Will 3Speak Bring Out A Token

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We know that the team at the SpkNetwork is busy building out decentralized infrastructure which they view as having incredible potential. They seek to provide immutability into Web 3.0. Part of this is empowering communities through tokenization and personal data storage.

It is a concept that they stated a couple years ago.

Of course, their flagship application is 3Speak. The video platform is similar to YouTube. The major difference is that, eventually, the video storage will be in the hands of the community. In other words, everyone will be able to have their own "3Speak".

While much of this is still down the road, it is helpful to question what the future will bring.



Air Drop?

We are presently in a year long claimdrop. This is for the SpkNetwork (infrastructure). Each month people are able to log on and claim their tokens based upon their HIVE holdings. There is a 1:1 drop based upon each HIVE that was held on the snapshot date.

The understanding is that for people to get involved in infrastructure, for the most part, there needs to be incentive. This is what the SPEAK token does.

However, what about 3Speak? Where does this fit into all this?

While it served well as a proof-of-concept for the entire platform, it is not likely going away. Nevertheless, if others are going to be able to tokenize their followings along with having a front end they can fork, what is the future for this application?

Speculatively, it is not likely that it goes away. There is no indication that 3Speak will fade. In fact, it is probable that a lot of development is applied, increasing the features and functionality over time.

This brings up the idea of gaining users. Here again, incentivization is the solution.

Will we ever see the team bring out a Proof-of-Brain token?

Tokenize 3Speak

To me, it only makes sense to take this step at some point.

3Speak is a genuine platform for content creators. This is the epitome of what PoB targets. The alignment is simply too powerful.

Also, why would the team work towards providing this capability to others and not offer it on their application?

Tokenizing 3Speak only makes sense. This move allows for a great deal of ingenuity and creativity to be applied to the platform.

We are realizing how we are moving towards the attention economy. Essentially, eyeballs are very important.

With a video platform, getting people to post content is vital. However, that is only one piece of the equation. Having people come to the site to view the content is also crucial. Here is where tokenization comes in.

The idea of rewarding users for watching videos is long discussed. So is the concept of offering up a portion of advertising money. Both of this can be done if a token exists.

Does that mean both will end up as part of the platform if this direction is chosen? It is hard to speculate since there are likely many technical challenges. Nevertheless, these are a couple ways that an application like 3Speak can separate itself from all else that is out there.

Why You Should Post on 3Speak

A lot of what is covered here is guesswork. None of this is based upon an word from the development team. What we do know is the track record of Dan and Matt. Both have shown themselves to give to the community while also not look to provide themselves with personal stake different from everyone else.

One other areas of speculation is what would an airdrop look like? Would it be done to those holding HIVE again? What would be the ratio? Or would it be focused solely on 3Speak users? If so, does that include people who watch videos on there?

None of these questions have an answer. That said, we can probably presume that the team would want to reward those who support the application. For this reason, it is probably a good idea to post on 3Speak.

Many want to get ahead of the curve and this might be a way to do it. By posting now, we can see how one culd gain some influence by the time (if) an airdrop takes place.

There is another piece to this that gest overlooked. Since 3Speak uses Hive's account management system, one cannot be shut down. A Hive account cannot be deleted or taken away. This is in stark contrast to YouTube.

Those who are posting on YouTube should back their content up on 3Speak. This way if it is attacked, one does not lose his or her work. Plus, one might find that monetization takes place due to the base layer Proof-of-Brain mechanism that is already in place.

We can see a number of reasons why someone would want to post on 3Speak. However, perhaps we will see an airdrop in the cards, providing further incentive.

At this point it is all theory. What are your thoughts? Do you think the 3Speak team should create a PoB token for the platform?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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had potential, sadly they lost reach/momentum to odysee.com

Ah yes. The newest flavor of the month. We have seen this one before.

We will see how it goes.

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SpeakTV is like a primary school project in comparison. It takes high level and continuous development to attract AND RETAIN a userbase for video: odysee.

Only a fool thinks tokenization or airdrop solves everything.

That is true it does. And there is a lot more to things than just an airdrop.

However, if you follow what is taking place, the team's primary focus is on infrastructure, not the application itself.

So we can talk about new app, what are they going to be built upon?

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A 3Speak token would be awesome! I hope they do it!

Why? I mean why is it awesome?

It just seems to me people want more and more. I see them getting watered down (Tokens for everything). We have a perfect reward token with Hive. Instead of creating more & more tokens I believe it’s better to make Hive incorporation better. I dunno just my take. But not every project that’s good needs a token.

All tokens would be connected to Hive in many ways anyway, so it's not like they would handicap it or take value from it. I know many who've made quite a lot of hive they've powered up by either earning or trading hive-engine tokens or assets. Of course for every trade there's a counterparty bagholder but the age of hive and its tokens is just getting started and the markets can swing often and relatively sudden and quick (as we've noticed with hive itself recently).

It doesn't necessarily need it, but I think it could increase usage, interest and support if they had their own token. Video content is harder to produce and this could act as an extra reward for video content producers.

There are too many possibilities and a lot of blindsides as well. I think anything huge that might be coming to 3speak might be after the claim drop. I think work is currently ongoing, but for now I don't think anyone has a vivid description of what 3speak is up to. A token will be great too.

It only makes sense to see a PoB token come from them.

But then maybe that is not their focus.

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Well let's see, it can be part of their plans, we never can tell.

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I've never been a fan of video content. I honestly don't watch it that much and I am too much of a chicken to ever create any of my own. I think it is good that we have this option though. There are likely going to be more and more things added to Hive that I will not use but others will and it will just increase our traffic.

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Billions of hours on YouTube shows there is a market for it though even if it isnt your flavor.

And the Millennials seems to live on there.

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3speak will need a big revamp once they get the "backend" in order, if they manage to find a way to reward viewers without the possibility for abuse/bot/clickfarming it would be a big win, engagement rewarding is already quite built in on layer1.

Certainly some major technical challenges to say the least. However, if it can be pulled off, it would be amazing.

We will see what their plans are. They appear driven with the desire to make what they are creating very powerful.

For now, we can just speculate as to what will unfold.

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Yeah, no doubt! and I am totally okay with that. Like I said, anything that brings more people in is good!

True. We will see how much outreach there is in the future.

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seria excelente, yo me estoy dedicando a subir videos a esta plataforma y me ha encantado.

i love 3speak , this time i am near to close 500 videos on 3speak,i learnt a lot from 3speak, and my passion is that have and 3speak will be the future of social media,, i liked all info that are sir you mentioned , i really want 3speak token,, that should be rewarded all 3speak user

That is a fiar amount and show dedication.

We will see what rolls out in the future with new features. Once the infrastructure is in place, they can then focus upon the front end.

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It would make sense honestly. At some point I'd love to see some type of subsribe/membership on videos which could be paid in FIAT but is used to buy the native token and sent to the person. I know they are not doing ads but again. Kind of think one ad or some sort of very minor amount of ads is kind of critical for building revenue. To me these places should be taking successful real world businesses with subscribers, donations, ads and so forth and applying all of that into the value of the token. I don't get why no one does that yet and instead just writes it off. The money and revenue has got to some from somewhere to the token value and crypto has HUGE potential for that including swap fees as yet another method to keep value in the token.

You nailed it. There are a lot of rooms for creativity. This is going to alter how people are rewarded.

We will see what is churned out. Right now, they are working on infrastructure.

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It’s getting to point people are doing or want tokens for everything
It’s getting silly. Just don’t see point in more then half the projects. Incorporate Hive in new ways instead of yet another new token makes much more sense.

Then I would say you miss much of what is taking place in the cryptocurrency world and what capturing value really means.

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Time will tell who’s right..

For some projects it makes sense, for others it’s moronic and will fail. That’s my take and we’ve seen failures already the past few years so it’s not like I’m calling for something that hasn’t happened.

This is a very interesting topic of discussion. I love the spk network's team and follow their activities. As you said, They have a good and solid reputation and have invested a great deal into this system.

If a token is created, it will serve as a great deal. However, the team seems to have a long road map of activities for the Spk network.

3speak also have other areas to build on. Like a way to stream live would be cool.

The idea of rewarding users for watching videos is long discussed.

This would be super awesome. It would bring a lot of people to Hive. Who doesn't want to watch and earn crypto? :)

Anyway, It would be nice if it gets implemented. Although, I strongly think there is a lot on their plate already.


There are a lot of options. And yes the SpkNetwork team is very strong with stellar reputations. We all know they are dedicated to moving things of their focus forward.

That is why I concluded they are not going to zap 3Speak but rather, keep expanding it.

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While this being just speculation it is likely we might actually see 3Speak Airdrop in the future, a way to incentivize users. if that being the case my 707 uploaded videos and counting should be putting some sweet tokens in my pocket.

Anything is possible, all we have to do is tap into the DApps on Hive as much as possible.

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LOL 707? It might. If they do it based upon number of videos uploaded. Or perhaps you have to pay them the more you do.

You are running up their server bill.

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More info why you see this.

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Every day, the blockchain improves. Why not, if its relevance would considerably advance blockchain technology?

I guess it would be hard to track people who have watched there, unless they can check if votes have been cast through the platform, though considering their videos are embeddable on our front-ends I doubt they have many viewers on the actual 3speak platform.

I would not disagree to reward posters and curators of 3speak videos in general though, retrospective airdrops are becoming popular, we've seen it happen many times with Gods Unchained and it has brought a ton of hype and loyalty to the project.

In my post recently about shittokens I did mention retrospective airdrops and I'm working on finetuning the road towards making that happen for social community tokens where there is no premine of any kind except for some airdrops to who they choose as deserving while we assist them with the data and infrastructure to grow their communities aside from the curation we already help them with. I think these will have a much bigger chance at becoming big because not only will it interest investors but it will also force the owners to buy into their own token, thus idea, thus if they believe in the future of the token which remains open to a lot of possibilities after a very fair start.

Aside from 3speak and poshtoken there are not many fairdrop tokens around unfortunately so hopefully I can play my part in helping create more of those.

I agree completely. There are not a lot of projects that follow what you describe. Hence, those two projects are ushering in a new model that I think will take off. Those with large founder stakes end up being dumped upon and I think most will realize it.

Tokenizing communities is a powerful concept. I look forward to what you finely tuned plans.

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Did you own some of the old SPEAK Tokens?

The ones being airdropped?

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Nono, the initial one from back in the day Pre-Launch of the 3Speak as Video Platform.

@disregardfiat is going to be on today's episode of CryptoManiacs. He is doing some of the coding is part of the SpkNetwork.

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I think it would make sense and I think their structure would at least allow that token to maintain value. However, what use cases will the team give that token?

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Broca? Larnyx?
Am I missing something?


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