The Sacred Gem

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It is always said that, living a life of virgin is one of the blessings anyone could ever get in life, since it prepares you for something so great that you cherish it forever. In our lands in and around us, it is such a great honour for anyone especially ladies to keep their womanhood until they get married.


Blessings and good wills are always one's portion to life when she is able to keep her virginity until marriage. In the olden days, ladies that breaks that bond before marriage where been banished from their land or had to go through purification. And I tell you what this purification process entailed much that one can lose her life.

But now, in our modern era ladies sees it to be fashionable if they lose their virginity before married. They tend to taste almost very size of the male before they get married. These acts have caused many never to be satisfied with any man they go in with which eventually lead them to be fornicating around.

But to some kingdoms, it is always their rite for the prince to always marry a virgin to be his bride. And through their marriage rites they are been placed in a room which is later confirmed by the queen mother or an aged woman whether indeed the lady is a virgin or not.

If the lady is she gets to be the Prince's bride for life, and if the lady isn't she is been left to the gods of the land to bestow on her any punishment that is due her. This is done because they see it as sacred and good fortune when the King to be marries someone who has never seen a man in her life.

To that lucky virgin, she and her entire family get to live a life of Royalhood for all their stay on earth. Fortunes such as gold and other precious jewels are been given to the family of the lady for helping in the preservation of such a precious gem.

Life is an everyday thing and Good life,let's live it well


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There is always a great honor in keeping one's virginity, till it is lost to the right one.