7th Chaos Legion Airdrop Card Revealed

We are quickly approaching 7M Chaos Legion packs minted and that means it's time to announce a new airdrop card!

For the 7th Chaos Legion airdrop card, each pack purchased up until the 7M mark will have a 0.2% chance of receiving the card, which means that 1 in every 500 packs will receive the card on average. Additionally, players will be GUARANTEED to receive one of the cards for every 500 Chaos Legion packs purchased. Finally, each airdropped card received will have a 4% (or 1 out of 25) chance of being a Gold Foil version of the card.

We know that many players expected a higher probability of receiving this airdrop card per pack and a lower guaranteed number based on the numbers from the previous airdrop cards. In retrospect, the numbers used for the previous three airdrop cards were too low, and while that did benefit the players who bought packs before then, it will ultimately mean that there will be more than the intended number of those cards printed in total going forward. @nealmcspadden does a good job of explaining that in his post here: https://peakd.com/hive-167922/@nealmcspadden/splinterlands-card-airdrop-math-should-you-be-buying-packs

Spirit Hoarder

Introducing a Neutral Legendary Monster - the Spirit Hoarder! The Spirit Hoarder is a low mana cost support card that heals backline Monsters with the Triage ability, Dispels buffs from the targets of its Magic attack, and Blinds its opponents causing them increased chances of missing with Melee and Ranged attacks. As a Neutral Monster that can be used with any Splinter - we expect we'll be seeing a lot of this card on the battlefield once it's released!

Get in on the Airdrop

As of the time of writing, fewer than 100,000 Chaos Legion packs remain to be sold before the cut off for getting a chance at the Spirit Hoarder airdrop - so make sure to get your packs at https://splinterlands.com/?p=shop before they run out! Each pack purchased will also have a chance of receiving all 7 additional airdrop cards to be released each time another 1M packs are sold over the life of the set.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Awesome card!!

This is such a great card! There is like zero triage in silver or bronze so I look forward to seeing how this shakes up the meta.

I also think the design is cute.


Its not hard to imagine this card being used with Obsidian and the Slipspawn in the back row somewhere.

Or even with certain Life builds.

I totally called this! The next airdrop card after this will be Dragon Splinter!

So excited!

Awesome! What a great card!!

the only thing i want to tell the devs right now is that (if possible) for them to tell us how many card packs should we buy for us to be able to get a guaranteed airdrop of cards up to the last one. coz we, the players who are in between, not whales nor planktons, just in between, also want to make sure we are able to have a guaranteed chance to get those summoners. and the only way for us to do so is to plan ahead our budget. thank you for understanding.

I am so happy to have bought some additional packs. Would not have thought the limit for guaranteed cards is increased that much, but I like it.

Will there be further increases an the next cards, or will it stay with 500? This is an important information for lots of players and investors alike.

Looks like new Neutral legendary Spirit Hoarder is going to be my favorite card to be used in every team for every battle 😎 .Thanks for providing triage in Neutral monster

That’s a badass monster that fits everywhere.

Wow! This is a strong card.
Hope I can get one :)

Yay! 🤗
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I really love the artwork, i think it's a great card hope i get a bit lucky

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Very good. Thank you for reminding me, I'll go check the airdrop shortly

Amazing card, first airdrop card I really need in my inventory!

Great card! :) And in light of the information shared, glad I bought more packs.

when will be the airdrop., It already reaches 7m CL Packs

Oh man, had some web issues with my Cardano wallet. I wish you had given a little bit of time as you did with other airdrops... By the way, there's an issue in the web that tells that I got 500 packs eligible when only 350 of them were bought before the 7M threshold...
image.png. I wish the minimum threshold was revealed giving all interested parts to get in... +150 packs increase was not expected. Ty in advance!

The continually raising thresholds for a guaranteed airdrop card is problematic. It further skews the game towards the Whales. I for one am not able to just buy 150 new packs to make this new threshold and I assume that there will be progressively higher threshold for each of the remaining cards. The changing landscape in the middle of an event is pretty frustrating and I don't understand why it has happened again.
The card looks great though and I wish good luck to everyone on the airdrop.

The gauranteed chances need to increase to keep the amount of total airdropped Legendary cards that are printed at reasonable levels. I was expecting an increase with the last drop but it didn't happen (thank you splinterlands for the extra odds in the players favor).

Thanks you for the response. I do understand the rational for raised thresholds, my issue is having the info come out 13 hours before the drop. The raising thresholds should have been noted before the event started so that everyone who was buying packs understood the whole process.
The changing landscape situation I referenced was removing the utility of SPS by changing the purchase requirement of CL packs from SPS to credits. If I had have known about the change for SPS and the threshold increases I would have not staked SPS to get vouchers and I would have bought more packs knowing about the threshold increases. While the drop in SPS price partially happened because of the overall crypto drop much of the drop happened because of the loss of utility. The developers have indicated that they have things in the works to add to the utility of SPS in the future so we we see where we are headed. I do see a great future for this project but I am just trying to illustrate that last minute changes can have real world monetary impact on everyone who invests in the game.
Have a great day everyone.

good new airdrop :)

Airdrops, airdrops everywhere.

Never a dull moment in Splinterlands.

The RNG system for GFL is fucking stupid at this point

I have received 61 Airdrop cards - 64 if you include Dr Blight, of that... I have 1 GFL

Here's my funny/salty post about the last round:


I grow more disheartened by each drop and it sucks.

Love the design and the card seems pretty useful, will mix up the battle scene for sure !