Living the Dream

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Enjoying the simple pleasure of being half nakie in the sun and doing handcrafts. Obviously listening some gruesome true crime or murder mysteries while at it. You know, just wholesome country life here.

The pessimist in me knows yesterday was summer solstice so the days are starting to shorten again, gotta get all that sun while I can. About 21,5 hours of daylight today, and a couple minutes less tomorrow! Soon it’ll be down to four and I’ll be sick and depressed. I think my Vit D storage is good as long as I still have prevalent tan lines, but when those fade it’s a slow countdown to next summer.

I am not actually a pessimist, good things are coming and mid summer festivities are just around the corner. Even though these days most shops are open during the holidays too, I just stocked up with food and snacks for the long weekend. Still gotta get some alcoholic bevarages and then we don’t have to leave home if we don’t want to.



It’s tradition to have bonfires during the Juhannus (Midsummer’d Day) so we’ll probably go out to see if we can find some fires locally. Gotta do some magic too, need to dust off the the re-edition of a Finnish spellbook originally published in 1880. I am a dirty little pagan after all.


Already got me a man though so no need to gather 7 different flowers and put them under my pillow or roll around naked in a flower field.


looks very beautiful, have a nice day

You are the most beautiful and sexy creature I have seen in the last 7 months. You look so perfect, spotless and very juicy as I can imagine.

Thanks for sharing this when all I just needed is to get my eyes fed and my imagination expanded

Cheers 🍻

Now that's doing two things at the same time. Lol.

Sunbathing is such hard work!

Just because you don't need to roll around in a field of flowers, doesn't mean you can't. ;-)

You get it! 😝

Looks like you're having fun with those Knitting tools. Looking good btw!

I found that last line a bit funny... got me a man no need for flowers blah blah!

Thanks! Haha that flower bit is a reference to an old very well known Finnish ”spell” for unmarried girls trying to find a husband 😁 I will always need and want flowers!

good to see you following your hobby and making your own craft that seems so beautiful and also loved your photos that shines in front of sun rays.

What more can we ask from life but to live our dreams. Nice craft btw.

Those finger nails Eve! 💜

I'd be doing exactly what you are given the chance and the weather. At least one of us get's to bask.

Becca 💗

Finally found the perfect white shade for nails, just gotta do the toes too but it’s sooo irritating 😅

I’m sure you’ll have a chance to bask in the sun this summer too.

Here's to the perfect white for nails and summer basking.

Becca 🌷

To be honest and respectful, You're gorgeous and enchanting and this post of yours mostly the part about having your man in your life right now inspired me to write this although am single

This looks absolutely relaxing. One day I'll have a house with a porch like this.

I hope you do. I think you’d enjoy vegan bbq action on a porch like this :)

21h of sun, I'd be red like a lobster

Haha that is a fair point if you burn easily, though for a lot of that time the sun is very low so it’s definitely not as strong as it would be at mid day 😊

That makes it a slow roast, very good.