A Hell for Your Thoughts: Interpreting Everything Negatively

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Hi, Steemians!

Nothing is wrong with ambiguity, so long as we understand how to approach and deal with something that we may not fully understand.

Sometimes, the process backfires and we tend to think in negative patterns or take the intention as negative or harmful.

This usually ends up destroying our own image of self-confidence and respect.

Seeds of doubt in your thoughts in time become a hell of your own making…

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If you want to destroy your charisma by your own hands, then try to incorporate this tendency to your daily life.

A lot of people interpret words or actions negatively and react to them accordingly. In doing so, they do nothing but harm their own image and reduce their charisma or magnetism.

Let me make the case by giving you a simple example.

You are sitting at a table in a restaurant with two people.

You say, ‘What a lovely weather we have today!’

The two persons sitting in front of you nod, while one of them suggests:

‘My preference has always been a cloudy sky.’

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Now, a normal person with a decent outlook would look at this suggestion and take it as a romantic sentiment from the other side.

A person who tends to interpret everything negatively would think that the person’s comment undermines their own previous words.

So, a person like that might get offended at a situation like this and react in a manner that would expose his unpleasant thoughts.

This might sound silly to a lot of people, and that is exactly why I chose a silly example to make my case.

Because interpreting things negatively merely because of the ambiguity of the comments or the actions is bizarre… to say the least!

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Even if some signs indicate negativity or offensive suggestion, you should not lose your cool or expose your unease.

Because the price of such reactions is looking absurd, while the other person may get away with their unpleasant words or behavior.

Other than that, we should never actively try to interpret everything negatively. People are not predominantly focused on hurting us or saying things that would upset us.

To think that other people are inadvertently aggressive towards us will in time make us aggressive and unpleasant to hang out with.

Try to interpret everything with a sense of nonchalance and you can never hurt anyone, nor can anyone ever hurt you!



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A lot people a depressed. Their souls been poisoned ...

A person who tends to interpret everything negatively would think that the person’s comment undermines their own previous words.

Negative thoughts are never ever helpful instead a positive attitude and mind-set always help to accomplish tasks. Thanks friend for sharing nice piece of information with us. Have a great day.

I loved your post, really what we need!
view my post!

Sure. I will check out yours. Thanks for stopping by.

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I like how you phrase that, "In doing so, they do nothing but harm their own image..."
It amazes me the simple way we see some people differently than others. I see my husband as kind and loving, but then he also always sees the positives in every situation. On the other hand, I tend to see someone like my mother with a bit of a different lens. She's highly reactive to almost everything we (her children), and others say or do.
She's spends a lot of time looking at her environment through this lens where if we don't call her, then we must be mad at her; or if my brother-in-law doesn't invite her to stay for dinner, then it's obvious that he hates her. I gotta say that in these situations, it's not just that she harms her image, but interaction with her becomes draining.

There are paranoid people, they think that everybody talks about them and they take all the negative messages for them, instead of living their lives to the fullest, they live according to what people say or what they think other people see. they, and many times the reality is that nobody is aware of what they do because they live their lives focused on their own.

I tend to think of things like this as bringing what we preach and well as the concept of Karma. We should lead the lives by example and focus on positivity and what we want for ourselves and our families!

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Somebody drops half a glass of milk on the table. How do you see the glass of milk? Almost empty or almost full glass of milk?
As for me, all I see is the milk. Forget about the glass!!!!!

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Hello @chbartist!

I have always said that you should worry more about asking than thinking and imagining things. If we only give free rein to the imagination thinking about what it is not, we will end up losing many things of value for us.

The reality is that we will not always find the right answer when we try to analyze situations of this type, and that is what many have not wanted to understand.

There are still people who think they know everything, and when these things happen, they end badly, unleashing tragedies in the worst case.

You must ask and solve first before thinking and executing actions of which we know nothing.




False Evidence Appearing Real.

Remember that

!Saludos! @chbartist es cierto que muchas veces tenemos la tendencia a pensar que cada comentario o actitud la hace alguna persona para causarnos una molestia y si reflexionamos un poco o hacemos una pausa para pensar antes de reaccionar, podemos darnos cuenta que de 100 veces que creemos que es algo personal en contra de nosotros 90 por ciento estamos equivocados. Ya que por lo general las personas hablan y actuan muchas veces según se sientan o según les haya ido en el día.
Son nuestras reacciones y nuestros pensamientos los que si debemos cuidar y controlar, sobre todo si son negativos y no nos trae beneficio, ni tranquilidad.
Es todo un reto actuar con esa ecuanimidad o indiferencia, pero es necesario para no vivir afectados por cada cosa que pasa a nuestro alrededor.
Gracias como siempre por tus recomendaciones y reflexiones.

A big thanks to you sir @chbartist for this your motivational, mindset post. Like you rightly said; Negative thoughts are very bad has it can destroy one's charisma. Soo must all try to avoid.


Very easy and simple always try to stop receiving negative thought in mind and prefer your self i am not deserve that think own self I am responsible and very valuable stay positively.

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A very nice and thoughtful post. I have seen people react aggressively after misinterpreting others remark or comments. It is not always the intention of others to hurt us or to offend us. We should not lose our wisdom and act like a rabid dog. It doesn't cost us much. Even a sarcastic remark should be welcomed, if the orator intends to take our attention towards our mistakes.

You're right, sir ... negative thinking can damage our souls. There is no calm in the soul because only thinking about badness.

@chbartist we have to always avoid negative thoughts because our mind works according to our thoughts . And bad mind point towards bad way .

we can not live life by attending to the way others see our acts or thoughts. Many will not understand. By affinity we are always attracted to people who resonate with our feelings but if it is the case that we are in a situation where there are different people as we express ourselves and the interaction will result in discord, it is always better to retire and be alone until the emotionality is calm . I do not believe people who are always positive, you also have to let negativity flow without harming others or oneself and understand those processes in order to change them. You are the owner of yourself and only you can love and understand yourself.

The reflection you present to us in this post, @chbartist, is very relevant. Often in our work or in the neighborhood, for example, we find people with that tendency of thought. I would say that it is an attitude of prejudice, because beforehand they are already predisposed to hear or see in the other (in their question, comment, answer, etc.) a kind of act of attack, a strategy of contempt, a tool of disqualification. They are people who, we say, are always on the defensive.
I share with you that ambiguity is a quality, not a defect. And our attitude should be attention, listening, openness, flexibility. Thank you for allowing me to think about these things from your post. Greetings.

" what we think, we become" - Buddha

Ciertamente eso pasa muchas veces; al igual que cuando por una razón u otra dejas una conversación a medias, lo que quedó dicho puede tener otra interpretación.

Me I'm a negative thinker I want to change my attitude but sometimes I don't control it very hard feelings

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Thank you. This has been an incredibly interesting and helpful (I hope) read. My 16 year old daughter is struggling with her mental state at the moment, and I truly feel that your post may be helpful to us both. Thanks again, love and light ❤️
I will also resteem for you.

Thank you. This has been an incredibly interesting and helpful (I hope) read. My 16 year old daughter is struggling with her mental state at the moment, and I truly feel that your post may be helpful to us both. Thanks again, love and light ❤️
I will also resteem for you.

Thank you. This has been an incredibly interesting and helpful (I hope) read. My 16 year old daughter is struggling with her mental state at the moment, and I truly feel that your post may be helpful to us both. Thanks again, love and light ❤️
I will also resteem for you.

Thank you. This has been an incredibly interesting and helpful (I hope) read. My 16 year old daughter is struggling with her mental state at the moment, and I truly feel that your post may be helpful to us both. Thanks again, love and light .
I will also resteem for you.

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@chbartist sir, when is the new post coming up?
Looking forward excitingly!