Life update for 2022 – Part 2

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It has been around five months since I made an update post on my current life situation. I have been traveling a lot since my last update, I got my bees out of the place I was keeping them. It was easy to remove the bees, as they already left before I had to move them. Seems having them in the forest was not the best idea at the time. Next bee hive will be out in the open and should help with battling small hive beetles.

Link to my previous life update made back in February:

I have started exploring new places to live. I found a spot in central Virginia I really like and just closed on the property. So next up is to move, lots of stuff to pack up and also need to rent a dumpster to throw away stuff I don’t want to move with me.

My new home is much larger than where I have lived for the last decade. Honestly its the largest property I have ever lived on. Growing up I was on a fraction of an acre, and still am. So this new property is quite large, closing in on the 100 acre mark. Though half of it is all wooded, and I plan to leave it that way. The other half is mostly open fields, so I plan on putting up deer fences and growing many fruits, vegetables and other edible crops.

The property has a 2 acre pond on it as well, with two streams going through the property. We checked out the streams while I was visiting it person and saw some very large Crawfish! The pond is also stocked with many fish, and with the water constantly circulating its very clear and fresh. Multiple springs can be found on the property, one of which feeds the pond.

It will take me a few years to build this property out into a homestead, but that is the long term plan. Until then I plan on making paths through the wooded forest so it can be traversed more easily, maybe set up some hunting blinds. And fence in parts of the field so I can start growing a lot of trees.

The property is quite remote, in town with only a few thousand people. I am really excited to see what the sky looks like on a clear night. I am hoping I can see the Milky way, but I will not be able to experience that for a few months until I move out there. May even buy some astro equipment if the view is that good. Its very quiet, nearly a mile from a major road. And the drive way its self is around three quarters of a mile. So I got that road frontage I wanted.

One of the most unexpected features of the property is its internet connection. It has gigabit fiber available through Central Virginia Electrical Cooperative. So anywhere power goes into homes so can the internet. I plan on starting with their 100 megabit up/down plan, but can always upgrade to 1 gigabit up/down for around $100 a month.

Looking back at a post I made in December of last year, I listed what I hoped to find in my next property. I listed around 10 important features I am looking for. And quite honestly I hit the nail on the head and got just about everything I wanted. Really excited to experience it all in person, as I have only spent an hour or two at the property so far inspecting it.

Only the things lacking would be Elk, but I found if I wanted to live where Elk are I would probably be in areas that may be fracked in the future so it was not worth pursuing that.

So next up is to pack, and prepare items for moving. And soon enough I will be in my new home out in the country, with high speed fiber internet… What else could I ask for?

In the mean time I plan on keeping up my curation duties with the Minnow Support Group doing my weekly posts, but eventually I will be back to making new content in my new home. Once in awhile you may see a random post, but for now I need to focus on getting ready to move. I am expecting by the end of the year I should I have some new content in my new home.

Lastly, thank you to everyone that has been so supportive to me in regards to my previous life update post on Hive. I was amazed to see so much feedback, condolences and just positivity in every comment. Along with the direct messages I got in discord giving condolences. It was quite heart warming, and really helped me get through some tough times recently.

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Congratulations on securing a new home, sincerely, 100 acree is huge, this must have really cost a fortune, or is it less expensive living in Virginia to other states?
You spoke of setting up deer fences, this means there are deers on your property?

Thanks very much, yeah it sure is a lot. But I do have some plans for it.

The cost was comparable to where I live now. Though each property is valued for different reasons.

Yep, there is lots of deer. We saw tracks all around, so I need to get some very tall fences around my edible plants and trees to keep them from getting messed with by the deer.

Yep, there is lots of deer. We saw tracks all around, so I need to get some very tall fences around my edible plants and trees to keep them from getting messed with by the deer.

I can imagine. I'm happy you're preventing the deers from entering rather than setting traps for them. I think messing with one's crop and trees is what no one wants to have, hopefully, I like to see how planting in these new lands will be like.

Congratulations dear friend @solominer for acquiring this property, I have always dreamed of a property where I had my own creek
It is going to be a great adventure to develop your farm. success dear friend

Thank you.. it has been a work in progress for a year or so in planning, glad I was finally able to pull it all together.

Really excited to see what I find in that creek. Going to put my waders on and walk through it soon enough.

Sure will be, may take a few years to make some good progress but I should get there.

Much appreciated

It is the dream of many, to live in the country with a good internet, have animals, a stream and be able to produce our own food. I am glad you have achieved your dream. I send you many successes and blessings in your next home. I will be looking forward to your publications to know that beautiful place that I am already imagining it. Greetings.

I am quite lucky to find all of them in the same place, normally rural areas have bad internet but finding fiber out in the country like this was quite the dream.

Great, will start making content as soon as I can out there. Thank you very much for the wishes.

It is an interesting work on the breeding of bees, whose product or honey is consumed worldwide. In short, one has to be doing what he likes, I wish him much success, Similarly, acquiring a home with so much land, to cultivate what one wants, is to be successful, so I am very happy when we achieve what we long for and having a property with land to plant and raise animals is the best. from Venezuela.

It will be quite interesting to see how I use all the open land available. Though I think with some out buildings like a workshop and green houses I can start to fill it all up.

Thanks very much.

Dear @solominer may you have much success in your proposal. Greetings from Venezuela

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I love travelling but can't afford travelling more places in a year. It always good to read about travel stories. Thanks for come back and share your life story these days!

Nice, glad you enjoyed my post.

My pleasure sir 😇

Wonderful news 4 you. Property sounds heavenly. Independent living is the future for those in the know.. Good luck in your new abode.

Yeah I think it will be quite the paradise out there. Looking forward to how quiet it will be, and how much space I have to roam.

I think so too, got to get the property to have viable food production as soon as possible.

thanks much!

I am doing the no till garden. Got my neighbor's shredded lawn leaves and horse manure. Already have many earth worms every time I dig a hole to plant something. Little weeding to do.

Oh cool, I use lots of mulch. I think it helps out a lot with my plants.. best of luck with yours.