Save the Date! HiveFest⁸ 2023 - 22-26 September - Rosarito, Mexico 🌊 "Ola Surfista"

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Authored by @roelandp


Ola Hive! Excitement is mounting as it is that time of the year again... Announcing HiveFest⁸ in Rosarito, Mexico! The delightful coastal city in Baja California will host the annual gathering of Hive users and its ecosystem from Friday 22 September until Tuesday 26 September 2023. Come for the conference, stay for the tequilla :)

HiveFest⁸ - Ola Surfista

HiveFest⁸ is themed "Ola Surfista". "Ola" means "wave" in Spanish, representing not only the rhythmic waves of the beautiful Pacific Ocean that grace Rosarito's beaches but also symbolizing the relentless, rhythmic flow of the Hive blockchain, moving forward block by block. And as we all surf the blockchain, why not grab a board and try some irl waves too?

Planning Your Trip

The website will soon be updated with all the information you will need to start planning your journey. Rosarito is very close to the US border at San Diego and well connected through both San Diego (US) and Tijuana (MX) airports!

Although tickets are not available yet, we recommend you to:

  • Save the dates! Mark your calendar, download an ics calendar file on
  • Start considering your transportation. A separate post with travel hacks will follow soon.
  • Subscribe to the HiveFest newsletter on to stay updated.

Hive Fest - Rosarito -_Mesa de trabajo 1.png

Team Expansion

Previously HiveFest was a one-man show by me during most of the preperations (with detailed help from the blockchain support team) and obviously great volunteers and production help during the event days, as well as countless hired professionals. This year the preperation team extends from one man (@roelandp) to a bigger group, as the challenges of combining building a house and organising a full fledged annual reunion is too much for one :D.

So HiveFest 8 - Ola Surfista is organised and produced by "boots on the ground" team @theycallmedan, @eddiespino, @anomadsoul and @starkerz, communication & design support by @crimsonclad, partnership and sponsorship help via @guiltyparties, branding and design by @victorg30. I will be helping out digitally as much as I can and also keep an eye on the HiveFest diversity and quality for this year. That said, this growth brings new energy, fresh perspectives, and a host of innovative ideas that are sure to make HiveFest⁸ memorable. Plus @starkerz is already giving me ideas for my outfit ;)

Coming Soon

Expect more details about the event to be released soon, including ticket prices (we are working hard to secure sponsorship deals to keep the costs low, as always), hotel partnerships, and information about speakers and performers.


See You in Rosarito!

Mark your calendars for 22-26 September 2023 and tell your friends, HiveFest⁸ is going to be an event to remember! Start making travel arrangements and get ready for the Hive experience of a lifetime in Rosarito, Mexico. There will be dancing, mariachi, ponchos, sombreros, meracas, burritos, tacos and famous local wines, tequila, as well as the all important Hive conferences!

That's it for now,
Rewards from this post will go to organising @hivefest (see beneficiaries)

Kind regards,

Team HiveFest 2023


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Date saved and Tequila prepared! See you there Hivers!

Thanks for making this happen @roelandp and thanks to the amazing people behind the on-site organization!

Are you gonna wear a Mexican moustache and a sombrero during a conference day Roeland? 😅

It's going to be in your region, I am sure you are super excited for this one.

HiveFest coming to your homeplace, noise!

its on my bday and im in san diego 1 hr away so i can invite people over for a nice after party at the treehouse

Caramba! The dates collide with another trip I had planned. A choice will have to be made. 🤔

Anyway, glad to see HiveFest will take place on another continent after Europe and Asia. Hopefully I can make it.

Thinking about the trip to the Americas for quite some time... Maybe HiveFest is the best motivator that I will get to do it... 😃

Yes, come! There are so many great locations close by!

I will try to do it... I was expecting that it will be "over the pond", so began saving some money for it... 😃
Oh, if I come, I will use the time to jump to the US too... Fingers crossed :)

same here

So, are we going from Lisboa or Madrid? 😃


Awesome .... Flights are not too bad out of Toronto.

Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 9.39.00 AM.png

Only a 6 minute drive from the Airport In Tijuana.

Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 9.39.50 AM.png

Flying to San Diego seems to be much cheaper from many places. About half the price of Tijuana from Toronto.

Excellent, I will look into those flights

Thanks to Mr. @roelandp , now I feel like listening to Molotov!

@anomadsoul, no promises... but I'll try 😎 It would (will?) be my first time in Mexico.😍

I really hope you and Liliana can make it! I think you have never missed one right? I'll bring the Tequila!

We both missed the first one and she also missed the last one.
Tequilaaaaa 😜

This news just made my month and it's amazing that this year's HiveFest will be in Mexico. I would love to go, I am going to visualize myself in Rosarito. I remember @roelandp's outit at the last Hivefest, I want to see which one he will use for this one. I'm sure a big mariachi hat is included in his outfit.

Passport valid and ready to be stamped, I can dream of going to Rosarito. Great that Mexico is hosting this great event.

I hope this time I can make it to the Hive Fest..

Awesome! Will come :)

That will be a fun location.

But Stay safe bro 😂

Hmm 🤔 might be able to actually attend this one, but probably not 😆

Viva México cabronessss

Rosarito?! Somalia must've been all booked up. = }


Say what you want about Mogadishu but there is plenty money there. The pirates don't hold back.

From Europe is cheapper to travel to Cancun and then to Tijuana. From Asia, maybe one stop in Los Angeles before Tijuana.

And from any place in the world, but Southamerica, maybe could be smart one stop at USA. And then flight to San Diego and cross the border walking into the Tijuana Airport.

Rosarito is a 40 minute drive from Tijuana Airport.

There are no trains and Mexico is a very big country. So plan carefully your journey. And if need some help just ask.

Whoot Mexico is calling

as my spanish goes like this "dos cervezas grandes por favor" it looks like fun.

Have to check flights before I have a 100% OK for this. But it sounds cool!

Lol, this is wonderful!

Bien dicho, "dos cervezas grandes por favor" 🏖️

I might "reactivate" a bit more spanish while be there.

Learned it years ago at Lago de Atitlán in Guatemala

I will be waiting for you with a bottle of tequila amigo

LOL - Ohhhhh, yess. Let's see how we can arrange this...

Date saved I wish I can be there, I never traveled out of my country before.

Excellent that it is in a Latin American country. I would love to be part of this, well, dreaming is free, Viva Mexico!

Hive Fest - Ola Surfista will be the most anticipated event of the year for hivers. See you soon Mexico.

It has been a pleasure for me to work with the Hive Fest organising team and I know this will be great for all of us who know what this is all about. Without further ado, let's go for more.

#HiveFest2023 #Hive #Mexico

I really hope I can make this one...

Would be cool to meet you after it somehow never happened when we were both in Ireland haha. How are things? Still on the Isle of Mann?

I'm good, thank you! We never met up in Ireland but I'm pretty sure I remember meeting you in Portugal all those years ago 😅

Yes, we did meet in Portugal. That's six years ago. I think I decided to go not long after I joined. Best thing I'd done in a long time.
Yeah, I did meet your sister in Dublin for St. Patrick's day but I believe you'd just moved or were moving. I'm glad that I'm already in Mexico or this year could have been an issue too. Now I don't have much of an excuse. Although traveling from my side to where Hivefest will be is still quite an undertaking but luckily flights are like taking Ryanair from Ireland to Portugal haha.

Happy to be involved in any small way, and very much looking forward to seeing old friends and new alike! Collecting up the biggest collection of floppy hats imaginable for team "so pale they burst into flames in the sun" 😂 no fear, even the possibility of imminent immolation won't be able to keep me away 🖤

Haha, you survived Thailand, so why not Mexico? Would be great to see you again! I'll keep a bottle of sunblock and tequila ready just in case. 😄

Oooooh, I'm planning to be on that side of the planet around that time of year... Maybe I can make it!!

YAY!!! That would be awesome. Bathroom inspirational talk is needed hahaha.

Wow! This sounds amazing!! A great opportunity to be part of this great project!! I love the name of this party: Ola Surfista. I’m gonna be following the updates! Congratulations for this amazing step!

Pity, this is over the Jewish High Holiday period and Yom Kippur is 24/25 Sept. Holiest day on Jewish calendar and a fast.

Wonderful. Sadly this year for sure I will not be able to attend as it comes on the dates of my most important festival. It's going to be a lot of fun. All the best to the team.

Hmmm ... this Mexico sounds more good .... I must start think going also now :)

As a local, I can tell you that this is a sensationalist article and not telling the whole story. Mexico is overall safe for the average person, and even safer for tourists - and the HiveFest venue is an upscale, touristic, very safe zone. Just don't get drunk and return home walking at 4am and you'll be fine, but I guess this is the case for every country nowadays.

I've been in Mexico (Playa del Carmen) for almost 19 months now. Traveled to Acapulco and other places in our area. Unless you don't use common sense (as @anomadsoul stated) or hang with the wrong crowd (the really wrong crowd) you are safer here than in many cities in the US or even Europe.
I've been riding my bicycle home from the city center (6 km) in the middle of the night and even then I've never felt unsafe.

Interesting locations and plenty of activities to enjoy on that part of the world along with the Hive Fest!

Good we need more and more events like this around the globe all the year

This is amazing and exciting news 🎉🎉

¡Waw! Que bonito sería estar ahí amigos.

Felicitaciones y que salgo todo muy bien.


Waw! How nice it would be to be there folks.
Congratulations and all the best.

Super excited for this fest. I wanna win the free tickets for it through any contests.

🇲🇽 Mexico, ay Caramba! Very nice spot, unfortunately but too far away from Germay for a weekend trip and I will not get more holidays during that time. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Have fun guys, enjoy this delicious Mexican Food and the sun!

🇲🇽 Mexico, ay Caramba! Very nice spot, unfortunately but too far away from Germay for a weekend trip and I will not get more holidays during that time. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Have fun guys, enjoy this delicious Mexican Food and the sun!

This looks awesome. Saving my HBD's to make the trip down.

!gif Mexico

Looking forward to some good Tequila !!! .... !gif tequila

Wasn't able to make it last year in Amsterdam; this might definitely be my opportunity to attend HIVE FEST and finally meet some of the fam 🙌

All be there for sure!

As a mexican I can only say it's a great location.

See you there guys!

Excelente a todo los encargados que están trabajando duro día tras días para que esté actividad sea un éxito.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is so exciting a Latin country!!!! yay! congrats to the Mexicans Hiver for this!

en Hive se Habla Español!

Excelente forma de iniciar el mes de junio con noticias extraordinarias y el la fiesta del #HiveFest2023 es un evento extraordinario.

Nos vemos en Rosarito ... #Mexico

#HiveFest2023 #Mexico #Hive

Hello dear ones
Unfortunately I didn't have the experience last year and was only made aware of the hivefest on the day it started. Since I was at this time just freshly in it. After a year of hive I would have really liked to be at this year's festival. It is also a beautiful country where it takes place but this year such a trip is not possible for me. So I hope the next one will be in Europe again. There I will make it then also.
I wish all participants and organizers a lot of fun and success.
Spread hive in the world

For me mission impossible, but have no doubt it will be nothing but awesome.!!

Gracias por compartir. Esa es una excelente noticia.

Oooohhhh Mexico!! Awesome location! It will be very very hard for me to attend this year, but still haven't completely ruled it out! Thumbs up for the organizing team!


Chévere!!!I love this 😍

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