OCD POSH Curation Compilation #1672

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Authored by @ybanezkim26

OCD POSH Curation Report #1672

Hello everyone! This is the 1672nd compilation post of OCD POSH Curation initiative. Due to the changes in Twitter's API, the automatic comments generated by @poshtoken once you share a Hive post to Twitter have been stopped. This doesn't mean that PoSH nominations will stop. Instead of relying on the automated comment, we can revert to manual checking and curation as a temporary measure while the PoSH website has been worked on.

With this new scheme, you can just share a Hive post to your Twitter account and then comment the Twitter link to the compilation posts like this. The usual PoSH nomination rules will apply like the Hive post should not be yours. You can check the full rules at the end of this post. If you are not aware of the changes in Twitter's API, you can check these posts for information:

Here are the posh comments curated:

PoSH Sharer: @valenpba
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #Review, #Experience

PoSH Sharer: @avdesing
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #pets, #hivepets, #life, #dog

PoSH Sharer: @cetb2008
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #jewelry, #Handmade

PoSH Sharer: @luzscarllet18
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #campaign, #marketing, #hive, #socialnetwork, #web3

PoSH Sharer: @rlathulerie
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #recipe, #lentils, #food

PoSH Sharer: @sugarelys
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #manga, #anime, #contest, #otaku, #animeWorld, #review, #blogger

PoSH Sharer: @samuell12
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #architecture, #cathedral, #travel, #walk, #lifestyle

PoSH Sharer: @derppunk
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #food, #recipe, #lunch, #recipeoftheday

PoSH Sharer: @kawsar8035
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #beautiful, #mushrooms, #NaturalBeauty, #nature, #beautiful, #fungi, #photography, #amazing

PoSH Sharer: @doriangel
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #home, #diy

PoSH Sharer: @luisdey
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #food, #recipe, #foodie

PoSH Sharer: @pacobeta365
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #Foodie, #food, #RecipeOfTheDay, #recipe

PoSH Sharer: @ileart
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #food, #foodie, #foodblog, #recipeoftheday, #recipe, #recipeideas, #lunch

PoSH Sharer: @leisasa
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #food, #foodie, #lifestyle

Here are the posts curated:

Author: @casmar551
Community: Foodies Bee Hive

Saludable nutritivo batido de borojo con banano🍌🍑// Healthy and nutritious borojo smoothie with banana🍌🍑[ESP/ENG]

Borojó is a fruit according to its origin from Colombia, our neighboring country, it should be noted that its properties are very important for our body as it is high in phosphorus and iron also has a small amount of a property that is an aphrodisiac. In this smoothie, borojó will be the protagonist for my sister Marisol's snack as it will replenish her strength and vitality.

Author: @yiobri
Community: Hive Diy

[ESP-ENG] ¡Delantal y Gorro de Santa Claus! / Santa Claus Apron and Hat!

December has arrived dear #HiveDiy friends! I continue to show you how you can make a "Santa Claus" apron so you can have your Christmas collection. If you have a red blouse or flannel that you do not use, you can transform it into a beautiful apron for Christmas. Do not throw away the fabrics or scraps you have since you can transform them into decorative ornaments and new clothing items, and for Christmas we have to put the ingenuity to create and enjoy what we do. I hope you like my idea.

Suggestion: Use English tags.

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PoSH Guide and Curation Criteria:

1. Share someone's post on Twitter (it can't be your own).
2. Make sure that tag usage is appropriate on Twitter, not only $/#hive but also other relevant tags to the content.
3. Paste the Twitter link under the latest PoSH Curation Compilation post of @ocd (like this one).
4. Make sure that post you're sharing for possible curation is not older than 12 hours to give us time to curate it. If it's older than 24 hours we will probably skip it but your comment may still get a vote if it was tweeted properly.
5. Strictly do not upvote your own comment. We will skip any self votes in the comments.
6. Hashtags are not enough. You should add in your tweet some descriptions why you're sharing a particular post.
7. We will only upvote one (1) comment per user per day.
8. Anyone caught abusing this initiative by spamming Twitter links (sharing more than 20 links per day) or sharing those links that are already upvoted (to take a share of the rewards) will be banned from receiving any rewards (POSH, GOSH, and HIVE).

Did you know that sharing your posts to Twitter will not only give you a chance of POSH curation but also let you earn some PoSH tokens? The number of tokens earned will be proportional to the engagements of your Twitter link (likes and retweets). While the PoSH token has no real demand yet, plans about the token have been shared by this post. You can find more about the token on the website, as well as information on how many others are registered and are sharing Hive links daily. Instructions on how to register can also be found on the website. Supplemental information about the registration can be found in this post. If you encounter difficulties during registration, you can always message in OCD's Discord channel.

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Muchas gracias a @ocd por su valioso apoyo para con nosotros, que Dios los bendiga siempre en sus proyectos 🙏 🙌


Hi, please share the Twitter link here. Thanks.

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