Another journalist signing in on Hive! #Introduceyourself

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Very happy to be here. I'm a journalist from The Netherlands, currently involved in reporting about the different anti corona measures protests in Europe. I'm 33 years old and from Rotterdam.

I report for the Youtube channel Revolution In The Streets, together with a few other brothers and sisters. My friend @yourmarklubbers is already on this platform and told me this is a good place where censorship didn't take over yet.
Next to journalism, in my private time I love to walk, run and take pictures of nature. Perhaps I will post things about this too, like pretty images. We'll see. Thanks for having me here!

Update: Let me add some more to this because you guys asked me for it.

I've been interested in cryptocurrencies for a few years. I always looked at it as just an investment tool. But since I discovered websites like Hive I realize that there is a real community behind it that is looking for solutions. Changing the financial system, but also changing how the internet functions. Giving back control to users instead of to a few powerful people.

I joined Hive because I hate websites like Facebook and Twitter, where some invisible team decides what you are allowed to do and what not. So I'm hoping Hive will change this situation. What I will contribute to this platform is unique content in the form of articles and videos. I suck at making memes so you won't find that here.


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Cmon journalist! You can tell us more than 100 words about yourself lol!

When I encourage people to write and intro post the things I want them to write about are

who are you, whered you come from
how/when did you first hear about crypto & when did you first decide to get involved
-how/when did you hear about hive, and what made you finally decide to join
-what/how do you intend to contribute to the blockchain and/or what excited you most about Hive when first hearing about it.
Stuff like this.

[Looks like you covered most things as briefly as possible.. but you do you]

I think I wrote 100 words in this comment.

LOL fair point, maybe they are shy.

This is their youtube channel btw. hey @jackthepress can you link back your hive account on any of your other social media accounts? It would help give credibility to you being who you say you are and make us more happy to upd00t you.

there's been a lot of new impersonator accounts coming on of late due to $HIVE hitting all time highs.

Made it a bit longer for you.

This is totally that guy just quit Twitter :p

Welcome jackthepress!
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Welcome to the Hive looking forward to your posts

Would be great to get first hand news from your corner. How is everyday life, how's the mood, is there resistance.
Hive is great for that, I read about life in Nigeria, Thailand, US, Southamerica, Europe, Russia...

Hey I love that Youtube channel. Really good place to see all the latest global protests that have been occurring.

Welcome aboard :-)

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The more journalists the better. I will be following your stuff moving forward. I do a video podcast most days during the week on foreign policy, Covid and politics in general. Great to have some first-hand accounts of the Covid regime in Europe.

That's awesome man! Thanks for not getting mad at what I said.
I'm just a manual labor landscaper, but when I write a post that will forever be on the hive blockchain, I put my all into it.

But yea when your just trying to start a conversation or give an update it's hard to make something more than 250+ words.. atleast for me.

On hive nobody can censor you, but you might have some people a bit worse than me who might downvote your stuff..
Please don't let this piss you off, or discourage you if/when it happens.
By saying what I said.. I kinda wanted to give you a crash course into what you might expect in the future. Because people on hive expect high effort for the governance token they are rewarding you with.. especially because some people only see it as financial instrument, and abuse it as such.

FYI: In the topics of your (The hashtags at the bottom) is where the #introduceyourself tag shoulda gone for it to show up alongside other folks intro posts. :D
If you need/want any help, or you have any questions, I'd be happy to help or point you in the rite direction. I'm not just an ass who wants to critique you all the time.. I'd really like to help you learn anything that you need to know about hive.

Welcome to the community. It is awesome cool to see more journalists.


Welcome! Mind the wicked C*nts at the top of the Foodchain here...
they're a not going to be around much longer... imho.