There is Difference Between Making a Mistake and Making a Choice!

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Hi, Steemians!

Omniscience is a stranger word for us people, unless we have sunk into a state of maddening vanity.

Simply put, we cannot know everything about everything at any given time. That results in humans constantly making mistakes throughout their lives.

But the worst part is not making the mistake itself, it is coming to terms with the consequences of that mistake and the idea that you have messed up a part of your life.

How do we deal with the consequences of a mistake?

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When you are not mindful of what happens in the world surrounding you, you will forget the importance of making the right decisions in every step of the journey.

Then, you make mistakes as a result of this unwariness.

People tend to deny the fact that their own trains of thoughts and ultimate decisions had everything to do with the mistakes that they made.

For them, it is easier to ignore the fact that most of the things that happen to them is their own fault.

Because here is a truth, my friends: There is a huge difference between a mistake and a choice.

Some of you might ask: Are the two even related?

Yes, they are!

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Making a mistake is alright, so long as you learn from it. Making the same mistake twice is not a mistake anymore… it is a choice!

Stopping yourself from making the wrong choices, as tempting as they might appear, is the only pathway through which you can live a fulfilled and happy life.

Otherwise, you are always going to struggle. You are always going to make mistakes. And the consequences of those mistakes are going to haunt you for the rest of your life.

Every mistake breeds a new set of consequences, both for you and the people you care about, and these put new emotional weights on your conscience.

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Know the difference between a mistake and a choice.

When you make a mistake, it is mainly because you are not omniscience and it is okay to make mistakes every now and then out of ignorance.

But when you make the same mistake again, this is not just because you didn’t know. It is because you chose to make that mistake, and the consequences will be your fault.

Be strong enough to resist the temptation of making the same mistake twice (choice) to live a life that makes your future-self proud!



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Very good insight and if I may add, for me "making a mistake" is a neglegence of the reality while "making a choice" is the consideration of reality.

There are times that we act based on the superficial thoughts that we have without considering the deeper sense of it.

We must look into and be aware of the possible failures and be prepared for it.

The reason why we make a mistake is because we fail to see through it.

Again, thanks for this valuable knowledge you have shared. Have a great day!

Hello @chbartist!

I'm left with this sentence:

Making a mistake is correct, as long as you learn from it. Making the same mistake twice is no longer a mistake ... it's a choice!

If most people understood this great difference there would be more people assuming responsibility for their actions, and society would advance.

There are many people who are making the same mistakes again and again without thinking, and without even wondering if that is really the right way for them, or is there something better.

The worst thing is that when they see the same result, they start distributing guilt, to God, to life, to those around them, to money, and etc ........ The fault lies with anyone but themselves ....... How far are we able to get with our ego?

The mistakes are to commit them, and learn from them. Once that is done, we should seek to make a new mistake, commit the same mistake means that there is really something to review, or that we simply do not care what happens.


Quite ally with all your thoughts in this post except " a mistake repeated is a choice, not a mistake anymore"

Yes ! mistakes are non voluntary; made out of ignorance!!
Can you be saying the act of mistake MUST teach a lesson about it??

My submission: Mistakes could be cumulative, but strive to learn the necessary lessons there from , to avoid their cumulative deleterious effects , which are non negotiable.

God Bless @chbartist

We must own all of our choices no matter the results, good or bad. These experiences add to our knowledge and wisdom when approaching future choices. Mistakes are part of learning and developing skills imperative to success.

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Greetings @chbartist

You can always learn from mistakes, these are the best teachers:

The first step is to accept the error and the consequences of this.

The second step is not to look for culprits, in this case you must identify the situation that generates the lack of control, and control it.

Third step, identify the experience as a learning, and move on with life.

Making a mistake is alright, so long as you learn from it. Making the same mistake twice is not a mistake anymore… it is a choice!

Absolutely correct. Mistake is a mistake only once and if you repeat it then its choice. in fact what I believe is that mistake is good for us provided it should not be repeated because it gives us opportunity to explore various ways to work on that particular task.

I like doing mistakes but I don't like repeated ones.

nobody was born wise. mistakes help us grow and make us wise. the problem is in making the same mistake twice, then it is not error, it is stupidity.

i believe that every choice has 3 results

  1. the correct choice
  2. the wrong choice ( mistake )
  3. on purpose choosing wrong ( you choose to do a mistake for the greater good )

in my life i've been in all three categories.
Sometimes i choose option 3 and everyone says this is a mistake but they can't see further and the purpose i have.

Let's put short and simple,
You did it once, it's a mistake.
You did it twice and even a third time, it's a choice.
Classic life example: When I banged our gorgeous bootilicious house keeper.

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I guess you have to see the scenario as a whole. You will never have exactly the same conditions, so it's hard to validate. But I would agree for "simple" things.

Mistake is a result of ignorance but choice is a decision.

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So true sir, same mistake made twice has become a choice made. And thank you for encouraging people to help others by giving upvote. From my point of view its another way of showing love and appreciation to others. Thank you sir.

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Human makes a mistake. It is a step towards your growth. Learn from your mistake and grow. But repeating your mistake means you are not serious about yourself.

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LOL! Delicious!
Phenomenal, you have found a nice shallow topic with which you can publish shallow contributions and then pay yourself for it. I have seen that one of your readers has copied your method and is now exploiting the subject of meditation and self-discovery. Is it worth it at least?

Just as you are not a teacher who knows the Buddhist doctrines, this is not a community. It is a random coincidence of common interests, namely to open up a source of money.

Making a mistake is alright, so long as you learn from it. Making the same mistake twice is not a mistake anymore... it is a choice!

Indeed. I think you're talking about yourself.

No offense. I mean, it's one of many ways to fool yourself and others. If you were to admit this, you would suddenly have no subject to write about so fluffily. Do you at least do it with a laughing heart?

Mistakes are lessons to be learnt. To forget or ignoring it, is a choice and the mistake can repeat itself until one realize he can no longer afford to make that mistake again.

Wrong choice self done a mistake I think sir this is a big difference between.

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We're learn from the mistakes.

Well, there are lot of differences..

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What if making it twice is for the purpose of figuring out something?

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Amr khub issa korse amk text o na

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Very good article

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Mistakes don’t exist, they are just ways of life

Thanks for the post.

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