First night - No Stay-at-Home!

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Finally able to venture out after two months of
stay-at-home order. First stop, the Iconic Venice sign, Venice Beach California.
A sobor night when typically on any given Firday,
Windward Blvd. and Pacific Coast Highway would
have 100's of people hanging out...



Ricoh GR III

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First night out after 2 months? Wow, I can imagine what a huge relief it was :) Happy for you guys, enjoy!

Yap. Only half capacity outdoors. The supply demand dynamics of outdoor seating is insane! Like trying to get tickets to the World Cup Finals!

Haha I can imagine... Same like with the "takeaway beers" in my Czech homeland, people don´t mind standing in line outside in the freezing temperatures to get a few taps :D

Amazing colours!

Thanks man!

Mao's Kitchen! The memories with your crazy and cheap roommate ;)

Great memoriy. and yes, the memories. thank god for no social media back then!

If there was social media, you and I would not be on Hive!

Where is everyone!? Nice shots though!

Thanks! Many establishments caught offguard, not ready for the open and the chilli weather. Also, the tragity is that many will never reopen down here in SM and VB. Will take a couple of years.

Wow desolate. Reminds me of the other day I went to CVS around 8pm and was only car in the lot. I thought I had the hours wrong for a moment, but no just empty...crazy.

Yes... same here... I hit CVS late to avoid the crowds.

Prisoners in our own homes! Venice Beach so empty?

On one handy, so odd and a little creepy. On rhe other hand, you will never get another photo op like this!!

I love these!

It was bizzare. Just now some more places are opening up and yes odd and little creepy!

It really is! So much still closed here.

None is there. Really amazing photography.

Thank you!