulations on making it to 3rd year #hive. Let's build and thrive. Here's to many more years 🍻

This is nice initiative and I will be participating.

Advanced Happy Birthday Hive Blockchain-- 20th March 2020 was that biggest event and hence commemorates to inspire the strength and spirit of community-- the basic message it delivers "community is not a commodity, hence it can not be bought by any amount of wealth".

This is an awesome one and Hive blockchain @3 gives everyone on the blockchain hope of it's sustainability and strength. The future truly is bright for the entire hive blockchain. I'm also seeing a $5 Hive in the nearest future. This is because of the ongoing developments on the hive blockchain such as #LeoThreads, #threespeaks and other #Hive-Engine tokens.

Thanks @theycallmedan for this timely information, I'll participate in this year's Hive anniversary Powerup Day. More wins for the entire hive blockchain.

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Oooo now this sounds like something interisting!

I am assuming that the post should be made on the 20th right?

Nice one, I will surely participate 20th here we go.

Happy anniversary to hive

Looking good!

Interesante, no sabía de esto. Me parece una excelente iniciativa para los que estamos comenzando en la querida plataforma. Gracias por el apoyo.
Buena noche.



Excellent initiative! Count me in. 🙋🏼‍♂️

Great post

Hive's 3rd anniversary is coming up, and to celebrate, we want to invite you to join us on a Special Power Up Day. There will be prizes!

It is a really good and commendable initiative. As a result, many will be encouraged to power up. Really excited news and looking forward to it.

I'm going on that... I'm already notifying my people in Cuba.

Voy en esa... ya estoy avisando a mi gente de Cuba.

That's a great idea, man. I love it. I'll definitely be attending. I didn't know Hive's birthday was March 20th, and now I learned that too. Thank you for your contribution.

Ok I am In for the ride, I'm almost 72 and still have like 1k hp, any kind of delegation would help me to finally get to beat my limitation and go up for the 5k hp I dream about, big hug, going to get into the posting wave in the 20th of this month :D

Thank you for your post. I will participate!

@adacardano den Post meine ich. Vormerken!

Great way to encourage power ups especially for accounts that might have not been doing so for a while now. There's the need for moves as this, because this is a point where people should solidify their standings on the chain. I'll be participating as well.

Wow, this is a crazy contest and whoever wins it is becoming a whale right away. Great way to celebrate Hive and bring communities and users together and engage like never before. I would like to see in the end how many will participate in this challenge, I think this should make a new PowerUp record.

This is really big price, this will really encourage people to power up so that the can get the price and will add value to hive

I want the HP delegation lol, I will be entering for this! Happy birthday in advance Hive.

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Those years have flown by and Hive is flourishing. We've achieved so much and it's worth celebrating. Thanks for doing this.

This is interesting and kind of encouragement. Happy birthday to hive

This is awesome and hopefully many could participate. Advance happy anniversary hive.

Nice. Will keep a date on the 20th of march. @tykee come check this out.

It's truly impressive to see the impact Hive has made so far and it's inspiring to see more impacts after two years. Thanks for this initiative, and I'm always willing to lend my support to anything that promotes the growth of Hive. I'm eager to contribute more by powering up and, even if I don't win, I'm happy to help increase the value of Hive.

Awesome and rehived :-)

That's great opportunity in Hive user

I just admire how creative the community is and how we are smart and intentional about ensuring the growth of the chain.

This is a wonderful idea and I’m sure we are going to get really good numbers of community members embracing this initiative.

Thank you for such a thoughtful initiative for the chain.
We notice and appreciate your efforts in ensuring the growth and development of the platform.

Awesome! This is a great initiative to celebrate Hive's 3rd birthday. All the best everyone!

So many big prizes up for grabs! Thanks guys for sponsoring!

Those are very good incentives to do something we already do. Lol I’m definitely participating. Not that I’m much of a lucky person anyways. Good thought, and thanks for celebrating Hive:)

Wow !!! So interesting, Hive celebrating 3rd year. I can't wait to participate.

great advance happy Bhive my community ,i am happy i am in this family start of birth

Damn what a good prize! Congratulations to everyone involved and congratulations to hive! 3 years of manysssssssssss, I hope! Let's go with everything!

This is amazing 🙌 Thanks so much to all who are sponsoring a prize :) Happy birthday Hive 🐝🐝🐝

Wow, this is an amazing initiative for the community and motivates people to grow the chain 😁, great! I can't wait for the 20th to arrive! It would be a great achievement to win the prize! Greetings from Argentina Hivers! . Let's all participate!

3th Hive Power Birthday,coming on!


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