How to Fuel Your Motivation When You Are Feeling Bored or Exhausted?

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Hi, Steemians!

Building motivation and incentive is one thing, maintaining it a whole other.

When we feel bored or exhausted, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we lack incentive or our mindset is somehow compromised.

The explanation is rather simple; we tend to get bored easily and even with things we love, it is normal to feel without energy.

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There are two golden methods that can immediately and effectively increase your incentive and alleviate your state of boredom.

1 - Use Curiosity to Fuel Incentive!

Imagine that you have to read a book to learn a particular subject. It’s not just the fact that you have to read it, let us imagine that you actually want to read it.

But you simply lack the energy and the incentive to do so.

One powerful method of gaining that necessity amount of motivation is through curiosity.

Ask yourself a question that you can only answer if you read that book.

The question and your curiosity to know the answer will give you the required energy and incentive to read through the book.

If you take a closer look, you will realize that modern society and the whole of marketing revolves around this single topic of interest: Curiosity.

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2 - Use Pleasurable Rewards and Prizes!

One of the most effective ways that can get something done is the motivation that comes with setting a prize or a reward for yourself.

For instance, you have a favorite tv show that you intend to binge-watch, but the sheer amount of workload doesn’t allow you to get on it.

One thing you can do is set deadlines and milestones for that activity.

After performing each task in the appropriated time, you can reward yourself with an episode.

This not only alleviates your boredom; it will actually give you incentive to take care of the job.

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Take boredom seriously and do not blame yourself if you feel bored or exhausted. It can happen to the best of us.

What you CAN do is implement methods that will take care of your boredom and save precious time from going to waste.

What better way to do that than raising your curiosity or rewarding yourself for the excellent work that you do on a daily basis?



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Self motivating can be the hardest thing sometimes, I like @enjoycompanys response.

I try to shift any negative thoughts into good ones and I do feel that energy bounces back right away. I also organize myself and make sure to reserve time to rest so that the body and mind can rest. Once I find a good balance between work and rest I notice that I produce so much more in less amount of time.

My way of dealing with the problem of lack of incentive is just to push myself to start the task. Once you start then you are on the right road. Sure the first step is always the hardest but it’s the most important one. There are many things in my life that I have to push myself to start. Tomorrow I have a newspaper article deadline which I haven’t even decided on a topic for and I really feel unmotivated to do it. The last 2 issues I wrote about Steemit and hopefully a few people from my community actually signed up. I need to write today....

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Wise words. Always inspired us.

I often reward myself when milestones are completed as they serve for great motivation to continue achieving more goals and objectives. When things get stale, I often find ways to try new things and approaches to test if the may be more efficient or not.

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Greetings @chbartist

As you put it in this publication, boredom is a feeling we can feel at any time, and this can lower our levels of effectiveness, making us less productive.

Therefore, we must identify and control the causes of boredom, applying the techniques you indicate in this opportunity.

One of these techniques is to maintain an interest in the activity that is being developed; example, being able to see the result of the activity, maintaining interest in what we do until we finish it, thus avoiding boredom.

The other technical technique, which is no less important, is to reward every achievement we have, for example, I put as personal gratification, that when finishing a laborious job, then I go out to drink a good coffee

It's quite normal that sometimes we feel exhausted and bored and we need some energy to motivate ourself. I usually follow one of the trick you advised. I watch my favourite TV shows or any web series which entertain me and I feel good. I will also try another one which you suggested. Thanks

I just need someone else who has succeeded. So I will be jealous of him and will try to do as he does. Have a nice day, sir.

I must follow your tips because I feel very unmotivated in my life right now, so tired and bored 😭

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We get our minds fixated on a price to keep motivated.
The joy of accomplishment is yet another motivator!!

Indeed that my natural response to boredom was to feel guilty! Not to conclude something, stopping something half a way just for not having the stimulus almost always made me feel guilty. I now know that the firt step is not to do so. Thank you @chbartist.

Your posts are always valuable! Thanks!

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The article is fantastic and your tips are really helpful n amazing. Keep up the good work!!

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The motivation is in the mind.

Great suggestions providing here nice solutions recovery mindset and energy.
Thanks for sharing.

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Indudablemente, el trabajo con nosotros mismos implica mantenernos alerta ante los síntomas de aburrimiento o agotamiento en nuestras vidas, con la finalidad de recargarnos de energía cuando sea necesario y complacernos con actividades que amamos y que al mismo tiempo nos llenan de entusiasmo para seguir adelante...¡Mantengamos nuestra mente enfoncada en el estudio constante, en el aprendizaje de un nuevo arte u oficio y siempre nos sentiremos motivados!Gracias chbartist por compartir tan valiosa información. ¡Saludos a todos!


Yeah, this goes back to knowing how to manage your time with your priorities.

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I think the best motivation is to really understand what you want (the end goal) and what it will take to get there (the work) and to find a way to love the work more than the goal itself -- thats the whole meaning of "life is about the journey not the destination" and motivation from loving the work itself is 10x more powerful than motivation merely from the goal.

The reward is a good incentive, but I had never seen curiosity as incentive. Very interesting how you explain it here. Thank you.

Great article! I always believed we need to find motivation from ourself. Thinking in positive way and set goals to achieve is my personal life style.

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What I do is just take a break and watch some really funny cartoons. Tom and Jerry always works for me.

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Yeah there are ways but all will work only when our mind and heart agree and accept them.. @chbartist i think so.

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Currently I will must face the death of my father cause a long disease and this post, even though concerns another topic, feel me a good sensations and positive thinking. Thank You!

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this is just what i need now. thank you for sharing

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It will seem strange what I am going to write but, contrary to what many people think, I feel that sometimes being bored is the trigger of creativity because in a certain way we are relaxed and at the same time our mind is open to ideas. So let's give boredom a chance. Cheers!

Great advice, boredom, and exhaustion are things we don't usually notice but have a great negative effect on our lives.

Indeed curiosity it's what has let us develop as an advanced society, it's what fuels scientists, engineers, content creators, everything. Nice post!😊`

These tricks work but sometimes we get tired and the main reason behind the boredom is tiredness. So by taking some rest, we can get rid of boredom. I think that is the one point you did not include.

I feel like I'm so lonely rn. Nobody to share things I like with anymore. Had a long lasting friendship with a Polish friend (I'm Polish, we stopped communicating because I'm with someone else who doesn't like that friend is mine), had friend from Germany, he stopped communicating and sharing things he finds cool. Now it's only me sending him interesting bits, but with no response. It's all so one-sided.

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Interesting this popped up now, because I’m feeling very bored recently. I finished my next album and everything is ready to go, but now there’s a void. I’m familiar with this “completion depression” since it’s happened after every major project, but it still always feels new. In this kind of case, I don’t stress about it (like I used to the first few times). I know it’s normal and it’ll pass. Now I’m enjoying time playing video games and resting my mind after 2 years of hard work and constant thinking about the album.

Also, just in general, going on walks is especially helpful to me. Looking up to the sky makes everything seem more positive as well (something I learned from Mr. Robbins)

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I think we become demotivated when we feel that what we do on a daily basis becomes monotonous and we begin to desire new and interesting things. Our mind is always active, even while we sleep, this is why we must explore new methods to vivify it every day, whether planning a trip, an outing with our loved ones, playing sports, in short ... anything that makes us feel humanly happy and useful.