Must be tough being a millionaire these days ...

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I just finished reading two financial articles.
One was on The other one on

According to both, the majority of all billionaires have seen their fortune grow during the covid crisis, sofar, with a staggering 540 billion.
Meanwhile not only the number of millionaires has shrunk drastically, a lot of them (who still are millionaire) have seen their wealth shrink considerably.

So I guess it's true what they say:

The gap between rich and poor is getting bigger and bigger ....







I'm somewhere in the red dot with about 150 million other people ..

At least you wouldn't get the feeling of being alone ...

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All going according to plan then...

Nice Lambo

Absolutely, spot on review!

Yeah, we don't want the neighbors get wrong thoughts about us.

Basically the concept that the rich will only get richer iresspective of the difficulties the world is going through. Some of these Wealthy billionaires only creates more opportunities to get richer when the average are slipping into poverty, the gap will only increase

Yep and with mr. Gates (and his "charitable" work) to lead the way.

Hahaha that was hilarious, I don't really fancy Gate even as elaborate as how he seems to the media

That man is a wolf in sheep's clothing imo.

That is just depressing and funny @smasssh
For us crypto enthusiasts BTC makes a whole lot of difference. :)

oh I've missed you there:(
yes...corona has sone what it had to..

what does one buy when they can afford their own island? What even is money anymore? nothing. money is nothing when they can meander past something they want to own and it magically attaches itself to their life.


@smasssh I just want to say thank you very much for the support you have given so far. you are a very generous person.

My pleasure man.

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Is a fact because I have tried to make it in life as becoming rich but that's not easy. But I believe with all my struggles that I will be rich someday