Announcing the Release of the TeraBlock Bridge

Starting later this week, the Splinterlands game website will transition to using a new bridge service provided by TeraBlock for all transfers of DEC and SPS tokens to or from the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platforms.

The Splinterlands team is very excited to be transitioning fully to the TeraBlock bridge product for handling these transfers. The new bridge should provide a better overall experience for users while also freeing up Splinterlands resources to focus on the core game product.

There will be a 0.5% fee for all bridge transfers paid to TeraBlock plus the gas fees necessary to transfer the tokens on the Ethereum or BSC blockchains. These fees will be paid in the token being bridged (DEC or SPS) and will be deducted from the total amount that is sent to the bridge. A full breakdown of ESTIMATED fees will be provided in the game UI before sending a transaction.

There will also be a minimum amount required for outgoing bridge transfers of DEC and SPS to BSC or Ethereum which are as follows:

  • DEC to BSC - 500 DEC minimum
  • SPS to BSC - 25 SPS minimum
  • DEC to Ethereum - 30000 DEC minimum
  • SPS to Ethereum - 1000 SPS minimum

Please note that all support requests related to these bridge transactions will need to go to TeraBlock via their support page: The Splinterlands support team will not be able to assist with any issues related to the TeraBlock bridge product.

Splinterlands will continue to operate the existing bridge system for a minimum of 30 days after the TeraBlock bridge goes live, but after that time any transfers using the old bridge will fail. Any automated systems that use the old bridge for DEC or SPS transfers between the game and BSC or Ethereum will need to be updated to use the new bridge before that time.

TeraBlock Bridge Technical Details

The technical details for programmatically making bridge transfers using the TeraBlock bridge are as follows:

  • Transfers from the game to BSC should send tokens to the terablock-bsc Hive account and include the recipient BSC wallet address in the memo parameter.
  • Transfers from the game to Ethereum should send tokens to the terablock-eth Hive account and include the recipient Ethereum wallet address in the memo parameter.
  • Transfers from BSC or Ethereum into a game wallet will need to call the lockTokens(uint256 _amount, string memory _username) function on the appropriate smart contract from the list below:
    • BSC - SPS Token: 0x63D541629F99a35a61B8755ED7Bc3491FD7886e6
    • BSC - DEC Token: 0x7F1DfAfF0f24E41a4ceC546DA81a80454B3D96e9
    • Ethereum - SPS Token: 0xE35b4735B48eacee1492136A3D3eD723b66dee8a
    • Ethereum - DEC Token: 0x62f26487454a3F037a1B9B54623e5DDf29773993

Please note that it will be necessary to approve the above smart contracts to spend the associated token from the source BSC or Ethereum wallet before calling the lockTokens function or else it will fail.

Closing the Steem Engine & Tron Bridges

Additionally, the Splinterlands team has decided to begin closing down the existing bridges between the game platform and the Steem Engine and Tron platforms. These bridges get only a minimal amount of use and we feel that it is no longer worth the time and resources required to support and maintain them going forward.

Outgoing transfers from the game to both of these platforms will be disabled, and incoming transfers from these platforms into the game will remain open for a minimum of 30 days from the date of this post to allow players to bring any of their assets currently held on these platforms back into the game before the bridges are disabled.

Please note that it will still be possible to make purchases in game using TRX and STEEM/SBD cryptocurrencies. It is only the bridge for in-game assets to these platforms that will be closing down.

We apologize for any inconvenience the closing of these bridges causes our players, but it is important that we focus our resources on the highest priority items for improving and growing the game.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I don't like this move at all. I love most of what you do, but this time I think you are making a mistake.

I understand it, but in the many transactions I've made with BSC and SPL, I've only had 1 problem over 7 or so months. To rework it so that we now all have to pay 1/2 of 1% just to save a little effort to fix an occasional stuck transaction seems like it is taking away some of the great things I love about SPL. Now in this situation, it seems like we have MORE devs and less of them working on the things that matter to users (like low transaction costs). Just my two cents, I will pay it but I think its not a smart move whenever you stray from your roots. (low cost, great game, fun game, rewarding)

I hope you re-consider and keep the BSC bridge open as is.

I send 1 million DEC to BSC often you're telling me simply transferring those tokens should cost $15+ when it used to be almost free?

Yeah hard pass on this unless there's a cap

I completely agree @jarvie. Thanks for putting up the online poll too ( . I hope they listen because I think it will change behavior in a way that they might not have intended.

Agreed, not seeing any valid reason for that move

Seems some user think TeraBlock are providing liquidity and that's why they're getting the .5% fee money. Can you clear this up? Are they actually buying DEC and SPS and holding it on 3 different blockchains? Are they custodians of SPS and DEC from splinterlands? Or are they just custodians of smart contracts that they get to uniquely wield that lets them create magical SPS and DEC with the trust that they will not abuse it?

Can you explain this a bit better.


Well, this is bad news. The thing is we still don't have a governance system and we can't decide whether we want it or not. The team is keeping making such decisions without asking us. I believe the majority of the people don't like the additional fee either.

I really don't like the move, especially the BSC chain, it's taking away the main reason of the success of game of being in open and free source to all. It's a barrier for anyone new coming to splinterlands. BSC chain has been a good intermediate, by adding another fee it's going to restrict it's further usage. Also I have Dec in tron wallet which I bought on trontrade. It took my trx burnt for energy as energy requirements are huge. After buying, I already don't have any way send those Dec back to game as it'll burn even more trx, neither I can convert Dec to trx because of same issue. And now they are blocking the bridge, I'll be stranded by this way. I hope they continue the old bridge.

But why? Not seeing any reason for such a move, focus on core developments is what I would also have announced to the outside world but no idea what the real benefit of this partnership is for all involved Splinterlands parties, i mean all Stakeholders

How to sue the old bridge to transfer SPS in from BSC, i only get the Terablock option that is costing me a lot - any idea how to transfer old system given you said 30 days the old way will still work?

Although 0.5% fee seems low and reasonable for the bridge services, I believe the fee will become tremendous in amount for those players having large transactions between accounts. Maybe I don't think it is a smart move in terms of an 'User-friendly' way since it increase the cost while playing.

Maybe there are some other optimal solutions for this.

Does this mean that we have to pay more fees for transfers to BSC?

yes ... 1/2 of 1% for transactions plus the gas fees

we are going to pay commissions, I don't like it.

Great news!
I appreciate having things "cleaned up" in a sense too. Thanks!

Why do you think this is good news?

Nice to hear, I don't use this chain but bridges are awesome for all chains and I hope to see more get added along the way.

bridges are good but full transition does not. If Splinterlands devs added Terablock as "option" then yes, it's good. But if it's the "only option" then no. It's not good.

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Sounds cool, goes to show how ridiculously expensive (and kinda foolish) Eth transactions are to have those minimums lol

Good to see this partnership enabling Splinterlands to focus on their core product.

Time to pull back the exact 1k DEC I hold on SE to easily see how much that pays in airdrops each day. :D

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Note: Not mine. Someone posted this on reddit and I think the Splinterlands team should listen to their player base or else you'll be the next Blizzard who lost the support of their fans and is now on the verge of bankruptcy.