The Correlation Between Trust and Happiness That We All Try to Ignore…! Part #1

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Hi, Steemians!

When you try to conduct yourself in a reasonable and respectful manner in society, there are two sides to your endeavor.

First, you will have to worry about your personal interaction with people who are close to you. Family, friends, and significant others are all categorized in the first group.

Second, you must think about the way you are going to carry yourself professionally.

That means how you connect with your colleagues, persons of professional interest, bosses, and other people in the work environment.

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Before now, we have talked about how important it is to understand and respect etiquette, and converse or interact with other people in a way that gains their respect.

But in this blog post, I am going to talk about the direct effect of these social interactions on our mental well-being.

A lot of people neglect this important truth, and that is why they are afflicted with many insecurities and haunted with other mental dilemmas.

Every interaction, from the insignificant conversation you have with your siblings to the really important meeting that you attend with your colleagues or bosses, all have a huge impact on your mind.

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When you are insecure about your own feelings, you will desperately try to ignore the effect that other people might have on you.

Even an inappropriately placed glare from the person you like can set you off and drive you down a dark path of self-doubt and agony.

So, it is important to understand that we have to conduct ourselves in a way that inflicts the least amount of damage, both to us and the people that we come in contact with.

The foundation of that ideal connection lies not in desires or advantages, but in trust and honesty.

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A colleague of mine once told me, ‘Everything would be so easier if we didn’t have to deal with our conscience.’

This was particularly strange to me. The idea that we might say or do things that we otherwise would not, but the only thing that is standing in our way is a sense of conscience.

So far as morality is concerned, I believe that we should do the right thing, not because the wrong thing would be heavy on our conscience or that we would be punished…

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No, people should do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do.

But when it comes to happiness and contentment, other people, both personally or professionally, contribute heavily to our state of mental well-being.

Today, I want to ask you a question:

How should we interact with other people in order to inflict or receive the least amount of damage?

Share your thoughts with our community in the comments section below!



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etings @chbartist

The noise does not allow us to listen to each other, and many times, it is the interior noise that does not allow us to listen.

You must find the inner balance, inner peace, you must lower the noise levels, this will improve our level of confidence, this way we will start to have better personal and work relationships.

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It is just amazing and enjoy reading one more time...!!!

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buen día me encanto esta lectura muy acertada opino que si una persona es insegura de si misma no podrá interactuar de manera positiva con todos los que están alrededor de su entorno pero si la persona es al contrario que tiene una mente positiva lo hará con mas frecuencia el daño que podamos dar o recibir al interactuar me parece que depende de tu estado emocional y de tu salud mental obviamente ya que las personas de por si suelen ser muy sentimentales.

I feel that it is like the old saying don’t say anything unless you have something positive or helpful. While we can criticize, it should be constructive and not destructive. We need to use feedback very carefully in order to not impact others and how they receive it.

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Trust and happiness are two different things but both are important in life. Trust is something which we easily do with someone once it's broken then difficult to regain it. Talking about happiness , it's important in our life. No point doing anything which doesn't make us happy. Thank sir for nice blog.

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We show ourselves and others the highest regard and respect when we are honest and "real" with them, while at the same time we keep their humanity in mind. The first keeps us from being duplicitous and manipulative, while the second prevents us from treating others merely as means to our own ends.

Disagreement and conflict is especially best handled in this way. I can sincerely and vigorously debate someone on an issue: however, the second I de-humanize that person in my mind, reducing them merely to a set of ideas, I have probably lost any chance of convincing or persuading them of anything. I have likely alienated them as well. That's bad in business, and it's bad in personal matters as well.

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Every interaction, from the insignificant conversation you have with your siblings to the really important meeting that you attend with your colleagues or bosses, all have a huge impact on your mind.

Every interaction with our family, friends or with colleagues in office is important to build the trust. We walk more with the person we trust more. When we trust the person then having interaction with that person is happiness. Thanks @chbartist for nice post.

Excellent review @chbartist and you are right we must always do the right thing. This is the way of the world, where there are certain laws of nature and physics, if we go against them and do wrong, then a series of mistakes and failures will be provided for us. Therefore, it is very important to do the right thing and success will surely come, besides our conscience will be clear!

Hi @chbartist
Its a good advice for everyone. I really imprese to read this post.
Good Luck...................

Hi sir @chbartist you are sharing here continue valuable motivational post I inspire you are doing great work I always reading and liking and supporting.

Your blogs have become addiction for people, i think you are the most active blogger here. Love your blogs,just keep teaching us through them.

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We have to consider ourselves and others people around us in avoiding not to cause damage to people around us

Hello friend @chbartist, no doubt we should always interact being ourselves and with rectitude, respecting the rights of others and with the family there is a friend who always says "between being happy and being right I decide to be happy". Happiness always

@chbartist Heya, Excellently said agreed as always with each of your word... Keep up the good work =) Your motivations and mind clearing words help us alot =)

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The best way to go in our relationship with others is the "HONEST" way. It doesn't matter who or what the person is, once you are "open" and honest with them, your conscience is clear of any feelings of guilt. This leads to a happy mind devoid of fears and worries.

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Truth gives you power, keeps you charged to hold your stand. No matter with whom you're facing in a personal or professional life or to a complete stranger. It keeps you grounded and connected with your soul as far as you don't have to hold that baggage of other's reactions on your actions. Just face them all with your full gut and they all will stop messing with you when they can't defeat you. Speaking from life experiences. @chbartist

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Good job! It is always a pleasure to read your motivating posts. Keep doing it!

I believe that the human being is always in constant evolution and as time passes as a group or society we can feel the impact that this brings on us.

my professor of psychology said; "the mind of man will always be in contact with what he hears and looks at, everything around us is a detanator, which will give us positive and negative reloads", that is: what comes out of our vocals has a lot of power, when it reaches the other people.. @chbartist

As usual what you write about is absolutely right and I just thought about what you asked at the end of your post re what one can do to inflict and receive the least amount of damage possible. I think unless you have something good to say, it's better to say nothing. Which doesn't mean you should avoid unpleasant conversations because sometimes they are necessary. If your motivation is good and your heart is in the right place you should be alright, and always remember that we attract what we put out into the universe.

Nice picture

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Greetings Sir...Please how are you, hope you are fine, thanks for the nice post

Nice reading article as always. I’d say good bearing and respect.

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