Hive Keychain v2.4 - Ledger integration is live!

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v2.4 is now live on Chromium and Firefox, coming with a bunch of new features we hope you will enjoy!

Ledger integration is live!


After two weeks of Beta testing, we're happy to release our Ledger integration in production!

If you have a Ledger and wish to change your keys to use it for transaction signing, please visit . Make sure you do not change your posting key, as the Hive Ledger App doesn't currently allow login operations.

Once this is done, you can add the account to Ledger by selecting Add from Ledger or in case you already have the account on Keychain, delete the corresponding key, and add the new key with Add using Ledger.

That's it! You can now perform all active authority operations from the security of your Ledger!

Note that some operations require blind signing because their size is too long to be displayed. @engrave is working on an update of the Hive App to fix this issue, as well as enabling the required features for login. Once this update is approved by the Ledger team, you will be able to use the posting key on Ledger as well!


The improvements previously announced in Beta are now live as well :
  • Switch from dhive to hive-tx library to decrease the extension size and be compatible with our mobile apps
  • Big improvements to the username autocomplete. When you send a transfer, on top of the accounts you've transferred to in the past, you'll see exchanges usernames (with the exchange name highlighted), as well as the other accounts you have in your wallet.
  • Display pending withdrawals


To communicate with us, report an issue or become a Beta tester, join our Discord by following this link :

Or scanning this QR Code :



@stoodkev : CEO - Witness
@cedricguillas : Full-stack Developer - Witness
@theghost1980 : Front-end Developer
@nateaguila : UI/UX
@yabapmatt : Advisor - Witness
@aggroed : Advisor - Witness

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I need a help!
I am new to Hive blog platform. When I add pictures and other information to my profile, the text below the screenshot is coming.

How do I complete my profile?



That's amazing...Finally we connect hive keychain to hardware wallet😎😍

Thank you for this great opportunity, which provides even more security. We will have to test how practicable this is in everyday use.

What!? That’s rad!

Finaly :)

Great to see and great job!

Fantastic work folks!

While you improve something, you broke the Splintelands submitting, about a day past that I can't submit the battles (PC, Mozilla Firefox).
Please, figure out with the Splinterlands devs this aspect.
(They must know this issue as the request ticket #58053)

It's been fixed already but Firefox team takes quite a long time to review the update. Please be patient or use another browser in the meantime

And what's with the secure of your on site?!
the https is broken atm!

Hmm no it's not

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More security for users by adding hardware wallet for Hive trx. Thanks

But, now I don't see Keychain pop-up go away after signing a trx, instead it keeps floating on the screen until we click OK manually to close it.

Wonderful! I came on board with Hive Ledger before this, but this is grand news because the mobile environment uses Keychain more and can now have Ledger too!


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That's realy cool. Thank you very much. 😎
Not your keys, not your coins.


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Thanks for this very positive update. Are there any plans for an integration with trezor?

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Hi, all fantastic!

Sorry for the stupid question it possible to retrieve the posting key from the Ledger? I am having issues with a secondary account that I didn't have connected to Keychain at all before this update. Thanks