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Are we having another crypto apocalypse or something? Judging from my Twitter, we sure do 🎉

But sir sir, I thought the bear market was over! Yeah, I think not 😂

I still stand by my opinion that there's no way in hell we are entering a bull market while the average Joe is struggling more and more to pay their everyday bills.

You can play with numbers only for so much. Yeah sure, maybe there will be a few gems that will do well regardless of market conditions but overall, I think we have at least a solid year of no lube ass fuckery. By the time the dust finally settles I think whatever mess we are currently into will make 2008 look like a children playground 🍌 Maybe I am wrong though. I would love that!

Anyways, here's something hilarious i learn today that will hopefully cheer you up.

I trust you are not a total illiterate fuck and you know a bit about the space race between the US and the USSR, that eventually led to the US sticking their flag on the lunar surface, essentially winning the space war between the two.

But what you don't know is that there was a third space super power. One that planned to stick a flag with a manned mission first on the moon and then Mars!

Unfortunately, their great plans were interfered by the other two and they failed :( Some even say that if it wasn't for their advanced tech that was intercepted by U.S spies, Armstrong would have never set foot on the moon!!

And that secret space power was Zambia.

Yes, fucking Zambia! I shit you not!

Imagine a meme version of NASA. Something like cumdogeinu NASA. That was pretty much their space program back then.

Here's a video making a great coverage of the topic. Disclaimer: Historic cringe footage included



I'm still waiting for a space program to Uranus :P great vid though


I’m with you, I think what’s coming is gonna make 2008 look like a hiccup. They’ve been band-aiding this shit for a long time. Eventually it’s going to implode.
Did they try to send 🐒

I can only imagine Africa in space and not something I would like to see happen as it would be far more dangerous.

Greeks would be even worse

😂 who??

'copy their homework' i liked that part..

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 146 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

It's good that the USA won the lunar race - otherwise they would have had to fly to Mars. Or God forbid - to Venus)

Judging from my Twitter, we sure do

Twitter is Giving Headaches. Too much FUD and Panic.

while the average Joe is struggling more and more to pay their everyday bills.

!LOL Truuuue. I believed we're in mini bull market but neh, this didn't aged well.

And that secret space power was Zambia.

What... The whole time was thinking bout china... Dayum, that's a New thing Got to know today!!!

The person who invented the umbrella actually wanted to call it the 'brella.'
But he hesitated.

Credit: reddit
@trumpman, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @idksamad78699



Wow... It's my first time hearing this story.
That's really great to know... Thanks for sharing

If they only had Stanley Kubrick to make them a film.😉

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I am not a crypto enthusiast but thank you for sharing this with us.

I think for a lot of people/countries they're already in a far worse place than 2008!

Turkey inflation at 60% + Earthquakes, Argentina at 50% or so, Even the UK at 10% but really things like food inflated to over 20%. By comparison inflation for UK in 2008 was considered 'at high levels' of 3%, briefly peaking at 5 lol...

inflation ain't everything but it kinda spells out how fucked you are more generally