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A Heartfelt Thank You to Mr. Dragon and the Hive Community

We believe the Bear market blues can only be heard singing on other chains, Hive is at a pivotal moment of onboarding excellence with thriving communities like Neoxian City to capture & keep the attention of the many who venture into Hive.

We proudly announce our loan is paid off in full!


Support from Mr. Dragon (@neoxian) and the Hive Community


First and foremost, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Dragon, also known as @neoxian and the Owner of the Crypto Bank of Neoxian City, for his invaluable support. Mr. Dragon accepted our request for a loan to help the project stay afloat, providing 0.3642 Bitcoin with terms of 6 months and 10% interest. This support came during a time of despair, and it was instrumental in keeping our project alive and thriving.

The fear of Bitcoin mooning had lingered over us since taking this loan, and we had hoped to pay it off. Unfortunately, challenges arose, a never-ending bear market, and we weren't able to meet our initial repayment expectations. However, with the support and understanding of Mr. Dragon, we extended our loan, shifted our focus to building a game for the community - Serfdom & Sorcery. This new game quickly gained traction and has taken the communities of multiple blockchains by storm, with thousands of daily players and a rapidly growing presence in dozens of Discord servers. (one could say impossible without Mr. D)

Thanking the Hive Community


Without our awesome HIVE Power delegation supporters, we would still have been owing on this loan and struggling to pay it off. Therefore, today, we proudly announce that we have stopped the Power Down and the loan is now paid off in full!

Want to Support us More?


We kindly ask for your continued support by considering voting for our @psyberx Witness node, @psyberxnode. Our aim is to onboard new users, develop engaging games, and contribute to the innovation of the Hive blockchain. Your vote and support are greatly appreciated. Vote for the Official Psyber-X Node here

Thank You to Delegators


We extend our gratitude to our generous delegators for their continuous support and belief in our project. The received HIVE Power delegations have been a cornerstone of our growth and success. We want to give a special thanks to our longest-standing delegators with 10% beneficiary rewards each & the rest to Mr. Dragon!

These delegators have been a pillar of strength for us, and as a token of our appreciation, we will share beneficiary rewards of this article with them.



In conclusion, we are immensely grateful to Mr. Dragon (@neoxian) and the entire Hive Community for their support and encouragement. Your contributions have been pivotal in our journey, and we look forward to continuing to innovate, grow, and add value to the Hive blockchain.

Join us in the vibrant City of Neoxian for daily chat with a worldwide community of great Hive creators by clicking this Neoxian City Discord link

Thank you all for being an essential part of our community and supporting our endeavors.


Yay for paying off debt! It's been great to see the last few months as Serfdom and Sorcery has taken off and really gained a big player base. I'm optimistic great things are ahead.

Gud job helping each other out! Look forward to seeing a little bit of Pepe around Psyberx's stuff too. Keep up all the great work.

woot congrats on getting it paid off and for now thriving during the bear market. That's when you truly know you're doing things right!

We are trying, thank you also! Without great community we are just a few games!

I don't know where to thank... But thanks a million for the solid support!!


That's right, it's hard to survive in the bear market and the way we see people here supporting each other a lot to make projects successful is a good thing.

Is there somewhere to see a demo of the game? I haven't heard too much about it, surprisingly. I remember reading some posts a while back (seems like a long time ago). Looks really cool.

Oh, nevermind, I found a key on your discord and installed the game on Steam. :p

Happy to hear!

@tipu curate

When will the Psyber-X game release for the general public? I read that the closed alpha is happening now.

we have free keys available in discord to download Psyber-X on Steam Games! For General Public we have offered testing yet not advertising outside organic Hive & Web2 blogs. It was closed and now open to whoever wants to play, more updates coming soon with some daily gameplay for rewards and more planned.

This is very good news. Currently I do not have a working PC, otherwise I would gladly try the Psyber-X. I currently have only a Motorola Moto G22 (Android 12) smartphone.


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