California Sunsets #191

in #photocircle3 years ago

Started off February with a typical California Sunset.
February 1, 2021 from Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California





Ricoh GR III

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Lovely shots as always. But you know what just brought our Cali memories back? It was the new Netflix documentary about the Cecil Hotel that we just watched :D It was pretty creepy and when I checked out the location of the hotel, I realized we actually had to pass by it a few times during our stay in L.A. Have you seen that mini series yet?

Wow... a friend was just talking about that! I need to check it out the netflix. Thanks for reminding me.

No problem, it was pretty cool. Let me know how you like it ;)

Those Seagulls! Once again you be the Seagull whisperer! Ridiculous that one with the bird over the sailboat!

I am the Seagull Whisperer :). IPAs definately contribute to my timing!

That would be a great T-Shirt! and on the back sponsored by Racer 5!

So True! That is acutally the first good idea you came up with in months.

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The pictures are really amazing, I think my favorite is the first one because of the two birds in flight.

Thanks! I was lucky with those two Seagulls!

Talk about perfection? Framing up a beautiful sunset, while the gulls fly by - trying to catch up to the boat sail off. Lovely.

I get lucky sometimes with the seagulls! And just love when the sailboats happy to show up for a cameo!

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You framed a beautiful sunset. After all really amazing photographs.

Thanks you :)