Report All Category 1️⃣ #Ping Missions Here!

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Attention all Category 1 Commanders!

👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀

Operation #Ping is now LIVE in...

5...4...3...2...1... AND LAUNCH! 🚀
All ships #Ping Portals are now ACTIVE!

🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀___ 🌀

Commence with engagement protocols!

Welcome to @Comet.Ranker HQ!

Here is where you leave your mark Commander!

Report all #Ping Missions to this post!

Remember! Only 1 mission report per. comment!

As well! Once this posts reward cycle expires (7 days from the publication.) it will be no longer possible to register your #Ping Missions for Category 1! Make sure that you have all your Mission Reports in by that time!


AND! Always remember... should you need support or have any questions please notify us bellow in the comments!

We are 100% here for you! If you require any assistance let us know!

When your winning we are all winning!

Over and out,


Once your Operation Ping category launches, the following are steps to add a ‘ping’ to your ping score:

1. Copy your entire follower list into a document or spreadsheet such as Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, or even just 'notepad.' The @Ecency front-end is the easiest platform to copy your follower-list from: . (These followers are people who chose to follow you, fearless leader, so let’s treat ‘em right!)

2. Visit each of your follower's Hive Blogs, then take the time to read their most recent post & leave a well-thought-out personal comment. (This is what it means to 'ping' someone, simple, right?) Your followers / passengers have likely been in stasis for awhile, so here's your opportunity to warm up those connections one 'ping' at a time! Do NOT copy & paste a cookie-cutter response or ‘phone it in.’ That is NOT the point of Operation Ping.

3. Record each ‘ping’ on your Follower-List Document that you created earlier using ONE of the following four methods:


  1. 🟥 = 1 ping from you, but no ‘ping’ back or response from them.
  2. 🟥🟥 = 2 pings total, one from you, and one in response from them.

  1. 🔴 = 1 ping from you, but no ‘ping’ back or response from them.
  2. 🔴🔴 = 2 pings total, one from you, and one in response from them.

(Note: An 'inactive follower’ means that your follower's most recent post is older than 14 days. An ‘active follower’ means that your follower’s most recent post is 14 days or newer.)

⚠️ AND you’ll also want to copy a ‘link’ to each post that you comment on.

4. Report your 'ping results' to the @Comet.Ranker Mission Report post for your category before it concludes it's 7 day reward cycle. This is done as a comment and is called your 'Ping Mission Report' and should consist of only one 'ping result' per. comment. Make sure you include the appropriate red symbols and a link to each follower's post that you 'pinged'.

⚠️ If you don’t receive an immediate ‘ping back’ from a follower, remember to report your initial 'ping' to @Comet.Ranker before the Mission Report Post for your category's 7-day reward countdown expires. Once the 7-day reward cycle is completed ‘Ping Missions’ may no longer be registered within your category.

Whoever gets the most ping back responses (points/symbols) in their category, wins!

As Operation Ping progresses, you (the initiating commander) will ping as many of your followers as possible in the week allotted for your specified category.

Each ping report will result in one of four possible outcomes [🔴 or 🟥] and [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥].

The Commander able to score the most ping backs (replies) [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥] will have accumulated the highest number of pings on his / her Ping Badge and Ping Console (dashboard.)

This is how the winners for each category will be determined.


Let's say the commander with the highest Ping Score for mission category one converted 71% of their followers into ping backs [🔴🔴 or 🟥🟥]...

...This means that they will win a total of 71% of the tier one prize pool. That's 355 Hive to the winner, not counting the extra that will be awarded from the sign-up fees from their category.


Once the @Comet.Ranker crew receives your 'Ping Mission Report' we'll update your total 'ping score' to your 'badge.'


© Comet.Ranker 2022

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Oh! It has begun 😍 Kinda late coz of school and work, but I'm gearing up right now. Such a great challenge @comet.ranker & @wil.metcalfe. Congratulations in advance for this initiative!

GO GO GO! Am super excited for you guys! <3

Yey! Thank you so much, @purepinay! 😍

Awesome! Go @Sellennee Go! Your going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I know it! ☄️

Hi! Just wanna ask some question. Could you please elaborate on how we can report our ping missions? I thought we'll be sending the spreadsheet link, lol, so dumb of me, haha.

From what I've read on the conversation about this in the comment section. Do I have to comment here every time I report my mission? Then once I comment, I just reply to my first comment to add another status, right?

Sorryyyy for the delay, omg.

Good day! @wil.metcalfe! Just a lil bit of question.

For instance, I commented on my first ping report. Can I reply to that comment for the 2nd report? Also, can I do it like this:

Great question!

You will need to isolate your Mission Reports. 1 #Ping Mission Report = 1 Comment on the post. That way it’s manageable when I come by with @Comet.Ranker to award you your #Ping Badge(s).

I hope that this answers you question but if you need any more guidance I’m right here! 🤩

Ping Mission Report #31


This will end in an hour and I think they won't reply now (most of them are devastated by the Super Typhoon) so I think they won't reply now. Nevertheless, I really enjoy connecting to Hive again. Awesome challenge! ♥️

Way to go all out during Operation #Ping! 🤩 Come hell or high water... you gave it your all! AND I'm sure that it is the level of connectivity you have with the followers / passengers on your ship that have given you the number of #Ping Backs that you have gotten!

Connectivity transcends the super storms life can throw at us! That said... I hope that you are able to reconnect with these wonderful friends when everything recovers in the Philippines @sellennee! And good on you for trying to connect anyways! I hope that they are all doing well and staying out of harms way! ❤️

Comet Ranker

P.S. Just a little reminder about how red symbol codes work. Because this follower's last post WAS 4 YEARS AGO! This Mission Report should actually be reported back as a single red "🟥". 🙂


This has got to be my favourite, the next post @gloriaolar made was a request from me. Wonderful soul!!!

Operation #ping

You got this one right so that last one must just have been a mistake. Your doing GREAT @sellennee! 🙌

I'm really glad that you took the time to send in these single #Ping's! This is going to give us the most accurate view on the overall well-being of your social! 👍

Also! If you want to get the Comet Tokens for each of these #Ping's you have made it is still not to late to activate Boost 1 (and Boost 2) if you like! You still have plenty of time (until the last day of Operation #Ping) to decide but I just thought I had better let you know! 😁

Hi yah @pappyelblanco!

Because I was so impressed that you were able to encourage your brother to make his 1st post (AND also to help you convert your initial #Ping into a #Ping Back!) I have decided to make an exception to my overwrite rule!

I think that this effort merits the Comet Token(s) (you will both get!) and the extra #Ping point as well!

ANDDDD check it out! This actually effort granted you access a new color #Ping Badge! Nicely done! 🙌

This is definitely a proud moment and I really hope that now that @wvolf has gotten his awkward introduction post out of the way that the rest becomes so much easier! (Let's be honest... those intro posts usually are a bit awkward so boy do I ever get it!)

You know! I'm thinking... your brother has the BEST support EVER! You guys both might just be the dynamic duo here on Hive! I just think that idea would be so friggin cool! 🤩

Thank you for going over and above both of you! I have always believed that it's the extra we do that produces the exceptional! And engagement is no exception!

THIS is a shining example of just THAT!

Keep going both of you! ☄️

Comet Ranker

Love the ring to it. The dynamic duo

Go go @pappyelblanco 👏👏👏, you are doing well. Well done @wil.metcalfe you too are doing great from the back end. 👏👏👏

Thanks @adoore-eu, I should ping you too just for the fun of it. Hope I am welcome to do that?

Hahaha, yeah sure and ensure you put it in the fun mission report sheet that I am active and #ping back. 🔴🔴 Hahaha

Most definitely

That time there will be no injustice again,man will not dominate man to his own injury anymore. We will be happy.

Hahahaaaa! It’s starting to get FUN! 🤩

Yaaay, category 1 👏👏👏👏👏👏Go go go! The stage is set for you. We are here to support and cheer you on. Wishing you all, the best. Thanks @comet.ranker for this initiative

That is the spirit! I love that we have a Category 3 Commander in here cheering on our Category 1 Commanders!

I’m going to add my cheers to yours @adoore-eu!

All you all! Go! Go! Go! It’s time to #Ping! #Ping! #Ping! And make this place Ring! Ring! Ring! 🤩

We are now GREEN for GO! ☄️

@wil.metcalfe @comet.ranker

  1. Can I ping my follower's comment if my follower not start posting or have no post.
  2. If today I ping my follower and he reply me back. After one or two days I ping my follower again and he reply me back then I post both pings or only 1 ping per follower in this contest ?
  3. My comment or ping on my follower maybe any, like any question about post or take Guide about any other dapp or contest or any thing (or it should be a personal comment about him)
  4. Can you post a example report then I can understand exact structure or format of report (report of one follower only) ?


Hi @ziabutt3836!

Very good questions! ( all of them.)

Let's cover these one by one.

  1. If your follower doesn't have a post to comment on then you would be forced to skip over them. We need to keep the process standardized so as to have a measurable result.

  2. Yes. That is indeed correct. We are taking readings off your follower list in order to gather the most accurate metrics that we can as to your network vitality and the Hive Blockchain's well-being as a whole so 1 #Ping per. follower and only 1 #Ping back can be recorded in the system. As well... It is fine (of course) if you would like to have an extended conversation with your follower! Connect away! But it should also be noted... Say you #Ping your follower and they do not respond back. Leave things as they are. Our goal is to warmUP our follower list not burn them out. So as a policy... only 1 #Ping per. follower, if they #Ping back then let natural conversation flow, of course!

  3. These people are your followers! Please feel free to engage with them as you normally would, be that questions, comments on what you learned from their post, whatever you like so long as it's done in a genuine and sincere way!

  4. Most certainly! I can do that! I'll give you an example right away!

Thank you for taking the time to think about the practical side of engaging with your followers during Operation #Ping @ziabutt3836!

I appreciate each of these insightful and well laid out questions!

You have given me a chance to explain some of the finer points here and hopefully this will also help some of the other Commanders with their #Ping Missions and Reports.

Good luck with your missions! ☄️


P.S. Don't forget to activate Boost 1 when you get the chance! That will give you the opportunity to earn 1 Comet Token with every #Ping you make on your followers posts!

Dont look up, just pingd category 1, would like to sign up

Hi @baninan!

Thank you so much for your interest in joining us for Operation #Ping. Unfortunately you have missed the SignUP window… but please follow along so that next time we host an engagement event you will be UP to speed!

I’ll have the Hive that you sent returned to you that way you are good to go next time!

Sound good? 🙂

Will better check nx time, my internet is under the weather due to the recent typhoon..

That’s what I figured might have happened! I’m so sorry you all are still in the middle of all that aftermath! You will be at the top of my list of people to #Ping when the next @Comet.Ranker engagement event happens! So sorry this didn’t happen my friend! 🙏

I was not able to send the Hive for the other hcbc members, I totally got lost track of time ughhhhh but more chances of winning for those who really made their way here, right? that shows a lot of commitment!

Ahhhh. This is unfortunate (twice in a row Gil!)... 😶

But you are right... This does give the current SignUP's more opportunities to win... But in my mind... We all win together! If we can get more people doing this at the same time... with every person that multiplies the fun everyone is having!

But yes!

Those who are currently SignedUP did show their initiative and commitment in doing so!

Perhaps next time the situation in the Philippines won't be as dire and you all will be able to join us!

I can always hope right!? 🙂

Wowww... The race has begun 😂.

I can't wait to see all the pings from our Category 1 commanders. This will be fun, that's for sure.

I'm rooting for everyone of you. Have fun with this ✌️

I can’t wait to see the Mission Reports come in as well! Thank you for being here to cheer Category 1 on @kenechukwu97! 🙌

I wonder if they are all planning on sending them all in at once??? Talk about a flood 😂

I think I might need to reach out to each of them to find out what's going on. Yesterday was right full but today I have more bandwidth to focus.

1st thing I'll check is if they have been making any comments. That's a good starting point.

But yeah!

I'm wondering as well!

Perhaps the next couple days the flood gates are going to open wide! 😅

I hope so :) ... Can't wait for the second phase!



You and me both! Category 2 has some die hard engagers (like you!) so it's going to be really interesting to watch those badges come in!

My plan is to ping my whole list :) ...

UNBELIVABLE! You managed to do it AGAIN! Congratulations @pappyelblanco! Way to make these last couple count and boost your friends and family into active participants on this blockchain! More Impressed my brother!!! 🤩

Comet Ranker

Hello! ANOTHER ONE! Nicely done my man! This truely is amazing! You must be so happy to have connected so deeply with your family and friends! Enough to convince them to write their 1st posts (all 3 of them!) and #Ping you back! Masterful connection on and off the blockchain my friend! I applaud you! 👏

Comet Ranker

@wil.metcalfe here is my"ping mission report"


❌ <--- Going forward this red symbol means that this #Ping Mission didn't process.

The reason is because at the time the follower snapshot was made (at the time of Sign-Up) to our back end systems this follower wasn't on your list. This is a new and recent follower. (and that's a good thing right!?)

On the next Operation #Ping (for the Follower List) they WILL be on counted!

We have to draw the line somewhere... Sorry @pappyelblanco! 😶

Comet Ranker


I am still waiting for my cover

Operation #ping


My all-time favourite and Laura lookalike Hive User.

Operation #ping

Ping Mission Report #3


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