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About @postpromoter

@postpromoter is a content promotion service on the Steem blockchain platform owned and operated by @yabapmatt.

A blog is a business and, just like any other business, it will typically need to advertise in order to get customers - or in the case of a blog - readers.

There are many ways to advertise on the Steem platform including, but not limited to, joining various support communities, word-of-mouth marketing, publishing on social media sites, and paid advertisements.

@postpromoter provides a highly effective form of paid advertising for content published on the Steem platform with proven results. I, myself, found that even small investments in similar content promotion services were highly effective in growing my following and my brand on Steem when I first started using the platform.

I started @postpromoter, in addition to the Steem Bot Tracker website, in order to provide the same opportunity to the growing community of publishers on the platform in as transparent and user-friendly a manner as possible.

In addition to providing a valuable service to content publishers, @postpromoter also provides a vehicle for passive investors in the Steem platform to earn a very competitive return on their investment by delegating their Steem Power to the service.

Intended Usage

The intended usage of the @postpromoter service is to generally gain visibility for content published on the Steem blockchain through websites such as steemit.com.

Some examples of situations in which the @postpromoter service is intended to be used are:

  • To promote a product or service
  • To spread a message
  • To grow a brand or a following
  • To gain support for a cause

Some examples of unintended usage of the service are:

  • To make a direct profit off of the service’s upvote
  • To profit off of other’s work passed off as one’s own
  • To promote any type of scam, fraudulent, or deceptive service or scheme

Spam, Fraud, and Plagiarism Prevention

Unfortunately, there is a significant amount of spam and plagiarism that occurs on the Steem platform as people try to take advantage of the rewards-based nature of the system.

Plagiarism (the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own) and fraud (deception intended to result in financial or personal gain) are both very clearly wrong and in many cases even illegal.

Any confirmed cases of plagiarism or fraud which have been promoted by the @postpromoter service will have their vote rescinded without a refund and both the account that published the post and the account that purchased the promotion will be blacklisted from using the service in the future.

Spam, unlike plagiarism and fraud, is more of a gray area, and comes down to a subjective determination of what constitutes “valuable content”. Spammers, for the most part, exploit inefficiencies in the paid advertising market on the Steem platform in order to directly profit from the advertising they purchase.

While there is nothing technically wrong or illegal about this activity, it is clearly detrimental to the image and value of the Steem platform and the STEEM token, and furthermore it goes against the intended usage of the @postpromoter service.

I believe that the best way to ultimately combat this type of spam is to create a more transparent and efficient market for paid advertising so that there are no longer any inefficiencies to exploit. While I have been and will continue to work towards that goal, I realize that it may take quite some time to get there and, in the meantime, a more proactive stance against spam should be taken as discussed below.


In the past the @postpromoter blacklist was reserved for clear cases of plagiarism or fraud; however, as I mentioned before, I believe it is necessary to expand the blacklist to include anyone who is deemed to be using the service for anything other than its intended uses as described above.

To that end, in the very near future @postpromoter will be adopting the @buildawhale blacklist created and maintained by @themarkymark. I am very thankful to him for the countless hours and work he has put in to this list and his overall work to elevate the quality of the content that is posted and rewarded on the Steem platform.

Going forward, any Steem accounts on that list will no longer be able to use the @postpromoter service. Any bids submitted by an account on the list, or to promote posts authored by an account on the list, will be refunded in full.

In many cases inclusion on this list is a subjective measure, so if you feel that there has been a mistake please contact me and I will review on a case-by-case basis as time permits.

Notification of Paid Promotion

On most traditional websites promoted or sponsored content is clearly labelled as such; however, on most Steem-based websites, no such labelling exists. I believe it’s important to be fully transparent and for consumers to be able to tell what content has received paid promotion and what has not.

There are many issues with effectively implementing such labelling on Steem platform-based websites which are out of the scope of this post, but customers should note that the @postpromoter service will leave a comment on all posts which it promotes so that consumers can be made aware that such a paid promotion has occurred.

Service Guarantee

@postpromoter guarantees that all bids submitted will either receive a vote whose value falls within the range specified by the current service settings, or a refund in full, except in cases of confirmed plagiarism or fraud as described above.

Current settings and status of the service are available at all times on the Steem Bot Tracker website.

Despite aspiring to provide the highest possible level of service, issues can and do arise from time to time which can cause a vote or refund to be missed. When such issues occur, please be patient and wait 24 hours to receive a refund for a missed vote. If, after 24 hours, you have neither received a vote or a refund please contact me, @yabapmatt, either through a comment on one of my posts, Steem Chat or on Discord, and I will review and respond as soon as possible.

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I have used your voting bot once or twice in the past but from an overall larger picture, Steem Bot Tracker is an amazingly useful site. I particularly like how it provides a suggested Bid amount for each bot to keep the upvote in the money. The only thing that steers me away from using these is that I don't understand how the Bid amounts are ultimately calculated. For instance I used two bots yesterday, one I put a 0.1 SBD Bid in on which is roughly 25 cents worth or so, once the bidding was done the bot stated in the details section that we would all get about 9% ROI after 25% curation (I assume that's maybe a fee or something) and the details section stated I'd received a 37 cent upvote but when the vote actually arrived the value of my upvotes had only increase about 17 cents which was less than what I paid in the first place? It's for this reason, which I can't comprehend, that I don't use this service very often. That's not to say I don't think what you're doing is great, I'm just saying I don't understand the bidding and the feeling like I'm getting less than I should be back even when the bot shows a positive ROI?

Thank you @jonnyla08 - you are absolutely right that Steem in general is quite confusing and complicated for new users and the voting bots are no exception. I'll try to address your specific questions here but let me know if you have any others:

after 25% curation (I assume that's maybe a fee or something)

The Steem blockchain works in such a way that 75% of the rewards generated are paid to the author of the post and 25% go to the people who upvote the post, known as curators. So the website takes into account that 25% will not go to the author when it calculates the ROI.

the details section stated I'd received a 37 cent upvote but when the vote actually arrived the value of my upvotes had only increase about 17 cents

This is a complicated topic due to the fact that SBD are currently trading at significantly more than 1 USD like they are intended to. On Steemit.com and other front-end sites the post payout shown ($0.17 in your case) assumes that 1 SBD = 1 USD, meaning it's basically incorrect. The bot tracker website shows the correct values in USD based on the current market prices of STEEM and SBD.

You can change the currency shown on the bot tracker website to POST REWARDS instead of USD to see what values will be shown on steemit.com. This type of confusion is a major reason why I support efforts to keep SBD pegged to the USD as intended despite that content publishers like myself are currently making more money from the increased prices.

That actually makes a lot of sense, I had not stopped to consider how the website or the bots calculated those ROI ratios and whether or not there could be a difference between the intended price of SBDs as opposed to the current market values.

It almost seems that given these changes that for someone like myself it would probably be better to set my view on the site to show the rewards that would be paid out or upvoted as to compare against that of what was spent for the bid for that bot to better determine profitability. I was just previously chalking this difference up to fees in the background somewhere as a price for the promotion from the bot's upvotes.

I'd also have to imagine that this same methodology is is used for any bot, even the paid upvote services like Minnowbooster and Smartsteem, correct? It all functions the same way, just a matter of preference in what service you use? Would you say that's an accurate understanding?

Sorry for all the questions. My mind just works like this in trying to dissect how everything works, force of habit given my profession. Thank you @yabapmatt for responding though and helping me out, sharing your knowledge and all.

i think curation refers to the amount distributed to people who upvoted the post divided by their dedicated shares to said post, 75% for the author, 25% divided between people who voted on it with the people who weighed the most getting the biggest share of that 25% (but i cant say 100% sure, steemit sure as hell doesnt come with a manual lol) you're one of my witness votes i see, i read some of your stuff before, glad to see not everyone is dedicated to squishing plankton into oblivion by eliminating the possibility to come into "the game" with virtually no money ... good karma there, bro , everyone a chance :p

using blacklists from people who talk the Trump-talk to strongarm the plebs into submission like markymark is something i think a bit less agreeable but i'm not the boss of you ofcourse

@jonnyla08 i agree with you. same thing happened to me. can you have find any solutions ? if yes, please let me know. i folows you.check my stuff @nitindafda143

You should see the @steemcleaners list - I think that's at around 30,000!

I spent a few minutes trying to find it but failed. Thanks for the reply. I might have upvoted but I'm below the payment threshold.

hello @postpromoter you missed my post upvote ,i sent you 6.00 sbd

11 hours ago Transfer 6.000 SBD to postpromoter https://steemit.com/photography/@bobokyaw/aeyaangmsundefinedte-sitelne

One of the best bots out there, and among the very first to limit overbidding... it was thanks to this one that the others followed suit!

Always a pioneer!

Welcome to steemit. I hope you have a good day. I give you my vote I hope yours, go through my channel when you can ... may God enlighten you

@postpromoter I sent you 4.110 sbd 9 hours ago but you did not vote for me. I did not return the money. Please give me back my sbd


@postpromoter you are going to perform a well decision @themarkymark is doing good effort in fighting against spam. lazy posting short post using bot, bad content, copy paste video links short memes with big vote all should be prohibit and are spread greediness. if any one want to promote a post He or she should adopt a well mannered content that helpful to other steemians.


Hi sir,

I gave you 13 hours from now 4.110 sbd but you did not vote for me please sir return my sbd



Hi @postpromoter! How we can be whitelisted for send you more than 50 SBD?

Is there any way we can communicate with you? I have text you in steemchat and discord. Unfortunately, not been able to reach you. I have a missed upvote for long time. Can you please check the issue?


Thank you for your cooperation

Warm Regards,

I am trying to understand how this works but I guess I will have to learn by using the bots and comparing my findings. I will be using @postpromoter for my current post.

[email protected] you are missed my upvoted me send 4.5 sbd you are not upvoted my post check plz https://steemit.com/janwaar/@arslan.saleem/cow-mera-maanpasand-janwar



Hello sir,
you missed providing me an upvote, 23 hours before I was send you 5.8 SBD but I do not get upvote yet. Please return my 5.8 SBD.

hello [email protected] and @postpromter me send 5.65 sbd and you are coment my post and not upvoted my post check plz 1.png


Thanks for putting the @postpromoter bot together @yabapmatt! When I first started using Steem 6 weeks ago I felt a bit disillusioned by the rampant use of bots. However, without a true classifieds or promoted post business model it makes it difficult for content creators to consistently return a profit for their efforts.

Is it possible to change the pegged ratio of 1 SBD to 1 USD on steembottracker to a snapshot of the ratio at prior day of close? That would potentially reduce variance to actual rate of return. My figures show that ROI versus SBD/Steem have been in the ballpark of -20 to -30%. In my view, using bots is a tactic to acquire a user (at cost, like any real business out there) base.

Again, thanks for the great work. You have my upcoming vote for Witness.

thanks for your service

I'm impressed at @postpromoter results for those bidding for upvotes! It's a great service that I hope to be able to afford in the near future. Working my way up to the potential found here. Thanks for being within the goal set!

Yours truly,


Hi Yabapmatt, great post.
I'm an extremely busy business owner but intrigued by this platform. I don't have time to research into bots and methods, are you able to tell me, if I want to use the platform to promote a post,
when to send the URL - min and max time after posting
How much SBD to send.

Hi all) I'd like to join this comment with the same question) Welcome response is highly appreciated)

Wow,this is true,@postpromoter is legit and doing a nice job,have used it before and it's real,nice post.

i love to take your service.how it works actually?

Please, i would really love you to reply to this comment.
My friend @juderoyal, used the @postpromoter before, and he sent 4sbd to postpromoter and got an $18 dollar upvote.
Then he advised me to try out the @postpromoter bot.
And today, i sent 6SBD to postpromoter, and i got an $11dollar upvote.
Please, i thought i would get an upvote higher than that.
I am not happy with it.
Have things changed here?
Please enlighten me.
The issue is making me sad.
Thank you, expecting a reply!

there is no how much you get for 1 dollar, it all must be counted out on who gives what on what bid. Why you winge? you have 4 dollar above hat you gave?

Hi, it has helped me, more post like this

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Hello. Nice post. Please upvote me @falcon99

Is that your image, and the background of the image it represents?

Are you asking if that is me or are you asking if I "plagiarized" the gif?

I know that the image is you, everyone knows you. my question is: what is the meaning of your gif background? or what does it mean to you?

Ok, I'll break it down.

There was this show, that was larger than life. It gave people goosebumps when they watched it. The show was about space cowboys, on the wrong side of the law but on the right side of justice.

Unfortunately, Fox decided it was a space romance and advertised it as such. They also felt it important to show the show out of order. They decided well the show isn't doing well, so let's cancel it.

Like Obi-Wan, the show became more powerful in death. So much so the fans and cast managed to get a movie produced to provide some closure to the show with a promise to try to replace it with more seasons in the future if at all possible. Instead, we got stuck with some comic books and broken dreams.

Now I don't recommend looking into this show, as it can likely be the start of the second Great Depression and not the financial kind.

But if you are so inclined, I'll give you a hint.

The gif in question is an off-camera blooper from the movie. When I set up my account, I just picked a random name that came to my head as I choose random names for every site I sign up for.

I then littered this place with majestically on point gifs largely from the show. It became so common I changed my avatar and bio to be Firefly themed and had a cover image made for me.

Hopefully, that answered all your questions if you have any more.

thank you friend doubt, the question was because that image I had seen before but I did not remember where I saw her .. thank you for explaining and taking a bit of your time in answering me.


Go through my recent post. I'm a newbie to this community

you're new .. well what you just did is called spam. do not go promoting your blog in other publications if you do not want to get a downvote

It's great @yabapmatt, that is fighting with the spammers and that it increases the blacklist since at present there are many publications that do not make sense and take advantage of having great resources to abuse the bidbots

Great job @yabapmatt As a new witness (also probably the only minnow witness ) i've had to become quite resourceful. I've used some of your tools (sc2pay ) and they've helped me develop new applications for steem. The bot services are a great prelude to marketing services. This is something that will be critical to the success of users on steemit especially those with essentially no voice due to low steem power, or those new coming into steemit looking to get their beaks wet. Instant gratification is the key to keeping people interested in steem and ultimately building their steem power. In most aspects, as a witness at least, i've remained as unbiased as possible. However, In that respect, I have to be an advocate. Not for bots in particular, but for the service that it provides. The idea behind it is essentially marketing and advertising. The big guys have it. Why shouldn't we right? Now advertising and spamming bot services is another subject. We'll stick to positive things for this post. Great job with yabapmatt :)qp7yalS.gif

always great work doing @yabapmatt and your impressive service in the shape of @postpromoter which is according to me best bot service now in the whole plateform. you also gave us great opportunity in the shape of Steembottracker, very helpful for all who are using bot services for their contents. I am very glad to hear about the TOS (Term Of Service) which help to cleaning spamming and other frauds. Thanks for all your this efforts.
At the end I have suggestion for you that there should be TOS for Bot's Owners and Witnesses who buy big votes from Bots and disturbed the ROI at the end. there should be limit of buying vote at least 10.00 SBD is enough. any how my best wishes and support is always for you. keep it up and go ahead.

You got a 26.47% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @postpromoter!

Want to promote your posts too? Check out the Steem Bot Tracker website for more info. If you would like to support the development of @postpromoter and the bot tracker please vote for @yabapmatt for witness!

I truly appreciate the "Intended Usage" for @postpromoter. It truly helps to give everyone an opportunity to have their art/posts seen by the Steemit community. I also appreciate the "Notification of Paid Promotion." There were several occasions where I saw my bid leave my account but there was no upvote for a while. Eventually the comment came through!

ohhh men excellent I did not know about this great project! Now I know with whom to tell a hug!

Well, @postpromoter aka Yabapmatt first of all i would like to say you that i am more than satisfied the services you're providing for the #content-promotion. You are always my top priority whenever i visit #steembottracker, thank you so much indeed for this wonderful app, loved the idea Man <3

About the short content, i have a question please guide me..
Are Dmania posts considered as the short content posts? If not then what is the limit as per SBD or STEEM to take an upvote from @postpromoter.

I have a question about bidding that I'm not sure what I can do about it. I was supposed to get an 11.55 up vote from emperorofnaps but I can get into contact with him/her? I see his/her ranking is low but I would think that being on steemtracker they would be a real bot? I am a Plankton so I hope I'm not easy pickings. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks
Transaction id:
@zeitlini 3.15 SBD $7.98 23.74% $11.55

I'm not on the blacklist but i didn't receive my upvote or refund!

very good picture

I just found out about your bot service, I'm writing this to ask about the delegation part, please whats the minimum amount of sp that can be delegated?

Hi @belemo, any amount of SP can be delegated! But if you're an active user of the platform then in my opinion it's better to use your SP to vote and grow your following on the platform.

Alright. Thanx for the advice

bagus lanjutkan

you inspire me

hello @postpromoter nice to meet you, i come from vietnamese, i am a newbie , can you help me ?

MUCHAS GRACIAS, thanks a lot... As a venezuelan minnow, as I'm, i find your information very useful to find some light in this confused world that steemit is... I'll follow... and my last vote to choice my witness is for you, oh yeah ;-)

i have followed

Thank you for sharing, the article is very useful

hei @yabapmatt i sent 50 sbd bt which was not accepted but i didnt' receive money back!!!
Schermata 2018-04-27 alle 12.45.47.png


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I am very interested after reading this paper and be a concern for loyal customers, I see this post I am very interested, thank you for my visit on this blog, may I become a loyal customer on this blog.

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