Just when I thought ...

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the year 2020 couldn't get any worse ...


Anyway, just a sign of being still alive and to tell I'm completely fed up with this SO-CALLED "Killer" virus.
Not gonna bore you with all my other thoughts about this whole CHARADE, but I'm telling you, we're being fucked people.

Btw, talking about being fucked ....
Did you know that (according to Albert Einstein) if you run completely naked around a tree with a speed of 298 kilometers per second, it would be possible to fuck yourself in the ass.
Then again, if your not that much into sports you can obtain the exact same feeling by just voting for the same people as you did last election.

Have a great weekend!

Covid bonus


This is how I do my groceries. Not because I'm scared for the virus, but because our government has made wearing a mask mandatory in supermarkets etc.
And when other people (who all wear a mask that (proven) doesn't protect at all) ask me why I wear this, my standard reply is that if I have to look like a fool, than at least I want to look like a well protected fool. Sofar no-one has been able to reply back.

Again, great weekend



Hey bud. Long time no see

It's been what? 3-4 months? Maybe more?

Yep, 4 months. No posts and hardly comments.
Just a daily quick look, redeem rewards. That has been it. No drive at all, so to say.

Can't tell even if this post drives me to become more active again.
I see it as a kind of test for myself, if the so-called "spirit" is still there.

Take care mate, see ya.

Better to be safe than looking sorry.

My point here is that while farting, even wearing 3 boxershorts and jeans, you're still gonna smell the "flavours". And then they want us to believe that a lousy tissue mask (or a self made one most times) is gonna save my life.

I find they work better as ear plugs. Put one on and don't have to listen to people bitching.

Might as well wear a real mask when you fuck yourself in the arse...

I just wonder if back then Einstein gave it try, just to prove he was really right ....

Smassshyyyyyy loool nice looking mask...if i had this one, i might not take it off anymore

images (98).jpeg

That mask of yours will scare the shit out of the virus and make it go back to China twice as fast as it came.

At least we still have food on the supermarket shelves.. wait till that disappears...


To be honest: I secretly hope a little bit this wil happen and that THAT opens the eyes of policy makers of how they are destroying the world economy for a virus that has about the same number of casualties as regular flue.

I agree, destroying whole economies, putting millions out of work can only lead to a collapse and chaos.. So many things are telling those who question, this cure is worse than the damage the virus is doing.. Seems the virus is being used to purposely bring fear and control ..

Couldn't have said it better than you just did.
That last sentence fits right into Agenda 2030.

Nice blast from the past. Been awhile since you've dropped these one-liners of yours--funny as usual.

Brought to you by a masked consumer so there's really no telling wtf was just said

Indeed, 4 months ago was my last post. Just lack of motivation I guess.
Seen a lot of others also taking a break.

(Brought to you by a now unmasked blogger who pretends to not have heard wtf was just said

+100500 about the mask!:)) I am waiting for your comeback!

I have a gift gor you here:))

I saw the gift. Thanks for that and the kind words also.

A comeback you say. Well, I hope the new year will get me some more motivation and "drive" to do so.
For now I'm enjoying a break in Sweden (no lockdown and no masks, hahaha) with my son and two grandkids.
See Ya.

I know what you're talking about. No drive - exactly.
Is sweden free from this corona hell? Does it stay far from this circus? We have no lockdown now either, but masks...I don't wear it, using anything else but not it. Can't put it on me. Just can't. That's why I like your mask so much:)
Happy Christmas! Wish you and your family all the best!

Thanks for putting a smile on my face Amigo!
Great mask, love it! 😎👌

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I can get you one too, on sale here right now at Biltema Sweden, hahaha.
Take care mate.

This one makes wearing a mask actually cool. 😄

Stay safe Amigo!

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Hello smasshh, it's been a long time since I saw you again.

I'm wearing a mask now. I'm forced to wear it. actually I was really fed up with this virus. especially in the area where I live in Indonesia.

People who cause the crowd will be arrested and imprisoned. while the government, which caused the crowd, was not arrested.

Besides, the school was closed. but shopping, discotheques, and others are open 24 hours. my country is really weird.

what about the conditions in your country today?

for you

lol your mask.
@taliakerch introduced me to you :-D
Hope it's not too hard to take care of a blow-up baby next time....wear protection!

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lol Ik snap die comands niet helemaal maar beste wense smasssh

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