Vote BOT now on HIVE !

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Hello there HIVE community <3

I've made the needed changes to my bot so that it's now compatible with HIVE too :D

If you'd like to use my vote bot just send more than 1 HIVE or 1 HBD to @bot-api with your hive post link in the transfer memo like this:


Thanks for reading and using my bot, you guys are the best !

Have an awesome day <3


As you can read from the comments, bid bots cause more damage then good. Try a curation service instead, you get 50% of the post rewards and if you're good at it, can be decent income.

Yeah, fucking plague of Steemit moves to Hive :S

Please refrain from making bid bots for Hive. The amount of damage they caused to the Steem ecosystem back in the day was so high that they are not welcome on Hive.

(If you'd like to join other Hive developers, head over to and try the #dev-chat room. There are a lot of positive applications for your bot codebase.)

We moved away form bidbots on STEEM, let's try to keep HIVE clean from them, shall we?

No thanks.

What did the past teach us??? Learn from the past. Bid bot are not wanted on Hive.

Two words: screw you!

I'm monitoring the x30 wallet, buy a vote, expect a downvote.

Keep the milking and the botting on that other chain where it is now welcome.

Hey @x30 why don't we collaborate to make a curator bot? My efficacy of curation can reach up to 260% from vote value.

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Great tool to support low value articles, a separate consultation
Is it difficult to configure and be able to create one of these bots? Cheers

Except, it's usually not "low value" articles that use those.

It's always shitposters like this

Bots are terrible because they never do quality check. Eventually, we just repeat what happened on Steem for years.

That is another thing that I was thinking these days also when I saw this publication, we would have to ask the developers to see what they think about this.

What they need to do is to hire actual curators if they don't want to do it themselves.

Often, it winds up being something like "we will just deny service if it's flagged by x account." That opens up even more issues.

The best tool to support low value articles is actually building a following through engagement. Bid bots are a one-way road to downvotesville.