POSH Token Monthly Report | August 2022

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Authored by @dalz

POSH Token Monthly Report | August 2022

This is a report for the POSH token distribution and rewards for August 2022. It’s a first of its kind. Going forward this report will be posted on a monthly basis.


The following topics will be covered:

  • POSH earned from twitter shares
  • POSH earned from HP delegation
  • POSH burned (non linked twitter accounts)
  • Top accounts that earned POSH
  • Number of accounts recievning POSH
  • HIVE rewards to poshtokens comments, daily, and top accounts
  • HIVE sent to hive.fund

The period that will be covered here is starting from Feb to Aug 2022, with a focus on August 2022.

POSH Earned From Twitter Shares and Delegations

When users make a tweet with a hive link to their post and includes the #hive hashtag, those tweets are eligible to earn POSH tokens.
Here is the chart for the daily distribution.

We can see that around 400 POSH tokens are distributed daily for tweet shares and 100 tokens to delegators. This has been quite constant in the period.

Number Of Accounts Receiving POSH Rewards

Here is the chart for the accounts receiving POSH rewards for sharing tweets.

More than 150 accounts per day receiving POSH rewards. In the last month this number has been up.

For the delagators the chart looks like this.

A steady growth in the number of delagators in the period. From under 70 to more than 80 delegators for the @poshtoken now.

POSH Burned

POSH is burned for the accounts that are eligible to POSH token earning but haven’t linked their Hive account on the token website.

This number is fluctuating but on average it has been around 105 tokens per day for the last 30 days.
When we take into consideration the amount of POSH tokens issued daily and the burns the yearly emission for the token is around 150k tokens.

Top POSH Earners

Here is the chart for the top POSH earners from sharing on tweeter for August 2022.

@visualblock is on the top for the month with 240 POSH tokens earned, followed by @madushanka and @oscarps.

For the delegators the chart looks like this.

@thecallmedan is on the top here (his bar is shortened to make the others easier to view), as he has the biggest delegation. Next is @forykw followed by @traciyork.

HIVE Rewards To @poshtokens Comments

The @poshtoken bot automatically post the link for the shared post, as a comment under the post. When this comment is voted on from other users, the HIVE rewards go to the post creator. When the creator of the post is selfvoting the comment, those rewards go to the @hive.fund. When the account is not linked to the poshtoken web, the HIVE rewards also go to the @hive.fund.

Here is the chart for the daily distribution of HIVE rewards.

We can notice that in the last month these rewards are up. There is an initiative for more votes on comments like this. The amount of daily HIVE distributed is now reaching 100 HIVE.

Top HIVE Earners

Here are the accounts that earned the most from the HIVE rewards.

@gentleshaid is on the top here, followed by @xoxois.

HIVE Sent To @hive.fund

As mentioned above, the rewards from selfvotes, account that don’t have linked profile go to the @hive.fund, or minimum twitter performance is not met. Here is the chart.

An overall growth trend here. In the last days there is around 20 HIVE daily sent to the DHF.

Unique Accounts Voted Daily

Here is the chart for the number of unique authors voted daily.

Between 20 to 70 accounts voted on a daily basis. Accounts that have earned POSH (not bought) in the past can be eligible for upvotes and they are checked by the curators. More info about this in discord.

Charts brought to you by @dalz who'll be the benefactor of this post.

The POSH project is created and maintained by @acidyo (@ocd-witness) and @rishi556 (@hextech as witness).


The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @lisliam, @acidyo, @visualblock ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

It's great to have a better visualization of this, hopefully the number of unique users earning posh will go up from here and the amount of POSH being burned drop as more and more people sign up at hiveposh.com!

I hope that the #posh program on Twitter will continue to run, so that the #hive hashtag on Twitter will be more alive and have a lot of eyes on it, so that our beloved Hive platform is known by many people around the world.
Keep it up because it's a very good program.

Thanks to @acidyo (@ocd-witness) and @rishi556 (@hextech) for doing their best for the platform and the whole community here.

Wonderful report 👌

I have a question:

When the creator of the post is selfvoting the comment, those rewards go to the @hive.fund.

What about if two people shared the post to Twitter, and one of them (not the author of the post) upvoted the comment from POSH. Will the reward go to @hive.fund?

Excellent work done by all. As a project and community, we have taken very seriously the promotion of Hive on twitter, as well as recognizing the work and creativity of all users who share their emotions every day on this platform. Congratulations to @acidyo for this great work and to all the team that makes this possible.


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Congrats! A good job!



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