[Beach Ready Milestone Marker] OCT.05.2021

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Hello to everyone on Hive,

Today is a milestone but in, perhaps, a way that might not be expected...

That's why I wanted to take the time to personally thank all of you for being a part of @BeachReady’s (and @AdventureReady as well) mission to reward intentional fitness activity on the Hive Blockchain!

As some of you may know, we began with this objective just over 3 years ago and we have recently rampedUP the reps department with the launch of the #miniCHALLENGE health initiative.

Honestly... it’s been amazing to be a part of so many people’s fitness journeys!


As mentioned above this is a significant day for me because it is the day that I have finally decided to make some VERY difficult decisions.

@BeachReady & @AdventureReady are a HUGE part of my heart and as a certified fitness professional I have considered them to be extensions of myself (my digital arms and legs so to speak!).

These fitness entities encapsulated a personal dream and sparked ideas in me that prompted me to rise early and go to bed late day after day after day... this was (and still is!) my passion project!

So, you can imagine how excited I was to find the Hive Blockchain when I did!

It was the beginning of an exciting quest actually... I wanted to see if it would be possible to send my clients value for being active (BE NOW!) and sharing those fitness adventures with their friends, family’s, and famous here on Hive!

I wanted to see if I could build small achievable #Win’s into people’s days and do it in such a way as to encourage healthy fitness lifestyles around meaningful activity!

That was the vision and still is to this day.


After being an owner on this blockchain (for close to 4 years) I have come to the realization that Hive has a long way to go if it is to achieve the mature social environment necessary to realize and truly support those sorts of aspirations.

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of personal effort, capital investment, and risk. It is a fragile endeavor and that is why BUIDL’ing in a healthy supportive social environment is so imperative to the success of any venture!

And that is why I have decided to draw a line in the sand...

So long as Hive’s social structure continues to be governed by the raw exposure to an unsophisticated down vote, I am given no other recourse but to discontinue any and all of @BeachReady and @AdventureReady’s operations on the Hive Blockchain and move them elsewhere.

This means that I will, regrettably, no longer be awarding and rewarding the #miniCHALLENGE, #AutomaticWin, #Win, and #HighFive achievements here on the Hive Blockchain.

It has taken me a couple months to decide this and I have toiled back and forth and lost a lot of sleep over this decision.

This is not the outcome I had envisioned for my fitness companies but I do believe that this is absolutely necessary moving forward.

To all of you reading these words if you truly care about freedom and the future of this blockchain please do me the favor of considering carefully where our current DV/Zero Out culture is taking us.

I personally believe that freedom of thought (not to mention the full and functional use of our capital in the form of a poweredUP account) can not happen while larger accounts can “own” smaller accounts at will or whim via the implementation of a DV that has no checks, balances, or DPOS process.

We need a user-friendly Hive that preserves all the values we stand for on this blockchain!

Freedom, censorship resistance, true decentralization, and the ability to own our own voice, and speak openly to our own audience without abusive oversight.

This, I believe, is the blockchain we all deserve and have invested in.

This is my rational and reasoning for making this very difficult decision.

I want to BUIDL my business's on the bedrock of blockchain rather than the sand of flawed human subjectivity...

How about you?

What sort of Hive do you think will best support your ideas?

What do you think needs to be innovated further on this blockchain?

Do we need a friendly and user-friendly Hive Blockchain?

What are your values? ...and are you willing to, like me, vote those values?

If you have anything you would like to ask me or if you have any input I would ,of course, welcome this.

Kind regards and keep on stepping in the free world my friends!


P.S. If you would like to read some of my (and others) thoughts about HOW we could implement Hive Security and continue to innovate better more user-friendly ways to implement the DV please read my comments on @theycallmedan’s post. My comment is near the top and easy to find. 👇

As well here are some more of my thoughts on the matter of plagiarizing, the creative process, the abusive power structures forming around the DV, and what could be if we see Hive for what it actually is... a once in a lifetime opportunity to innovate new and better ways to human. 👇


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Awesome. 👍 I think that Hive is a better place because you guys are hard at work making it a better place. Thank you for all your support @ecency!

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The adventureready post is a duplicate of this post. My guess is this is reason for the downvote (and trail). Is this not correct?

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