"Hive Power" ChiFiBot Art Competition | Draw a ChiFiBot to be used in-game!

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hive power post.png

Hello Hivians and calling all artists!

We're excited to announce an art competition for the talented hive artists here to draw an upcoming ChiFiBot called "Hive Power".


No, we are NOT talking about YOU, Alpha Bot!

HIVE Power

Hive Power will be an exclusive ChiFiBot NFT that was part of our 1st Hive pre-sale to those who purchased Tier 3 and higher.

This special promo card will be a playable NFT character in our ChiFiBots: Trading Card Game. Launching in 2022.

The winners will be selected by the NFT Studios/ChiFiBot team.


Submit By/ End Date:

Friday, 22nd of July 2022

Prizes for Top 3 Winners

  • 1st: 50 HBD | 1 x Day One Starter Pack | 5 x Base Set Packs | 5000 ONEUP tokens | ChiFiBots Stickers
  • 2nd: 2 x Base Set Packs | 1000 ONEUP tokens | ChiFiBots Stickers
  • 3rd: 1 x Base Set Pack | 500 ONEUP tokens | ChiFiBots Stickers


  1. Must be a robot in a similar style to ChiFiBots
  2. Design to be related to the Hive blockchain or a Bee/Wasp/Hornet (or both)
  3. PNG/SVG with background removed
  4. Black outline

How To Enter

Post your art submission under the comments of this post.


Examples of ChiFiBots

icarus.jpg jade bandit.jpg alpha bot.jpg

Feel free to enter different designs as many times as you like and/or watermark your picture. Be as creative as you like.

Join the discord to ask us any questions about the project anytime:


~ NFT Studios Team



Sharing my entry 😁


She look so Strong Mr. Nice Guy 😊

Salamat bro, pag di lang busy maka share😁

There are some awesome entries to the contest, here is my little bee. A write-up and steps are on my blog https://peakd.com/hive-156509/@oceanbee/chifibots-design-contest


Aaaw what a cool idea. I would like to join in if I am allowed. ☘️🙏🏼📿🎨🎶

Maybe maybe you like it. If not it was still fun to create it. Hope it fits to the crew (I would say so)

I have chosen a Bot Gurl. Was not sure if you wanna have it colored or not so I show both and the making of. From pencil sketch to digitalart.

Have an amazing day and all other users which for sure will join in best luck. For sure here will show off DOPE ART. 💖💯💃🌞🎶🎨

trinityart Hive Power Bot Girl 14.png

trinityart Hive Power Bot Girl 13.png

trinityart Hive Power Bot Girl 10.png

trinityart Hive Power Bot Girl making of gif.gif

Rehived by the way.

Amazing work, Akida! You are very talented.
The only constructive feedback is Hive Power should have a closer link to the Hive Blockchain (whether it's the logo or the colour scheme) and/or have wings like a bee.


Ah cool. No worries. This I can add or just draw a new style. Am I allowed to draw more styles and present you here? Have a great day.

Yes, Akida. Post as many as you like :)

Cool, I changed my first character a bit like you gave the feedback. I added the logo, changed a bit more smoothly red color. Instead of wings and cause of the style of the robot girl (I wanted to keep the tentacles too) I added a helicopter element 😉😁 I thought it's even a bit funny. Hope you like it.
Have a great day.

trinityart Hive Power Bot Girl with logo finished.png

More will come up sooooon. 🎨🎶🎊🌞🎶

Grabi active 24/7 ka bro hahah nice entry😁

HAHAHA.. pag di lang din busy Bro! 😁

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I'm a bot, if you want a hand ask @ zottone444

Not sure what that is, but thank you!

here is my entry to this competition.
tried to coordinate with bees and robots.hope @nftstudios team will like it.

mascoat bee.png


Incredible work! Thank you

I am happy to participate.😊

3rd variation

Because in the 2nd I was a bit inspired by Yoda, here my variation of a hivepower - Yoda-cyborg bot 😜😉🤗😆

Hope I could make ya smile. Hahaha.

Making of posts are coming the next days....

trinityart hivepower Yoda bot bee.png

Baby Yoda!!!

Yeaaah. Hahaha. Found it a funny combination of baby Yoda meets hivepower style a bit. Hahaha. Have a great day 😜🤗💯💃🎶

mascoat bee drawinng 2 (1).png

how is it?
I tried to make it a little cartoonist way.

These entries are truly spectacular!

Hello friends, how are you?
This is my entry to the contest, I hope it's not too late, good luck to all!



This is gonna be hard to pick a winner :O

I think the same... and there is still time for other artists to come in!

looks super cool, I'm going to get more interested in the project!

Awesome, feel free to ask any questions!

Hi! how are you doing?
This is my entry to the ChiFiBot art contest, I hope you like it.

Hive Power ChiFiBot.png


Good luck to all participants, Good vibes!

Hey this is really cool, if you could revise the skin as a robot, it would be amazing!

@nftstudios Ok, I understand, can I make that change and leave it in this comment? No need to make another post? Or is another post necessary?

Yes, just post the pic in the comments :)

Ok I did it

Hi @nftstudios people... here is a more robotic skin of my character for the contest.

Hive Power ChiFiBot 3.png

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

My second variation (posts of the step by steps will follow soon.)

My bee is more like a cute Bot bee with hidden power.
A smart little bee, a kind of Bee-Yoda. 😜🎉💪🏼

trinityart hivepower variation 2 bee.png

Amazing work, Akida!

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