Winter Wonderland

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Winter wonderland weather came early this year, and what a treat it is. Often there is on/off snow and frost for months on end with gloomy wet autumn weather in between, but this year the frost came early and has stayed pretty consistantly for over a month already. The weather has been pretty dry too so not much snow as of yet.

Surprisingly the river still has big open spots with water running rapidly. I thought the surface would be mostly frozen by now with the constant sub zero temps for weeks already. I recall that there will be a few little spots that are open year round, and I heard you might even see otters there.

I really should go wait there in the early mornings in the hopes of spotting an otter because they are so darn cute! I’ve seen tracks on the snow and someone posting a picture of an otter right here so I know there are some. I believe it’s quite rare to spot an otter in the wild because they are few and far between and more active during the nights. During the darkest time of the year we have only about 4 hours of daylight so all the animals have plenty of time to roam around in secret.

We severely lack sunlight (note to self: buy D-vitamins) for the next few months but the early snow, even just a light coverage, reflects beautifully any light there is available. Today was very cloudy but look how pure and bright everyhting is!







I didn't know you had a pet rabbit. So cute that you walk it. 😉

She was included in the deal with the man. Not sure if it’s a rabbit or a cat, surely it isn’t a dog, even though it barks.

Cat or rabbit, I like how you go for walks and he/she seems to enjoy it.


Also, amazing images of course, as always. Makes me want to come to FIN in winter. I think I will next time, just for something different.


Let it snow))
Honestly in my region first snow and first frosts suddenly came at the end of October.

So I hope spring will come also early in next year as it happened with snow in October

Wave Media

Gorgeous. Don't get a whole lot of snow where I'm at but grew up in it.


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