Six Years Fly When You're (Mostly) Having Fun and Building a Blockchain

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      It seems like a lifetime ago now that I sat down and wrote my "first post" on the legacy blockchain. My initial year exploring and picking apart the intricacies of decentralized, voluntary social value and immutable community identity passed in a blur of photography and art, poetry and travel logs. It gave me an outlet for creativity that I really hadn't found a home for on traditional social media, which genuinely surprised me— what's the difference? Until you mindfully embrace a lot of the values that participating in a blockchain ecosystem like ours fosters in you, the question is almost impossible to answer. I was hooked, instantly.

      Everything— including the difficult and downright bad aspects that balance the values of good and useful that I believe in with all my heart— here on Hive has been a catalyst for me to better understand myself, my talents, and the ideals that shape me. Reopening the gift that is the time capsule of my immutable blockchain posts still makes me laugh and gut punches me in turn. The timeline that coalesces when I trace through the marks I've left here over the past six years is an eye opener for me when it comes to how I've evolved as a person simply because I've been here with all of you.

      For the last few months, I've been working on a number of things in the background— some of which are more interesting than others, some of which are a brutal volunteer slog, and some of which I'll be announcing here pretty soon. Now, I promise this isn't me winding up to spend a whole post trying to make myself sound relevant; you've already suffered through that once recently! But after a few years of the entire world being restricted and pulled taut, and more and more of my time and attention turned in to the heart of Hive's day to day community and admin needs, I have spent some time thinking about how to recapture some of the other things that Hive encourages me to be and do. I think I need to return to some of that so I figured I'd pull up a chair here, besties, and chat it out with you. The best Crim there's ever been is the one that sat down to write thankful yearly recaps, and who got a chance to analyze her own feelings because she interpreted them via pictures and shared them with the world out here on a little crypto powered blog.

you can do a lot of effective reflection in a glacier fed pool

      One of the recent things that I've needed to do was to create and submit a short professional bio about myself. Now, many of you guys are incredible at this sort of thing, but this is the bane of my everliving existence. Like, let's make no mistake: I'm fucking great! However, that doesn't mean that the thought of trying to present myself in a flattering salespitch sort of light is any less the rough equivalent of imagining what it must be like to have to attend a karaoke night with Justin Sun... namely, an excruciating and torturous foray into egregious arrogance. (I promise I'm going somewhere with this.)

With a career as a professional graphic artist and developer, Gina stumbled into the blockchain space almost a decade ago while searching for an intersection between disruptive technology and a better human social experience. Discovering the Hive blockchain ecosystem was like being hit by a lightning bolt- and after experimenting with web3 blogging and content creation, the energy and impact of creating a truly decentralized sovereign identity became the center of her focus for the future.

As Crimsonclad, she's spent more than half a decade learning about and contributing to the Hive blockchain community as a leader, top 20 witness/block producer, and educator helping to demystify the cryptospace and a truly social decentralized web3. A keynote speaker, live radio host, and liaison for blockchain outreach and operations, she's involved in multiple teams building projects on the grassroots fast, feeless information sharing network. She's dedicated to helping bring voluntarism, digitally connected experiences and the benefits of censorship resistance to empower and encourage people globally to thrive and redefine how we approach our social, emotional, and economic lives.

      Now, I'm pretty proud of/comfortable with this. I like this lady! (Never mind that everyone who's read it suggests rewrites: go ahead and leave yours in the replies.) Somewhere between deciding on this version and seeing myself described as "a Hive streamer who knows everyone" in a professional meeting (hahahah oh man yikes, being boastful is the Leo aspect I think I'm least guilty of, but being so heavily reduced really flared up the ol' prideful bits. Work in progress) I figure the truth is somewhere in the middle. Regardless of where it might actually lie, I just sort of want to acknowledge and push myself towards finding better balance with all the things I want to do and those which I can do. To that end, I have a couple of goals and accomplishments that I've been thinking about and wanted to lock into the chain with all the rest. SO THAT'S WHAT WE'RE GONNA DO READY SET GO

when I'm gone for a few days, this is usually where I am and why the reception is so bad

      I bet there are a lot of you who fall into a similar paralysis as me, and that's one where it can take me a really long time to get posts to where I want them to be. Somehow, between the time that I pull a set of photos and think, "oh my gosh I want to shove this into everyone's eyeballs" and actually managing to crack each bit of the accompanying story out of my knuckles and into a legible format, something else more important that has an impact on everyone else is due and I put it to the side. Then it doesn't feel right to post until I have time to dedicate to it again that isn't prioritized over volunteer work or job tasks. Repeat ad nauseam, until you have a veritable mystery graveyard of zombie posts that languish sadly around your pc hoping you will misclick on them and be reminded that most of them are missing limbs or have literal holes right through their torsos. No, just me? Well, then definitely don't open the folder marked "Posts for Someday But That Day is Not Today" on my desktop, even if you hear faint screaming and ominous whispers leaking out of it.

don't believe me? *laughs in almost four year old super meta post draft about posting referencing steem*

      So I want to try to aim for a bi-monthly post, I think. That seems like a reasonable thing that doesn't put a lot of pressure on me to fight for time with other stuff I've taken on that feels more important, internally is an acceptance that I can be selfish and share some of the stuff I'm doing, and lets me cosplay as the creative Crim for a little bit. She's a lot of fun, and just as selfishly, I really like her writing and photos and want to see more of them. Over the past two years, I've visited six more countries, expanded my life long love affair with mountains into actual honest to god ice climbing and caving on not one but two glaciers on opposite sides of the planet, gone to dozens and dozens of live shows, day-biked downhill across an international border following a steep gold rush trail, welcomed a new dog into my family, taken a ferry to a rock so small it often doesn't register on world maps to scale it 1000 feet up over the wild ocean in a squall, and I still live in one of the most beautiful provinces abundant with untouched forest to get lost in every single day.

      The world, as cynical and ravaged as it is, is still heart-achingly beautiful and the people you meet, whether next door or on the next continent, are still kind and loving and have a lot you can learn from. There are some stories in there, too.

don't do this. If you fall in a split in moraine, you're gone forever fr fr no cap or whatever the kids are using as effective communication these days

      I mentioned some achievements in there too. I have a pretty wide set of standards on what classifies as an accomplishment, largely because I think we should be taking any excuse to celebrate ourselves and each other these days. Many of the ones I'm most fond of over the past few years have been related to Hive, whether that's doing cool stuff like getting further into 3d modeling to create mockups and assets for design refinement, helping out our projects around the chain with everything from introductions to code bases, doing some big keynote speaking engagements and a ton of live chats on behalf of the chain, or totally random but interesting tasks like learning how to create graphics to skin a vehicle. If you know of places you think someone should go and talk about Hive and all of its cool stuff, my DMs are open.


      I'm doing my best to rearrange and volunteer the parts of my life I can to add to this list of neat opportunities that build stronger bridges. One of the things I've got on my plate to work on is fleshing out my old placeholder website at to hold some of this stuff and to create a direct line to me for people on and off chain. I plan to post sometime later this month for ideas about things to put there, and also asking you guys what sort of short video content you'd like to see created for as voicework and animation are also things I've been taking on pro bono where I can~

I've done a ton of different podcasts and conferences over the last little while! So many, in fact, that I can't find them all 😅 I'm working on building out a playlist so people can clip what they like out of them or use them for their own learning, etc~

      It's pretty easy to make things sound like everything is ✨aMaZiNg✨ on social media, so I'll be the first to admit that the past few years have been incredibly challenging too. I know that everyone has experienced loss in one way or another due to global circumstances, and I'm no exception. During this bizarre shared world trauma, my family, friends and I have had some devastating losses and some really difficult circumstances. Sometimes it's easier to throw myself headlong into the ecosystem around here as a way to channel emotions I don't know how to deal with otherwise, and sometimes, it's been overwhelming and I've had to step back from tasks and things I genuinely enjoy because I'm not sure how else to slow down and take care of myself when things get bad.

      I genuinely feel like I let myself and you guys down when this happens, which is very silly because none of you have demands or expectations of me, but we're being honest here. It's okay to give ourselves a break and be kind, and I have no doubt that so many of you have periods of feeling much the same or worse. I guess I'm just throwing this in here as an acknowledgement that none of us are superhumans, but it's kind of amazing that a blockchain community can sort of make us feel that way sometimes 🖤

wherever you are on our beautiful little marble, somewhere, the sun is continuing to rise

      One of the biggest places I've been feeling this is with my live streams; I do two radio shows that are bit more like audio/visual entertainment hangouts each week, and I've been so proud to have completed something like 350 episodes and almost 1000 hours of content between them in the time that I've been here in the Hive ecosystem. I'm so proud of them and I love them so much, but they've also been the first thing to get pushed aside as some of the bad things in my life are demanding my time. Picking and choosing what you're capable of accomplishing and maintaining good balance is part of why I'm "thinking out loud" about everything here in this post— for the first time ever, I've gone a few weeks without doing them, and it's been really demoralizing and difficult. As I get through some of the stuff throwing up the biggest roadblocks, I plan to make a post reintroducing both shows so there's a place here on chain where I can better include everyone in these shows and really revive them they way that they should be— so there's another goal for the list.

      The more work I do the more it sometimes feels like I can fall out of touch, so I thought I'd check in on a personal note and leave this spot open for questions, comments, AMA, whatever. I've been thinking a lot about spinning up a new witness box, about potentially making a proposal, about some of the big leap-of-faiths that we'll be taking together soon, and about all of the conflict and cooperation that come together here while being both a human and a component in developing web3 spaces. I guess it's safe to say that true to the rest of the cryptospace, announcements of announcements and blogging about thinking about maybe posting a blog are just par for the course. 😂

bleeding edge, raining cliff; stepping up

Here's to the second half of a decade trying to figure it all out and doing awesome things along the way~ 🖤

There are 2 pages
 I bet there are a lot of you who fall into a similar paralysis as me, and that's one where it can take me a really long time to get posts to where I want them to be.

There is quite a simple hack to resolve this issue with a slight adjustment in your way of thinking about creating content.

Carve out some time this week and write up two posts. Since you are only going to publish 2 posts a month that puts you ahead by 1 month. Wait at least a week before publishing that first post. Then space out the time for that second post.

You then need to set a schedule and stick with it. Even post what days of the month you are going to publish content to hold yourself accountable for doing so if needed.

Now you get to enjoy the pleasure of being ahead on content. You can start thinking about next month’s content. It’s no longer a big deal if you can’t make time today, or tomorrow or heaven forbid you find yourself needing to make some adjustments to next month's content once you start to work on it. You have a month for that creative freedom to strike and for you to find some time to work on it.

Major content firms out there are not thinking about what they are going publish today or tomorrow unless it’s time sensitive. They are thinking about next month and much further out. This also leaves them lots of room to put the final touches on things if needed days before it's published.

You are the absolute king of content planning, management and continuity and I think it is such an under-recognized and under-respected work ethic and skill set. I appreciate the tip, and I think you're totally right in reframing things as always being ahead vs always being behind is a great brain hack.

At current, the problem is... well, the carving part 😂 Do you remember that old scene from Mickey and the Beanstalk of Donald and Goofy carving up the bean because they're starving, and the slices of it end up so thin they're nearly invisible? I am the bean. The bean is I. Bean people unite! 🫘🤣🫘 I won't make too many excuses here, but suffice it to say that the instant I manage to get step one of the process right, I know the rest will fall into place~

Welcome back Gina, I know the feelings you have expressed here only to well.

The last few years have been incredibly difficult for just about everyone. We've all lost loved ones as the world turned upside down.

In some cases having hive was our only respite and outlet from the horror story that life had become and then burn out kicks in!

Good to see you posting again.

There's no stopping time moving forward, and that's something that seems to be really underlined by both the speed of the cryptospace and the slow permanence of immutable posting. I try to think about it framed with gratitude. Would I have had the same resilience and dedication in my life in general if I weren't doing things I think make this ecosystem a better place, specifically because I'm inspired by a lot of the people and things that happen here? I'd definitely say no.

Kudos for being an encouraging light~

Hi @crimsonclad interesting your publication for all the details you talk about and how you relate everything you have traced to achieve a good creative journey through this platform, I can tell you that when I also discovered Steemit many years ago, I had a significant rewarding impact that opened many doors to the world through my writing and creativity and then came the migration to Hive.

It is true that technology through these tools have given us the power to communicate our vision of the world and it is infinite all that we can explore and detail, incredible that place of the glaciers, the truth is a challenge and also a gift of nature.

I appreciate the support you have given me in one of my last publications, I can see that you have built something valuable here in Hive, you are also invited to the great savannah in Canaima a majestic place in my country, where peace of mind is fed by the vitality of nature.

Dear Beautiful Crim, always helpful, knowledgeable and busy.

What a few years it has been, and I too fell madly in love (obsession) with crypto and with our legacy platform and creating something new.

Regarding post length and quality. It's a funny thing we have created here, stuck on some odd quality standards which really aren't part of most people's social media habits, which eventually leaves many of us with ideas, thoughts or stories to share, but not enough time to really sort it out into a lovely post. Which is why I rarely post a full post anymore, only when I actually have something to say.

I've always appreciated what you do for the blockchain and you as a person. It's good to hear from you. When you revive your shows, I'll make it to one!

welp, you entered the splash zone, so now you get some love heaped back on you!

I'm always the first to admit that I both value and prefer to write long form content, but that I also don't at all hold others to it. In my particular little world, the standards that I hold for myself are different from others, and often not to my benefit 😂

One of the things that has been most wonderful about you being here just as long and in such a similar role as a community member who also takes on a lot of the weird interpersonal and relationship guiding stuff, open conversations, and "advisor" to community members and projects of all shapes and sizes is that you've carved and held such an impactful space to do it.

Whether or not you take the breaks you deserve, and despite the love and loss I know you're also wrapped in, and whether or not you always have a thing to say, when you say it... YOU SAY IT.

I don't think there's a person on this chain who doesn't have admiration for the fact that you contain a magical ability to be a critic and a supporter all at once. You are able to lift yourself over some of the common fears that come with social media in general, and with social wallets in particular, and that you never let the details of either change how you communicate with people and their projects. That is why you are loved (and maybe a few haters out there but it's cool I'll beat them up) and that is why you are very valued. It is why no matter how long you take away, that when you come back people are stoked to see you and people who don't know you yet realize quickly that you're someone they want to see and hear more from.

It's so easy to have a fake love fest on social media, but it is JUST as easy to express some real love here too when we would have never met in real life. You are a treasure, and every little sparkle is locked here in the blockchain, along with your crown, queen 🖤👑

Wow, such fabulous things you say about me! I should have you help me with my resume! :)

Can't wait to clap and listen to awful metal music with you again soon! 😄

Did they name ginabot after you?

hahahahahahahaha I love this question so much 🖤

You know, stop me if you've heard the story- but I know some people haven't, and it (and staying quasi-anon at first) was one of the reasons I rarely mentioned my first name around here early on. NO, I AM NOT GINABOT~

In the early, legacy blockchain days, you might remember, she had a different avatar...


and then after I started doing entertaining/education live and everyone saw what I looked like (I don't put very much of that on the chain, to be honest) people SOMEHOW got an IDEA from SOMEWHERE but I can't even IMAGINE HOW they would think we MAYBE were the SAME...😂😂😂

Soon after, I started getting DMs. People were sending me bot commands! They were asking if I was advanced enough to "chat back" since they saw me "talking" in the discord- you name it. LOL. It just happens to be one of the most hilarious coincidences of all time, but I will admit here between us friends that I was terribly relieved when she got her lovely blue makeover.


So no, while technically I was born first if we're talking about these dumb old ambulatory meatsacks we're inhabiting, but she was the blockchain's first Gina!

Thanks for everything you do and did behind the scenes Crimmie. Lots of people, especially the newbies don't know and don't see, but it's great to know there are always people looking out for the chain

Taking the chance to put you on a pedestal here- I think it is so, SO impressive and valuable to not just be a consistent poster, but to be a consistent director and curator in a way that keeps a community here vibrant, thriving, and well attended in both content and interactions. I don't think there's nearly enough acknowledgement to how much it takes to be just the right amount of hands off and hands on in concert to also really help other people flourish. Huge, huge thanks to you.

So 2212 words and just 9 of them dedicate to talk about witness but not to announce you finally launching one.

Also wtf no Murphy or Lulu's pic in here (how does she feel that Murphy does has an account on chain and she doesn't yet?).

they're both in the main image! And also Murphy is sproing boinging through the forest if you look closely. I mean, I wrote a post. I have three more not just in the pipe but actually being posted soon WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME


  1. A witness we can vote for and campaign for.
  2. Pics of Murphy and Lulu that we can actually see their cute faces

Easy to do, add to the List Crim!!!

holy moly 6 years?

Wild, isn't it? We've crammed a lot of living and a lot of Hive in that time, I'd be just a teeny bit happier if I can have a few more posts reflect some of it~

I'm glad you openly mentioned your real name, I've been keeping it a secret for 6 years now and known it since day 1 and remembered and thought about it daily. Good, good.

you and Victoria are on thin ice, pal

I had to go and save the podcast to listen to it repeatedly.

Do you have podcast of your own?
Consider having one on 3speak. I would not missed it for anything.

You’re so well vested in this area and you give very insightful information about the chain. I felt schooled just listening to you on the podcast.

As someone enthusiast about learning about blockchain you are the best resource person I’ve met in this area.

Please kindly share with us a link to your page where you post all your podcasts.

I will check out of course.

There's not a whole lot there yet! I grabbed it just to make sure it was not an attack vector after a few times that people have pretended to be me and try phishing community members. I can't think of a more horrible thing to happen. But since I have it, I'm open to suggestions on what would be most useful there!

Thank you for the kind words about podcasting~ talking about and teaching about Hive is one of my biggest passions! I actually have done a live radio show for five+ years about it. It started out as something called Steemwave Saturday (because that's what the blockchain was back then...) and it moved into Cyberbuzz Radio once the focus became about Hive. While there are some old archives on YT, it is a live show and I've never really thought about putting it into podcast format. I think if I do that going forward I would need to have someone to help with it.

I will posting maybe next week reintroducing it and asking for topics, questions and things people would like me to tackle on air, so perhaps what I will do is maybe get some thoughts from everyone on potentially hiring someone who can help with that process or what would be a good format to take some of the weekly content I do here and take it wider. I'm also always open if there are suggestions or connections about guest spot opportunities on behalf of the chain!

I think if I do that going forward I would need to have someone to help with it.

Now I’m biting my fingers that I’m not in the position to be the technical person to help in this process.

If this opportunity had come in a couple of months (when I’m done with undergrad) I would have dropped everything and jumped on it. You speak about hive with so much enthusiasm.

While there are some old archives on YT, it is a live show and I've never really thought about putting it into podcast format.

I think the podcast format will be best compared with video format. I can listen to podcast like a radio show on a headset while commuting or working out or doing something else. Whereas with the video format, listening to it this way one might miss some gists.

Besides, podcasts are the order of the day nowadays.

I’m a final year undergraduate student reading computer science. I’m just about to start working on “blockchain security” as my final year project.

Can you recommend a topic related to hive for me to work on as my final year project?

well, I'm not going anywhere, so maybe this will become something that you get really good at and we figure out how to make into a thing that benefits both of us! I record all the video and audio while I am doing a live stream show, but what I really need is someone who knows the podcasting space to take that audio and help get it distributed. I have run out of hours in a day and I'm starting to realize all the youtubers and podcasters who are very prolific have help behind the scenes. I will definitely take it to heart though, as you're not the first to say that separate audio would be very beneficial. Of course, is the Hive dapp of choice on that front!

When it comes to blockchain security, there are a lot of different ways you can approach that top that will depend on your focus and what kind of project you need to produce. If you're programming forward, you may look at Hive's tiered authority structure and how keys are derived to silo out social actions from financial actions and how that is both beneficial to a user but also adds complexity to keyhandling. Maybe you will look into best practices for making sure that transactions are composed online, but then signed locally before broadcast, and how businesses and integrations have to consider ways of dealing with sensitive info that doesn't have as robust existing infrastructure as the fiat world. Maybe you decide to look at blockchain governance, and how Hive has evolved with its consensus system to be able to fluidly eject a compromised block producer, or even how Hive literally formed as a fork of Steem in response to a 51% attack! You've got a lot of options around here~

It's pretty easy to make things sound like everything is ✨aMaZiNg✨ on social media, so I'll be the first to admit that the past few years have been incredibly challenging too.

Thank you so much for your complete honesty, social media has made so many people to create a picture perfect life, the 'Have Nots' are being forced to question their existence daily and this has done more harm to society than any other thing.

From the comments i have read so far, i don't need a soothsayer to tell me that you are a good person.

Welcome back Ma'am @crimsonclad

What an incredibly kind thing to say~ thank you for taking the time to drop in to do so.

I get how the "perfect image" has happened. We love to look at and talk about beauty. As humans, most of us enjoy seeing people succeed and be happy. Unfortunately, the flip side is as you've said, the way that social media works means that we're incentivized to present things a certain way, and it's very much gotten out of hand.

The real truth is always somewhere in the middle. I know I am incredibly blessed, and that I've worked very hard. I'm also closer to a "have" than a "have not" and try not to take that for granted, so where I can I always want to share knowledge and resources so that we all can benefit from them.

There will always be the words behind the pictures, and it's up for you and only you to decide if you want to speak them. What I can't convey as well and what does also bring other people down are the bad parts of my story. What I am working on is how to acknowledge those bad parts are a part of me, without staying focused and mired in them in a way that also impacts others negatively. It's a hard balance! Thank you for being a whole person 🖤

Your reputation precedes you. 🤩🎉

I consider myself pretty new in HIVE and first heard about you in the !PIZZA discord. Great to see you're part of the WOO community too. I do appreciate people like you who work silently behind the scenes getting everything running smoothly. Here's to another year with the wish that you will continue finding enjoyment and satisfaction here. 👍 !KING

Keep up the great work King @crimsonclad, blitzzzz(11/13) is impressed by the thought and consideration you put into this post. Your work is truly appreciated.

In fact @blitzzzz has given you 0.075 FT! You can find it in your hive-engine wallet! We hope you enjoy it a lot!

BTW! FT is the token of our game RAIDS, it will serve to make your NFTs stronger warriors and earn more rewards

New is how the community gets stronger, glad you're here! The pizza crew are a delight. Starting to work for the WOO team is a pretty new thing for me too, but I'm so excited for the game and the things we're doing, so it sounds like you've managed to find your way right into the thick of everything already, and the communities are full of the people who find their place and maybe become the helpers 🖤

Thank you for a thoughtful post, very interesting. I'm not very tech savvy so please excuse my question for sounding rather basic. Can I ask: what factors will lead to mass adoption of Hive and other Web3 platforms?

It's not basic at all, and you know... in some ways, the mass adoption question is best considered from a non tech savvy angle. I love people who ask questions! To be fair, this particular one is a doozy, and if we knew all the right answers, we'd be a lot further ahead. I do have a few thoughts on this myself and I try to use them as guidance for myself when I tackle work as a "representative of Hive".

Right now, we are working against "real world" momentum. Part of this is because every new thing that the crypto space invents, including words and labels, get used out of context by people that don't understand them. They get crazy hyped up or exaggerated into huge problems, and it means the response from the outside world is equally hyped or exaggerated. It's why you will hear people who have no real idea say things like "crypto is for criminals" or "it's all a ponzi scheme" or "this picture of a rock will make me a millionaire" or "soon I will be able to plug my brain into the metaverse and I won't need a body"!

For most things, the response to anything that gets too big and too overwhelming- even if it is good- will be bad! It's why mass adoption for everything to do with our space, not just Hive, is always an uphill battle. The very important things that we need, in my mind, are resilience over time, and good, automagical services that allow people to learn about Hive through the lens of doing things they can understand via familiarity. Believe it or not, the "time and faith" are the ones that are hardest to keep providing long term. BUt there's a reason we've been here for more than six years, when other projects and blockchains and tokens are long dead after bright blazes and immediate burnouts...

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I did watch a crypto youtuber whom I respect and he was talking about how the user experience has to greatly improve for mass adoption of crypto. He was referring to the fact that most people are not prepared to write down seed phrases or prepared to take the risk of sending crypto to the wrong address. In other words for mass adoption to occur he was saying crypto has to provide a user experience as seamless and easy to use as Web 2. Do you think this view has any credibility? I want crypto to become embedded in our societies as a force for good it upsets me when it is constantly characterized as a get rich quick scheme. Thank you for your thoughts.

I talk about this one a lot too- I have a favourite term that applies here, and it's that we are very familiar with technology doing things for us "automagically". We are creatures of comfort and convenience, with a desire for speed and ease of use. When we build tools to match up with those needs, they often impact our self sovereignty and security. That's why we have a web2 that looks the way it does, and why web3 matters so very much! But we also have to fight the normalization of performance that web2 has created. How do you go from a fast, easy experience to one that might be slower and more difficult? That's a big ask! For the people willing to make that leap initially, they have a reason; it could be their ideals, it could be they got burned by shitty web2 big tech policies- etc.

There's absolutely truth to this take, and I tend to agree with it. It's why Hive is already a good middle ground- we learn new skills best when they're couched in an activity or format we already understand. Buying Bitcoin may scare someone, but blogging and earning a bit of Hive holds your hand through how to treat keys, what distribution looks like, and gives you a "no pressure" entry into the space that you can then choose to pursue wholeheartedly or may make you more confident with other forms of crypto. We are seeing Hive dapps find more ways to ease that transition, but you're right- at the heart of it, wallets and keys are very scary things.

I can say that this is an avenue I think Hive is pretty good at, but could be so much better, and to that end I do have a project in the works that I hope to announce some point soon. I feel it will be a great option to help our onboarding process and provide another additional path for access to Hive (and to any of our dapps that want to take advantage of it), but it's one of those things I'm working on as a Hive core team volunteer with the idea of bringing to everyone, and I still have a lot more effort to put forth on getting done. Fingers crossed we'll be able to come back to this topic very soon!

Thank you for writing this Gina. You express yourself quite well and I can certainly "see" a lot of myself and my approach in your "reflections" ...

For encouragement, just know your engagement with me personally played an important role early on in my own "journey" through this "virtual world" ... In helping me answer some of my own questions ...

Like "what are you doing 'in there?'" ... 😉

All the best to you, over the next "half decade," for a better tomorrow!

P.S. Love the pictures! Yes, I see your doggy in the forest ... I am sure a wonderful companion ...

P.P.S. For your sake (as well as for the rest of us ... "witnessing" it ...), I hope the ... "posse" ... doesn't show up and downvote your post, because it is paying out way too much (in their arrogance, "wiping out" the opinion of 100's / 1,000s of the rest of us) ...

I love it~ one of my favourites that I don't get to use as much these days is "how tasty is your donut looking? Is it all dry and brown and unappealing, or do you have all the colourful sprinkles?!" I have to find extra, EXTRA time to bring back the ring chart vote spread visualizer!

Poor Murphydog's account has been languishing too. I'm sure he'd have some choice feedback so maybe it's ok to keep him inactive for now, lol.

I will say, I do recognize that I think there is some closeness to "all of the groups" around Hive that afford me a bit of privilege, and while I do usually get outpourings of connections with all of you, I do often get some big bumps up as well. The up/downvote ethos is always going to be a really contentious viewpoint that I think stems from mentality, and while I personally don't "opinion" downvote, I think that if I were to post more frequently and always hit this threshold, that it would be fine for some of that to be spread back around. We always hold different standards for ourselves than others, though, and I have a lot of respect for people who take time out of their day to come look at pictures of me teetering on the edge of the world and let me give them a little love.

Thank you for investing your time in a reply! And while I don't write much any more, I do appreciate people like you who do a lot I am sure we don't even know about to keep this blockchain ... "afloat!"

So ... You are well-deserving and I wish we could all just leave it at that, as these issues have a real impact on people who might consider investing into it, beyond just "playing with it," as a bit of a hobby ... I know a little something about this. As I am one of them ...

Until "next time," take care! 🙂👋

at the end of the day, building a human blockchain makes it difficult to escape the behaviours of others that you can't control which are all too human. But here no matter what, you have a place to write, a place to connect, to build and hold, to secure your assets and the identity you choose to cultivate, so while the rewards remain an issue for continued debate, they just can't stop you and my goodness it's meaningful 🖤🖤

If you set back up a node, you got our vote, :)

I'll have my 6 year old anniversary at the end of 2023 and girl, it's incredible how fast time passed and how many things we've been digitally through if we look back! 🖤

So many feelings, stories, and situations shared on the chain that maybe some guys never experience in their whole life! Really grateful for this little corner of the internet that brings together lots of people in a single place! 🖤🖤

Oh heck yeah six year club~ but in truth: thank you for trusting. Thank you for community. Thank you for taking the leap and following the scary path from the legacy blockchain forward to this "new" one, as we approach three full years of Hive. There is nothing more thrilling than when I connect with those who decided that the values that underpin all of the benefit that "built on blockchain" provides are important enough to blaze a new trail for. May you keep on moving and always have a home 🖤

I bet there are a lot of you who fall into a similar paralysis as me, and that's one where it can take me a really long time to get posts to where I want them to be.

Exactly my problem 😲 I've helped myself somewhat by writing every single day, whether I post it or not though. At least then that post or series eventually gets done (but some are still screaming at me from my Peakd Collections tab).

Never feel guilty about taking care of yourself :) ...

I do have a few ideas for promoting Hive, is this a good place to leave them?

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Absolutely! If you want a spot to think about them publicly, here. And as always, I am available to everyone wherever your local @crimsonclad can be typed.

I have mad respect for people who cultivate the writing habit and find ways to move against our natural inertia when at rest. It's a skill set that requires a lot of dedication and heart and should be commended- and is just as valuable a measurement for giving yourself the grace to return back to motionless for a bit.

I was going to put it here, but I guess I could catch you on Discord instead :) ... Always better to bounce ideas around back and forth 🙌

I dropped you a message on Discord :) Found you in the Castle!


Truly an admiration! Though I don't have a deep experience with this platform as I only been here last year, all I could say is increasing both my knowledge and learning from many great author.

Your journey is amazing. I hope you enjoy this wonderful weekend!

A year is an accomplishment, so I'm so happy to have you with us! When the legacy blockchain was created, the scope of what was possible was so small. To be here, years later, and to have people like you joining us on Hive, is such a wonder to me, because there's so much more on offer. I hope you have an awesome time figuring out your own balance of community, content, posting, playing and building! Big love 🖤

wow; can i ask (i'm only asking because of the AMA and sorry if it's out of the subject) is it ok if a person (mainly me :|) adds a lot of other token tags?

and thanks for the work you put in this community!

never apologize for asking a question with the intent to learn~ the worst thing that can happen is someone can say, "nah" and then you go ask someone else. So this tag question comes up a lot for new people, and as more communities tokenize different behaviours and create different use cases for content and alternate front ends, it becomes more relevant!

There are two answers here, and they sort of contradict each other:

Answer 1: Yes, it's completely fine. You can do whatever you want with your content and use any damn tag you please. If you want to try to earn a lot of tokens in one shot, the tech supports it, so go for it! That's what the heart of blockchain is all about. Front ends and people then get to decide if your use of those tags is something they want to see/engage with. Voluntary, from both sides of the equation!
Answer 2: Yes, but it actually can hurt your results, so it's not always the "fine" choice to make. You do have a cap on how many tags you can use at the blockchain level, first of all. This second answer requires a lot more text to explain-->

One thing to think about is that when you are adding tags hoping to capture a token, you're also using up valuable opportunities to classify your post for someone who may be using tags to search for a specific type of content or topic. Token distribution and front ends use token tags exclusively... but people almost never do. It may be smart to think of one or two different tokens or front ends your post fits best, and use the rest of your tags to best describe whatever it is you're writing about, for people on ALL interfaces to have a better chance to discover your work.

Another thing that happens is that when you try to cram the same piece of content into every front end and every token distribution scheme, that it can be indicative to people that you don't really care about what you're posting, and more that you're wanting to max out your return. Let's be very clear: IT'S OK IF THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO. But you also can't control how people interpret your actions, so this may turn some curators off. It's also almost impossible to meet criteria (if there is any) for all frontends, tokens, and communities all at once, so no matter what if you're using mostly token tags, they might not actually be gaining you anything.

The first tag is very much the most important, especially with communities. It is the one that determines how your post is sorted, displayed, and organized across any Hive front end. Most front ends will populate that one for you if you choose to post into a community or from a tokenized front end.

SO! That may or may not clear things up, but the basic information to take away here is to make sure that you balance out the number or token tags you use with whatever it is you're posting that day. Save some tags as "labels" to help describe your content as what it is in a GIANT library with thousands of posts with dozens of labels every day. If everyone were only to use nothing but token tags, it would be a lot harder to find much of anything. You'll find the right balance as you go, and you don't always have to use the same ones day to day.

thanks for the detailed answer; you really summed up every aspect of what i asked! from now on i will focus on few tokens and work better on using relevant tags!

Wow 6 years! Mine I believe is coming up mid August, 5 or 6 years for me I forget haha.
But how far the blockchain has come, how much has been made for it and I can see it going so much stronger over these coming years.
Web3 and all the projects out and upcoming, it's all going to keep exploding!
Glad to see you are still enjoying your constant journey here Crimmy! 😊

I love the Hive blockchain every day, tempered with sometimes how much this place drives me absolutely fucking nuts- but you can't build something human without dealing with humans. We're far from optimal, and also somehow incredibly close to incredible, and every day is this crazy journey from one side of the gap to the other. I hear the first six years are the hardest! 😂🖤

Are you sure it is the blockchain driving you nuts Crim? XD 🤣
Unoptimised place of incredible mishaps and wonders?
First 6 years are the hardest, then you mature and like adult life, you realise it's still just as hard. 🤣🤣

It happened to me like you @crimsonclad I'm involved in so many social networks, but being in Hive is the best, even to cover my medical expenses, which with my pension doesn't even cover medicine, that's why at 70 years old being in Hive is a very good thing, which has happened to me . From Venezuela I wish you much success in your very emotional and advisory publication. Congratulations.

What an incredible thought- that this platform is open to people from anywhere, at any time, and any age. Thinking about how these freedoms and connections can be so incredibly meaningful and why it's so important to do good with them. Long life and good health to you! 🖤

Also long life and excellent health to you, @crimsonclad I am very grateful for your visit and such beautiful expressions. From Venezuela I wish you much success, thank you for your wish for a long life, I am 70 years old and my meditation and Yoga practices have me very encouraged to continue in Hive very enthusiastic and happy. Hugs. It is a great pleasure to exchange ideas with you.

I'm glad you're able to embark on a journey that you're really proud of. You are a gem to the Hive community. We are delighted to have an inspiring woman like you here on Hive! :)

First I wanna say sorry for your losses. As I read through your post I found myself nodding and thinking 'Hey, I don't know her but she has some points.' Life just comes along and sometimes it just ends and in between it is us trying to figure it all out.

Have some great next 6 years here :).

And to you. I think if we all in our heads sort of imagined how crummy these past years have been and imagined meeting the people we talk to on that shared footing of, "well, we both got here and are grateful for a new day and new chances" that we'd be a lot kinder to each other. This very human blockchain full of a lot of love and sometimes some pretty insanely passionate negative throwdowns is a overall a good place to spend a decade or so together building whatever it may end up being 🖤


that crevasse is so scary.... but fell in love with turquoise pool in the forest what a lovely fairytale place
About the radio shows, sometimes we are overwhelmed and we want to do things but we need to halt a little to catch breath, I know you love to make them so you'll find the time and motivation for them. Life on this end has also brought a great deal of "turmoil" and I needed to adjust to my pace, guess also figuring it all out

No matter what happens, this place holds space for you just as you hold your keys. It doesn't matter how much or little you feel like you can do, Hive remains here waiting for whatever that might be, when you need it.🖤

And agreed! There is absolutely no description for the understanding that that gorgeous cerulean slash is actually basically an icy bottomless tomb. Nature is beautiful and terrifying, long may she reign!

I post slow but steady... My process of creation is slow, thus I can only come up with a new song now and then. Meanwhile I've been trying to fill with a few more candid posts, and try to tell myself I need to focus and share more (but this is an overall thing). Mostly been conquering piles of compost with my flock of hens... sometimes, putting things a little bit on slower pace is the realistic thing to do to allow you to adjust to your pace. I'm happy to return and share as long as there is people to provide feedback and encouragement and honestly usually there is. I know there are people here that follow my work and always have a kind word, so I always find my way back too.

Welcome back! I like your bio and am excited for what you will soon announce 😊
I totally agree that for many of us, hive is like a home, a quiet haven to return to, when everything around us goes wrong

Always here, and also very not. You're spot on. There is something incredibly valuable about knowing that your words and assets, and your avenues to connect are yours and yours alone- if you have your keys, Hive will wait forever and a day for you 🖤

Welcome back!
And the Hive car is sooooo nice! Quite a marketing leverage :D

Keep up grinding! Real life and targets are important

Welcome back. Life can get overwhelming sometimes and the emotions keep rushing, but like you said, it's okay to take a break.

I love love the pictures you used. They are so realistic and they create a clearer picture.

Wow But how did you make the gif effect of the first photo?

It's pretty neat, right?! I have a super wide angle lens camera, so I took a very wiiiiiiide video at 2.35:1 resolution, and then used Adobe AfterEffects to set two key frames at the start and end of the clip. I zoomed the whole thing in just a bit, and panned just from one edge to the other over slowly. If you look at the bottom right in the middle, you can see where I didn't quite crop out the small red and black tripod the camera is sitting on.

thanks for your advice even though I'm an amateur photographer

I would say that professional bio is fine as it is! 😉 Hope this next half of a decade be at least twice as awesome than the first one. Cheers! !BEER

@guiltyparties may have given me a bit of a kick in the ass on it and we met somewhere in the middle.

If we're going to cram double the awesome in to the next go around, I'm going to have to go lift some weights or something! 😂🖤

Ahahahah! Well, lifting weights has been associated with a ton of benefits both on body and brain function, so it's a win-win situation! ;) !PIZZA

People are utilizing Hive in many different ways. Some post daily... others multiple times a day, then there are those who post weekly, fortnightly... and so on. The whole idea behind decentralization and censorship resistance is that "laws" are removed...

Hive is a place of expression, that ultimately allows people to share and create according to their unique situations and schedule.

Good to read your heart.

I had never thought about it this way, but what a beautiful turn of phrase. Yes, it's exactly that 🖤

Wow! You have an amazing life and the Blockchain became a part of your life for many years now. Hopefully I can be here too for a long time.

Being here is fun, we learn, we share, we find friends, we save and we earn.

I never take this wild ride for granted. However, if you asked me if I thought I'd be spending a literal tenth of my life helping define a portion of the cryptospace and hopefully leaving the world a bit better off for it, I would have never believed you. Now, I just figure each day is going to have a whole pile of challenges and impossible things before breakfast- no coming back once you're down the rabbit hole!

holy moly 6 years...?

wild to think about, right? It's not my exact 6 year anniversary, but I missed making a post for years 3, 4 and 5 so I figure I can probably lump everything in here all at once. It is funny that as time has gone on, I kind of forget that while I'm busy doing stuff that isn't posting, to everyone else I kind of look like I disappeared- so here we are! I am the cthulu of Hive, ageless and slumbering in the depths 🐙

Que bueno, gracias por tus palabras, de enseñanza y aprendizaje muy interesante que hables de tu aprendisaje, gracias

very good your photos. the first one is too much , keep up your good work


cheers! I'm definitely a fan of a good bevvie~

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Very Interesting post. Thanks for sharing your journey.

just beautiful


Welcome back ...

Nice pictures, esp. like calm water.

Wow , really nice. 👍
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