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Haven't accessed to my Hive account for few days, just realized that I am blacklisted by Spaminator. To be honest, I have no idea who Spaminator is and why I am flagged? All the contents I posted are origin, and photo credited.

Trying to understand how it works, if there is any guidance or rules to follow? Is Spaminator part of governance team of Hive Blog? I tried to search Spaminator using the search function, I am surprised by the numbers of content curators who had and/or are having the same issue as me... Sounds like Spaminator has been working for a very long time. Wondering what have I done wrong to deserve it?? How is it going to affect my account?

Well, I am obviously not alone, and most people are having the same questions as me. If Spaminator is a gatekeeper of Hive Blog, shouldn't it make sense to openly communicate the rules to all communities so everyone is aligned instead of simply blacklist people for unknown reasons and let people wonder? We all deserve an answer from Spaminator. I tried to post my question on the discord channel and yet to get an answer.

If anyone who knows the answer and can help to shed some lights, would be much appreciate it.


Hi Susan, you're off the list as I saw and responded to your message last night on our Discord. We're trying to find out if your account and those of some others in the CN community is compromised in some way.