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Good day everyone, I'm Asia from Philippines. I was born in a place where people are a bit conservative and have eye with each other, people that can't mind their own business, but busy minding other people's lives, a place where judgemental people live and exist. I'm the type of person that cares less about what's happening, an easygoing immature person and doesn't want to be corrected. I never listen to anyone and take life easy. I'm always curious about everything and it didn't lead me to the right path. I made a lot of mistakes, and I ended up being a mother at a young age. I faced all the criticism as expected. People look down on me and gossip, but I remain unbothered. My family wasn't happy with what I've become, they were angry,disappointed and frustrated, but they never left my side or maybe they don't have a choice because I have nowhere to run to. It still didn't stop me from exploring and I took it as a challenge


We all know that being a mother is never easy and it landed me to where I am now. I took a lot of strength and courage to leave my family and try my luck in a foreign country


It's where I learnt how difficult life could be, it could sometimes be unfair and draining but you must keep going.. I faced all the upside down of life, all the struggles, heartaches, hardship, but I keep going. I cried everyday coz of the longing to see my family, I want to drag out the days just to see them again, and it's where depression struck me, from the time I wake up and the moment I close my eyes, all I can think is going home, and at that time when I can no longer hold on,when I was about to give up, when I see no hope, then someone advised me to pray, pray hard and trust to HIM. That's what I did and HE never fails me.. it cleared up my mind slowly., and like they said nothing is permanent, everything is temporary, and so is my depression. I got over it, got used to it, and learned to ignore it. I learned to adapt slowly.


I began to rebuild myself and look forward to the bright side of life. I think of all my goals in life and the reason why I chose to come here. It was never easy, but not a reason to give up. Everything happens for a reason. Life sometimes may knock us, but we should take it as a challenge to build ourselves. We all have our own problems and difficulties in life, and have our own ways of dealing with it, but it shouldn't be a reason to give up, nor to hinder us from continuing. As for me, I'm still the same person that takes life easy, a restless soul that loves challenges, and is willing to take the risk just to fulfill my curiosity. Even though sometimes it still comes and visits me( depression) and stays with me for a while, I was not as affected as before, I try to divert my attention and thoughts on some happy memories and back when the times when my life was not complicated. I learned to live with it. but the greatest reason why I survived was because of HIM. He's my only weapon during those times that I felt so down and depressed.. As of now I'm looking forward to a brighter future.. It's still a long way to go but I believe there's nothing that I cannot overcome with HIM by my side..
A special thanks to @Wittyzell and @lhes for encouraging me to write and share my life and journey here in Singapore


Welcome to Hive sis! Enjoy many amazing communities here. All the best in your Hive journey.

Thank you so much sis♥️

Good morning Asia, your wee sister @lhes said this was you.

So welcome to the mad fun Blockchain that is Hive. We are here to help in anyway we can. Doing what you did took a lot of guts, so well done to you. I had a friend who did the same as you but in Hong Kong not Singapore.

Have fun and ask ask and ask again when you want to know something or need some help.

In the meantime have a great week and enjoy some

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Thank you so much❤️

Walang anuman and @lhes knows where to find me if needed.

Should I fly to Scotland? 😁

Lol well healthcare is free here 😁

Good afternoon, it's glad to know that there are people out there that can lighten and encourage someone's else mood.. glad to hear from you

Well it's the right thing to do. We all have our own struggles but lifting anyone if we can should just be a normal way to be 😁


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Welcome to Hive sis @asiaymalay! It must be so hard on you, especially that you're far away from your family. I can tell you really love them so much and want to be with them. It's okay to commit mistakes - but to repeat them and not learn from them is probably not good. I made a lot of mistakes too, even til now, but it's okay. That's what molded us into becoming who we are today anyways. I hope you will enjoy your Hive journey. There are tons of communities here that will make you feel at home, including us in the Hive PH community. Feel free to ask if you have questions. Don't worry and let's take it easy! Enjoy! 😉

Thank you so much with your encouraging and inspiring words.. it means a lot to me❤️

Welcome to Hive @asiaymalay ! Buti nakumbinsi ka ni @lhes sumali sa Hive, see you around!

Thank you sis.. tagal na nya ako kinukumbinsi.. ngayon Lang na inspire♥️

Pinakitaan ko siya marse Ng account value ko in peso 🤣

Dear @asiaymalay, you are a brave woman who has been able to overcome the difficulties that accompany us on this path of life. What you are doing, searching for your essence and forging your own inner prosperity, is not an easy task. But the divine energy, which has always accompanied you, will never leave you alone and will help you to visualize the best paths for your intellectual, material and, above all, spiritual development. This balance will give you the peace of mind and inner strength to face your future challenges.

Thank you very much for sharing your interesting life story.

I send you my warmest regards and sincere thanks for your motivating words and immense courage!

Thank you so much.. but with your kind and encouraging words.. i think the credit is yours.. your such a kind soul❤️

Hello, Asia. Welcome to Hive. Have a great time here.🤗

Thank you♥️

What a fantastic first post! Great way to start your journey here. Keep posting hoping to see more from you soon.

Thank you so much.. with this wonderful people around here.. I would be inspire to post..

Hi @asiaymalay . I am happy to be a part of this community and hope to make many friends here. Now I start my new life after prison. I will be grateful for your support.

Thank you..I'm also thankful of this community and happy to be a part of.. rest assured You would have my support in anyway I can

Thanks for your thoughts, everyone is so friendly, @hive I love it here 🤗 see you more often from now on 👍

Hello, @asiaymalay! Welcome to Hive Blockchain! people make mistakes and that's human. it's good that you decided to leave an environment that doesn't accept you and build yourself. there is nothing to regret and everything happens for something better. so, you can take a look at Ladies of Hive community for your stories. or, Motherhood community

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Have a great day!

Thank you so much🥰🥰 much appreciated..

A little birdy told me it is your big birthday today ..... So Happy Birthday @asiaymalay 🤗🎂💙🍰

Thank you🥰🥰 that little birdy for sure keeps on chirping😁😁

Happy birthday @asiaymalay!

Thank you🥰❤️

hehe indeed she does, now have a slice of cake for me 🤣

I send you your cake🍰

hehe salamat 😜

Welcome to Hive @asiaymalay ☺️ with @Wittyzell and @lhes , you are in good hands. ☺️

Thank you❤️

Welcome to Hive @asiaymalay 🫶🏼
Enjoy exploring and engaging here in Hive! Buti nabudol ka ni ate lhes to join here 😄

Hehe..salamat.. tagal din bago ako nakumbinsi..😁

Welcome to hive , hope you enjoy writing and sharing with us

Thank you❤️ see you around


Hihi! Happy late welcome to hive! :)

Thank you♥️