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RE: Showcase Sunday: Monkeying Around

Thanks, for the uplift and Sunday Specials, Mr @nonameslefttouse :)

Popping in to say that I appreciate your sage advice, yesterday: Patience.

Looks like it payed off, along with a little rant, overdue humility and some help from my friends!

Speaking of Somedays, you might enjoy my Year of Somedays, just posted.



Be patient. Sometimes I forget. Had my own problems not long ago that required more patience than I thought I had. Managed to get through that. Now I'm trying to be patient again, waiting for my brain to come back from vacation, so I can continue working on this blog, and a few other things. Sometimes patience is all we have. Losing that is the last step before losing everything. I hope things work out for you. I'll have a look at this post now.

Thanks, for your trust in sharing that. I need to work on patience, too, in all aspects of my life & recognize that the impatient person cheats themselves of their own development & what life has in store for them.

May we have trust to become who we want/need to be 🙏🏼