Are you preparing for HiveFest in Amsterdam? What are your challenges or thoughts about joining this year?

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Pic take near the train station of Amsterdam, the side where you can take the Ferry to Eye Museum, location for day 1 of HiveFest

I was just looking at @roelandp's @hivefest video posted on Twitter:

I suddenly started to wonder how many people are still undecided about joining - and what kind of challenges people from around the world have to overcome to join. I'm here in my Dutch/European bubble where everything seems fine and easy, but how is this for people that I don't speak to everyday?

So, tell me, what are your thoughts and maybe challenges for coming to Amsterdam for HiveFest? Are there any worries or questions still unanswered that you need before deciding to come?

Let me know and see if something can be done or answered :-)


Wonder if you are still planning to go @sjarvie5? And how about @r00sj3 - are you in Amsterdam in September? And what about @anomadsoul the king of the Fests? And maybe @bil.prag will be able to join this year? And @phortun how about you? Where you at @abh12345? So many people on my mind <3

How about my Finnish gang? @celestal, @eveuncovered, @tarazkp? <3

Flights and accommodation already booked :)

YEAHHH!!! Will be great to see you again after all this time :D

when i seen Europe i thought 100%. Then i found out that you people don't really like me and i can't fly to Amsterdam :) but it looks like they don't mind if i drive or get a train to Amsterdam. From what i found out it would be a 24 hour trip :)

So i am still not sure, kinda waiting to see what will happen. from the looks of it my summer vacation will be non existent so finance can be redirected :)

DAMN! Why don't 'we' let you fly to Amsterdam? I think driving and train is easy, you can even fly to Brussels or Paris and take a train to Amsterdam, or somewhere in Germany. But I personally love train travel so if doable I would always try that myself :-)

I hope you'll make it! Would be fun to meet :-)

well i didn't have covid in the last 6 months and i am not in Schengen. But my understanding is that if i get into a different Schengen country then no one cares 🤷‍♂

I have a love and hate relationship with trains, but that are our trains. Never had an opportunity to use trains in EU. There is an NightJet from Austria to Amsterdam. That would be an possibility.

YEAH! I'd love to take that night train, recently considered it too for a trip to Vienna :-) I really do hope you find a way to make it over here! <3

Very tempting location but I probably won´t make it there :( Seems like a very busy September for me, unfortunately... But thanks for asking Rosa, have fun guys! I will be following as many HF posts as possible :)

Damn! That's a shame. It's so much fun to see people again, but we'll have another opportunity for sure :-)

Yes, will be in Amsterdam... and no, I don't think I'll go to Hivefest since the money is a bit tight at the moment.

Yay, glad you will be in town. We should get together.

Rosa, Yes I am coming and excited to meet you in person. I am flying in the morning of the 15th and going up to Groningen. Then I will be in Amsterdam till the morning of the 19th!

I could house one quest but am not a real party animal myself ;)

You don't need to party! The day and evening activities are fun and meeting fellow Hive peepz is the best thing :-) But good to know you could house someone! <3

I still think anyone who's got the opportunity shouldn't miss the opportunity to be at Hivefest, however, the means might just be a a stumbling block. If I had that means and that opportunity, I'll never miss it for anything in the world. For me it's all about the cost, because it quite the distance. I'm still waiting for when Hivefest will come to Africa, maybe I'll have the opportunity to attend. I'm sure you're preparing?

How have you been lately?

Yes, the costs are huge ofcourse! That's why I always recommend people to save up for the next year, it can be done by adding Hive or HBD into savings, just a percentage of your blog earnings :-)

I'm sure you're preparing?

There's not much to prepare, it's in my country, a 30 minute train ride from my home :-)

How have you been lately?

Very good and very busy! I read and write so much that I have no energy left for adding or reading more words on Hive unfortunately :-( Don't really know how to balance that out better, but hey, it's for a good goal :-)

How have you been yourself?

Very good and very busy! I read and write so much that I have no energy left for adding or reading more words on Hive unfortunately :-( Don't really know how to balance that out better, but hey, it's for a good goal :-)

I understand, sometimes it becomes difficult, especially when other life activities keeps us really busy. Hahaha not to worry, I believe Hive is always going to be here.

How have you been yourself?

I have been doing okay, lost my mom, had to bury her, moved out my aunt's house to look for somewhere to live. It's been regular life for me.

I'm so sorry for you loss @josediccus :'( That's heartbreaking. Big hug for you <3

Thank you, there'll be many HF for sure, I think it's inevitable that I'll attend some one day.

I'm still somewhat undecided. It's a train ride for me (I do prefer a long train ride to a short flight), but I'm looking after my dad at the moment so not sure there will be someone here to take my place while I'm gone.

Yes, the train is a DIRECT train even! It's an easy trip at least.

Sorry to hear your dad is having problems, I hope he will be well, but I also know these kind of times can consume a lot of energy <3 Hope someone can help you out.

Not quite what you ask for, but I only can say that I'm looking forward to meeting some peeps of the Hive tribe and enjoy Amsterdam.


<3 Great that you're joining us! Will see you in Amsterdam then :-)

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