Happy New Years!

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“Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”
~ Richie Norton ~

Happy New Years!
December 30th, 2020 from
Santa Monica, California






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Hopefully, this year will also be an opportunity for a nice reset and return to what we like and enjoy :) Happy New Year my friend!

@tipu curate 2

We hope for any reset! Which may not happen in the States until Trump leaves, if he leaves! HNY!
Thanks for the tipu :)

Haha reminds me of all those memes on Trump not wanting to leave the White House but eventually, he will have to do that ;) Even if they have to carry him out of there by force :D

My pleasure to send some extra support your way ;)

And the shit show continues... a new Trump phone recording... insane!

I know. A shit show indeed. This guy doesn´t have even the slightest speck of dignity. He would do literally anything to stay in the office. Absolute disrespect for democracy...

Beautiful. Happy New Year to you too!

Thank you and Hapy New Year!!

I see you be enjoying the new camera... these are sick, especially the first one is so trippy!

Wait until you see tonights captures. It is setting up nicely. I really need that zoon lens. Hint, hint.

I saw the pictures you posted on IG. You need to post them here. I know you be into just 1 post per week, but do it!