Here is it - My First Hive Fest 😉

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I am probably the last person who has not yet posted about the impressions of the HiveFest-2022. It's not right, because unlike those who get an annual visit (and an award!), I have nothing to compare this experience to, moreover, I have never attended conferences abroad, only in Ukraine. So for me, everything was the best!🔥😉

So I'm home. The first air raid since I returned just started, like a reminder to finish what you're going to do. I took a plane to Warsaw, then a long wait, sitting on a metal seat in a cold train station. Departure at 23:15. 17 hours in a full bus next to people with cold symptoms. Do you think I had a chance not to get sick? Probably no. Today I can't speak at all, but still can type. 😄

🤗 I didn't know how everything would turn out. But from the first minutes, all these people, who had never seen me before, greeted me so heartily that I did not feel awkward.


🏢 I really like my stay in the Volkshotel. They provided me a quiet room as I asked 💜 It was small and quite expensive (who am I kidding, very expensive for a Ukrainian), but the mattress, pillows, and blanket were just divine. I wish I could have more sleep 😁 oh and speak Dutch so I could read the newspapers pasted on the wall while having a shower.

👭 It was so cool to feel like a guest and part of the family at the same time. Being able to relax (as much as possible in my case) and not worry about anything, and knowing that someone has taken care of everything. You know how it is when you like almost everything, but there is always something that you are disappointed with. And I don't know if it's because of the long period of covid restrictions, or because of the war, or maybe it's just a true impression, albeit a subjective one. I enjoyed absolutely everything. I highly appreciate the incredible efforts of @roelandp and all you guys who volunteered!

👁‍🗨The venue for the first day of the conference was very cool - Eye Filmmuseum, you know it already. I can imagine how much it cost. The first day of the conference in the cinema hall was very cozy and comfortable. And also because of the cute pajamas of that guy with the headset on the stage. I liked the idea of chairs, I wanted to see such cinemas in Ukraine.

🍔 On the first day, I was very worried (you noticed it) and did not immediately see that they serve food. The food was very tasty, the drinks varied and the staff was very nice. They even watched my presentation and supported me! Ah, just unbelievable.

🚤 Then there was a boat trip along the canals. And snacks again. Our captain tried to tell us at least a little bit about the landmarks we were passing by, but it was difficult because everyone was very excited to meet after a 2-year break.

🏅 After the walk, there was a game of Pétanque. And again drinks and snacks. Everyone got a medal before we started playing so that newbies like me wouldn't feel like losers. We still lost, although Brigitte did everything possible to win. After the game, Bridge and I went tried to get lost, and I enjoyed the rainy evening and the walk.

The guys developed the HiveFest app, so even I didn't have a chance to get lost (unless I got under the wheels of a bicycle). But when I've read "Zuiderkerkhof"-Square (It means Southern Church Cemetary) it alarmed me a bit.

🕍 We spent Day 2 in the church, no kidding, we even stood up and bowed our heads in prayer. The atmosphere (and air temperature) was different there, but I still had that feeling of family. Especially since one of the participants brought the recipe of his national dish cold beetroot soup, and we tasted it! I really liked it. Especially since a similar dish is our national treasure (Borsch), it is also made from beets, but the ingredients are slightly different and it is served hot.

🎲🍻👭 Saturday night! If I am not mistaken, guys had a choice between beer and poker (or they could mix), but I went for dinner with my new friends whom I was so happy to meet in person finally - @delishtreats @livinguktaiwan and @sjarvie5 . When we went there, we expected it will be maybe two hours, but the time flew by imperceptibly, and we spent 4 awesome hours there talking and solving riddles. The husband of @delishtreats is a real charmer.🦄 He came for us by car and took each of us to the hotel. My cigarettes fell out of my pocket and stayed in the car, and now I have an official reason to visit Switzerland.

☂️ Sunday, the last day. I had a few proposals but no plans. In the morning, I enjoyed a soft and warm bed and watched the rain. And then I went for a walk without a specific goal or route. I decided to try to look like a local and not use an umbrella. Well, the result was expected, I was soaked to the bone, but I felt more alive than in the morning.

🍹 Closing dinner. A smile appears on my face as I write this. It was very warm, touching and a little sad. Because all the time someone came up to give a goodbye hug. I haven't been around so many good people in ages, and haven't talked so much in ages. It all started at KARZV De Hoop, a club for sailors on the river Amstel. Then we moved to the 7th floor of Volkshotel, then... some of us tried to continue somewhere else but it's Sunday evening, bars close early. We have an expression in Ukraine for this "activity" - Driving a goat.🐮😆 Oh, it was fun.


I do not tag many of you on purpose. I can imagine how many mentions you have and how many comments are waiting for a reply so I'll let you find my post when you have time. I just say thank you for your smiles, hugs, for the sparkle and care in your eyes, for the powerful wave of positivity, for the little gifts.

I wish I could be more attentive to details, have more time to talk to people whom I so wanted to see in person and to get to know those with whom I had not communicated before. Had to take more selfies maybe. I wish I wasn't so sleepy and tired and that my English would be good enough to understand everything that was happening around me.😜 But it was an unforgettable, incredible experience, definitely worth all my efforts.

But perhaps the most important thing is that I have a real sense of belonging and a wish to do something for the community too. Let's see how it will go.

Sorry if I missed something but I have to finish as the sounds of a drill and a hammer from the apartment next door became so loud that I could not hear my thoughts.

Thanks again and see you around!


omg! the first fest upload I have seen that hasn't got @slobberchops photo bombing 😂

I was embarrassed to ask him for a photo 😊😄

Just ask, I don't bite!

I promise, next time I will be braver 😚

😂🤣, I am yet to meet up with him, plans always change, he is my guru on here, think I would be clueless without his input, great guy!!!

I wish you could come to HiveFest and catch up with him, and not only... 😉

yes , I know my loss, I was already planned on a trip and was in Georgia

Ah, Georgia..... My dream is to go there after the Victory.
Georgia the county, right?

Yes the country, I travelled through Armenia into Georgia as far as the border with Russia. Have to say Georgia is a beautiful country loved it, such good wine too!!! I shall eventually get around to uploading my travels lol!!. I hope you get there soon, NO!, I know you will get there soon. The end is nigh the Victory is near.

So be it!

Looking forward to your Georgian stories

My dearest friend, you know how much I enjoyed meeting you! And now, I can't wait to meet you again! :) You are definitely not the last one posting about HiveFest, I hope to be able to submit my post on Sunday (if I manage)

Our dinner together was indeed special, I hope we can go there one day again together! Imagine, how happy the owner would be to see us together :D I'm sure he would remember us!

You don't need an official reason to visit Switzerland. You are welcome to come with no reason. Just come! :)

PS: Can you please send me the picture of me, you and Stefan on whatsapp? :) Thank you!

Ah! I forgot about your tight schedule and Sundays ;) I try to keep the colors of my memories of our meetings bright as long as possible...

Our dinner was special indeed and the place that you choose is ... unlike many others, I like the idea very much. I wish we could come there together one day, maybe in the quiet hours 😉 Of course, everyone would remember us, LOL.

You don't need an official reason to visit Switzerland. You are welcome to come with no reason. Just come! :)

It was something between a joke and a dream :) I believe the words are material 😉

Thank you for being such an amazing person!

How fun!! I'm so glad it all worked out and you got to go! It is so nice to meet up!

Goid people, good times, good memories!

Did anyone surprise you?

It's fun, the first person who surprised me was I 🙂 I had not been among so many people for a long time, and I became a bit distrustful. But everything changed the first minute when I entered the hotel, stopped and tried to figure our what to do and where to go next. The next moment I saw @oleg32675666. He said - hey zirochka, I recognized you, let's go, I'll show you everything.

And then I met new and new people, and we were on equal footing, I didn't know what is their reputation or VP, and it was not important.I liked it so much and miss so much!

And anothet exciting thing is to see who stands behind the nick 😄 You always picture a person behind the avatar, and it's fun to see a real personality, to hear voice, accent, speaking manner. So exciting🥰

Nice memories.
And I wish I could meet up with you on such event, maybe next year it will be closer to US. It would be so great!

How nice!!! @oleg32675666 is so nice! How lucky to run into him! :) I have traveled all over the world but, the meetup would make me feel like a fish out of water. :)

You are recognizable! How cool!

Even on the blockchain, honestly, I never even look at anyone's rep or VP... To me, it doesn't matter and they have the same insecurities as we do. I have met people in RL and some look just like I thought they would and one person was a female and had a male name. She was gorgeous and didn't want that to deter friendships! It is fun to see the person behind the name. :)

I lived in three different places in Europe (Holland was one of them) It wasn't the distance, but, the timing of the trip. Next year, I hope to try to get there! It sounds like fun! Maybe you are going to try to come also? ❤️

I would really like to come again. Besides, I already promised someone that I would come 😂

I didn't have the chance to tell it to you at HiveFest, but I was very emotionally touched by your presentation. I was just speechless (and believe me this happens rarely) after seeing everything you have been through.

I truly hope this war will end as soon as possible (although I does not have much fate in humans with this respect), and I send my warmest thoughts to you, your family and all Ukrainian people.


You know, I doubted for a long time whether to go or not. One of the reasons for my doubts was that I did not know how people would react to my speech. I was afraid of receiving a cold reception, and not even because I am a houseplant, but because for me now it is still an open wound that will heal when the war is over, not earlier.

And it was just fantastic to be embraced with warmth and sincerity. It definitely exceeded my expectation.

I wish we could talk at HiveFest too. Thank you so much for your comment ❤️❤️❤️

The Hive community is amazing with this respect. There is a lot of good people around, and I don't see how your speech could have been received otherwise.

I am sure we will be able to talk in another occasion, at some point in the future when the situation will get calmer for you. Fingers are crossed!



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Lovely post and very interesting perspective.

You are not the last to post, as I still haven't had time because I came back straight into a Court hearing on the Crypto Class Action.

Oh, I see, it's good to know the last one 😊 Hurry up, and good luck in the Court 👍🤞

I'm so glad to see you smiling 🤗
If anyone, you have deserved to get a big dose of happiness and good time!

Maybe, and it's such a stark contrast, and this cold to boot.😊 But when everything settles down, I will remember those days fondly.

Hugs and !BEER

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It was wonderful to have you with us in Amsterdam. I know your story touched a lot of hearts. I think Hive can change lives if it gets a chance. I had some fun times in Kyiv a few years ago and it is sad to see what has happened to your country. I wish you all the best for the future.

Glad to know that you like Kyiv ❤️ Hope to meet you here again someday, when this nightmare ends.

I'm so happy you could make it to Amsterdam, despite having some odds against you! The story of you booking your tickets sounded so stressful to me :-)

The thing with HiveFest is: it's so so amazing, and then afterwards you feel like you wanted MORE time for this and that, I feel the same :-) More time to chat with you! But you know, the world is relatively small and I'm sure we'll have the chance to meet-up again someday :-)

Cherish the memories and 'see you soon'! <3

Exactly, MORE time for a chag and at least one selfie with you! Bjt the world is small indeed, so who knows... 😉

Dear @zirochka! It was so great to see you in Amsterdam! And while you might have been nervous about your presentation, it really touched my heart and tears began rolling down my cheeks. You have been trough so much and your brothers and sisters in Ukraine, there is simply now words for it! Thank you for sharing your stories and thank you for all the good you have been doing and continue doing.

I am so happy to know you had a wonderful time!

Until we meet again! Stay strong!

I would very much like all my efforts and expenses to pay off in the future, and the NTF For Peace project received support from a wider range of people. What happens on our land every day, you can't get used to it....

Thank you so much for your kind words and support! Hope I can attend next year and we can talk :)

Чудовий виступ! І цим постом подарували приємні емоції - завжди цікаво: що ж відбувається за лаштунками) дякую ❤️

Дякую, Юля! Та в мене в самої враження, що я відсотків 30 а то й 25 всього побачила і зрозуміла 😂

Класно, класно, класно! Уявляю як приємно було побачити авторів з різних країн в живу 🤣🇺🇦🤗

Можливо тому, що учасників було не дуже багато, але для мене більшість людей були перш за все не блогерами, а ініціаторами чи учасниками різних проектів на Хайві. Але так, спілкування з людьми з різних країн це те, за чим я дуже скучила 🥰

I haven't been around so many good people in ages, and haven't talked so much in ages.

one of the thoughts i had at HiveFest

After covid restriction, right? Now it's working on remote, home alone or in the office alone 😆

covid was part of it. but overall i can't remember meeting this many strangers and that all were cool :D

Same here! My last "party" was 2 years ago with my work mates but they can't be called strangers, except a few 😁 But HF was a big surprise how strangers can quickly turn into old friends 🧡 And how easy was to find many like-minded people

From your content write-up I could see you had a lot of fun, Fun is very good it helps relieve your stress, I would love to go for this hive fest someday because it sounds fun and educative, Tell Me how did you feel when you felt that cold train station was it the kind you never felt before?.

At the cold station or in the Flixbud full of people, it was not new to me. But it was worth it, not only for my mental health and overall mood, but what is more important - to bring more focus to NFT project, for my people that still suffer, every day become victims of russian war.

I can relate you are very considerate and i pray this war be over soon so that peace can be restored again.

Thank you

You are welcome

For no good reason at all we didnt talk and that feels like a pity. Its cool to see you had such a fantastic time here (because daaamn it was fun!)

Literally no selfies here as well, it will all stay in the memory!

We will have to make selfies next time! Hope that everything will be fine and I will attend and meet everyone again

I am probably the last person who has not yet posted about the impressions of the HiveFest-2022

No, not really ;-)

Ah, you're going to write a post too! I'm looking forward 😍

Nice try, sister! ;-)

I'm not sure if that will happen, but you can listen to my old playlist called
PostHiveFestic Blues, that I created after the previous live event. :-)

I had to try 😄

BTW, I see our musical tastes are similar, brother 😉 👍

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According to your story, you have lived an unforgettable experience in your first "Hive Fest". Actually, it is a party that lasts several days...
How I wish I could live it too!
All that fun of walking into a movie theater and reveling in the atmosphere. Enjoying the ride, the food and the drinks, it's great!
Even feeling comfortable with the bed, the chair and especially with the treatment of the people you interacted with, that's just fabulous. Peace and harmony accompanied you.
@zirochka I congratulate you for your experience, a warm greeting from Venezuela.

Según todo tu relato, has vivido una experiencia inolvidable en tu primer "Hive Fest". En realidad es una fiesta que dura varios días...
¡Cómo me gustaría poder vivirla yo también!
Toda esa diversión de entrar a un cine y deleitarse con el ambiente. Disfrutar de un paseo, de la comida y las bebidas ¡Es genial!
Hasta sentirse cómoda con la cama, la silla y en especial con el trato de las personas con las cuales interactuaste, eso es simplemente fabuloso. La paz y la armonia te acompañaron.
@ te felicito por tu experiencia, un saludo cordial desde Venezuela.

Thank you, @henrycalu ❤️

The time I spent with you was divine :) ... Stay safe...

Treasured memories... 🧡


Yay! 🤗
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Appreciate it, @ynwa.andree 🧡

Стільки зустрічей і вражень - просто супер!))) А тут тільки і вражень, що сирени гудуть і вдень, і вночі!(((

Завдяки цим зустрічам я сподіваюсь на більшу підтримку проекту і українців загалом.

hehehe this was so wonderful - i'm reading your post and smiling along with you!

I know how amazing it feels to actually MEET these people that you've loved for so long. and it's so surreal and so "home"! hehehe I've never gone to a hivefest - but have done a meetup - and I can't wait to do another one hehehehe

it's been a while since I have read from you (or read at all... my brain feels like its sitting on the floor in some room in my house... which room? not sure. i would need my brain in my head to go find it hehehehe what a dilemma LOL)

but i feel like i've just caught up with you for months now... just by reading this. i love it! and so happy to see your smiling face hehehehe

yeap, it's been a while, and a lot has changed since then

You think you are the last person who is sharing your feelings about Hive Fest 2022 by reading everyone.

But I would say you are one of the lucky ones who attended Hive Fest. Also, you must have enjoyed the various entertaining events of Hive Fest and had a lot of fun. So you have no reason to be depressed.

It is normal that some express their feelings first and some later. You may have shared your Hive Fest participation experience later. But your feelings and well-being are as fresh as anyone's. It's really fun.

But I would say you are one of the lucky ones who attended Hive Fest.

There is no luck here, as everyone can attend. You just buy a ticket and that's it

Luck is everywhere, we can feel it and no one else can. But it is true that the system to participate is simple, buy tickets and participate.

Thank you.

See what you mean now. Yeap, agree.

There is this feeling with attending great events for the first time. I hope my time comes too. I can sew you had lots of fun

May your wish come true

I love how the current trending page is full of posts from Hive fest! Because I'm sure you all had a blast there and deserve the beautiful support <3

🥰❤️ I'm going to check the #HiveFest tag too

Your talk was fantastic. It was really nice to meet you.

It's always exciting to reveal who's behind this or that nick 😊
I was really glad to meet you too.


It was refreshing to see you. I'm glad there were positive moments you could take back home. It's crazy that we met in hivefest but never in Ukraine 😄
Take these stories home and tell everyone. There is a need of positive and fun stories at home now.

It's crazy that we met in hivefest but never in Ukraine 😄

I agree 100 percent. But now..... 😊😉🙃 If ever gonna pass by Kyiv just let me know 😎

Take these stories home and tell everyone. There is a need of positive and fun stories at home now.

I have a sore throat and a terrible cough, so I can barely speak at all 😂 What a shame, yah?

I'm normally the one with the funny face in the photos... but you definitely won on our photo! 😅 It was a pleasure meeting you in person; stay strong! !LUV

That selfie is definitely my favorite 😍

Cheers and !BEER

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So glad you made it, this gathering sounded as good as previous years, perhaps not as many people but then it is quality time.

Each delivered something new to Hive blockchain which is always interesting. Watching via YouTube I must say was a pleasure and very well covered during presentations.

!LUV and thanks for sharing your experience.

And thank you for checking my blog! 🧡

Wonderful you managed to get there, feel comfortable and safe for a weekend.

Being present and able to chat with folks helps people better understand how one feels, as well being able to meet in person.

Thanks a lot, @rocinanteprimo 🧡

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