The Story of Godzilla and the Allegorical Statement of History…

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Hi, Steemians!

Through this week, I want to take my time and talk about the different aspects of change in our personal life and the life of our societies.

In one of our previous blog posts, we started the conversation regarding the signs that determine you are ready for change.

In this blog post, I want to talk about the nature of change and progress, and the general effect it might have on the world that we inhabit.

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You are all familiar with the story of Godzilla. The giant dinosaur-like creature that comes to destroy our cities.

But if you pay close attention, throughout the Godzilla franchise, the monster is usually helping defend the city, and what gets destroyed is collateral damage.

The way we look at progress is sometimes hindered by our prejudice towards the way things are; as if we struggle hard to keep things the way they are and stop them from undergoing change.

A lot of people are generally against technology, and they believe that it is destroying the true way of life.

That is a misguided assumption, because technology is not an inherent force of evil… it is all about how we humans use it!

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So, the Godzilla monster may bring destruction to some degree, but it also heralds a new and better age of prosperity.

Take a look at new startups and businesses. When they arrive and take care of a common need in society, a lot of people may lose their jobs.

But inevitably, they are doing a good job, because many more people will be employed as a direct result of their endeavor and economy will substantially improve.

Any change or progress will bring fear of hindrance that is basically our prejudice towards the way things are.

Yes, every change will bring destruction, but after the storms pass, our world will be better than before!

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Now, one might say that we could embrace change and progress, but be careful about our methods and minimize our destruction.

This is absolutely true. Change or progress are not inherently evil, but the way we use them can be sometimes greedy or mischievous.

Perhaps that is the reason many people are opposed to revolutionary progress and advancement.

Change is one of the other things that gets sidelined because of this fear or prejudice.

But change is the only way through which we can experience life to its fullest.

Otherwise we are going to get easily bored after a couple of years and fall into the pit of depression!

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The allegorical statement of history is that change is never a hindrance, but an advancement and progress that would make our future generations proud.

Those who stand against change are those who have stood against the progress of themselves and those around them without realizing it.

Embrace change and share with the philosophy that results in the thriving of our species!



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That Godzilla picture is amazing

Godzilla’s initial story was an allegory about man’s hubris and nuclear technology which has echoed through many of the films to date. I don’t see much evidence for this take and not all change eventually leads to a better future.

Excellent motivation @chbartist and you are right, do not go against change. We all strive for something in our path and change is always unavoidable, just need to understand it, analyze it well and move on to the realization of your dream!

Change also leads to our individual growth and evolution which is necessary given that our environments are constantly seeking the survival of the fittest mentality. Those who can adapt and mold accordingly will have the better odds at success!

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Greetings @chbartist

The changes are generated in many cases by new applications or ways of doing things, and therefore people who must adjust for changes in many cases are afraid of these. either because of ignorance or because it somehow generates a cost of adaptability.

As time goes by, new technologies are developed, new materials discovered, and new strategies are proposed that generate disruptive processes on the traditional way of doing things.

We must adapt to the changes, and an efficient way to do it is through training. The study guarantees our participation in the new labor and commercial market trends.

I appreciate your uplifting message.

I think the key is to raise the level of consciousness. Above and beyond the lower downward spiral of force and into empowerment.

Fear, Guilt, and Shame mixed with anything will produce more disenchantment and disappointment.

Courage, Reason, and Love mixed with the very same things will produce almost magical results.

You raise a good point. I think we often fear what we do not understand. Plus there is always the principle of sunk costs. When a person has invested time and energy (or money in some cases) into a particular system, then it is often in their best Interest for that system to remain the same even if it is an inferior technology or system to the new one. and so they will fight that change. But often the technology that is bringing change is better for everyone overall and for the long term. It's not always easy to accept change but sometimes we should. Change is inevitable.

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Keep up the great writing. I really enjoy reading your posts. Thank you.

Cada escritura deja un mensaje. Sigue así!

Godzilla was one of my favorite things to watch as a kid. It is so true technology is not inherently good or bad. It just depends on how we use it. Thanks for the post :)

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Good post impressive I learned most things through your blog post.
Great job keep motivate continue.👍

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The only constant thing in life is change. Change waits for no one. You either flow with it or get left behind as ancient history.

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Those who stand against change are those who have stood against the progress of themselves and those around them without realizing it.

Change is part of life and we should always be adaptive to the change and this help us to grow in life. Flowing water is always best and once it's stuck then its start smelling. Same happens with us if we don't change according to time and need. Thanks

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Love this, using the benevolent King of Monsters (and protector of the Earth) to outline profiling and prejudice 👌

Reminds me of the time they tried to dumb the character down for the American version, a lizard that laid eggs destroying the city and I was like— WTF, this is the exact kind of monster Godzilla would be protecting us from. Clearly they never got the point. Good thing that 'Zilla' character was killed off by the real Godzilla (in cannon) in a later movie.

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