Chaos Legion General Sale + New Airdrop Reveals!

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The time is nearly upon us for the Chaos Legion general sale! Hopefully you’ve already taken the time to prepare for the Chaos Legion launch, but if you haven’t and are hoping to participate, now would be a good time to buy credits and make sure that you have Vouchers ready for any bonus packs that you plan to acquire. Please note that Vouchers are not required for the general sale other than to obtain bonus packs, which means we will no longer be metering out the release of packs and have no control over how quickly the packs can sell out.

We are very excited for what 2022 has in store - Chaos Legion general sale is just the tip of the iceberg! We are already hard at work on getting the SPS governance and validator nodes ready for release, tackling phase 1 of the Land expansion, preparing for Riftwatchers, and so much more. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at what’s coming next for Chaos Legion airdrops!

Airdrop Details

As we discussed in the Chaos Legion General Sale & Volume Discount Details post, all packs purchased during the first 24 hours of the general sale will be eligible for ALL 11 of the remaining Chaos Legion airdrop cards - regardless of how many packs are sold during that time!

So far, approximately 1.5M general sale packs have been pre-sold through the volume discount program (detailed in the post linked above), so as long as the required number of packs are sold within the first 24 hours of the presale there will be at least 2 new airdrop cards to release, and the team has additional airdrop cards ready depending upon the final number of packs sold.

All of the airdrop cards released based on the first 24 hours of the general sale will be Legendary rarity and each pack will have a 0.2857% chance of receiving each of the cards. That means that on average one out of every 350 packs will receive one of each of the new airdrop cards.

Furthermore, players will be GUARANTEED to receive one of EACH of the airdrop cards for every 350 packs purchased! Unlike the special Doctor Blight airdrop, there will be no amount of packs that guarantees a gold foil version of the cards, however the chances of receiving a gold foil version of the cards will be increased to 4% from the typical 2% - meaning 1 out of every 25 airdropped cards will be gold foil on average.

Lira the Dark

The first general sale Chaos Legion airdrop card will be the Death Splinter Legendary Monster - Lira the Dark! Lira targets the most vulnerable victims with her powerful Ranged attack via the Opportunity ability, is able to Snare flying targets, and grants additional speed to all allies. Don't leave your vulnerable support cards unprotected when she's around!

Lira was turned into a vampire as a young woman. She attended a party of the rich and the powerful only to later realize that the majority of them were vampires. Lira did not see herself as a monster, however. Born into a high-standing family that struggled with maintaining their wealth, Lira saw her vampirism as an opportunity. She embraced the transformation and set to work building her power and influence.

After her parents passed away, Lira took over their ancient manor nestled deep within the mountains. It is a manor always wreathed in shadow, and it is there Lira conducts her rituals. A pact with shadow and darkness itself gave Lira immense spellcasting prowess. It enabled her to traverse the Splinterlands by moving from shadow to shadow.

Over the years Lira has led a cult of vampires. With her guidance, they have infiltrated the sects of the rich and powerful. Lira is able to make anyone do as she wishes through exploitation and threats, but if that does not work she is happy to feast on her victims.

Across the Splinterlands the name Lira the Dark is said with fear and awe. Other vampires envy the power she has achieved. She has had to defend her manor many times against those seeking to unseat her, and each time she hangs their corpses from the walls as a warning.

Iza the Fanged

Next we have a new Earth Splinter Legendary Monster - Iza the Fanged! Iza stealthily targets the last Monster on the enemy team through the Sneak ability and then can Stun her targets rendering them unable to attack on their next turn. She also preys on the dead Monsters in battle giving her increased Health through the Scavenger ability.

Rumors spread in the villages that if you wander too far into the jungles of Azmare that Iza the Fanged will snatch you. It is a tale that parents use to keep their children close to home. It is laughed off by villagers and travelers as a spooky campfire story, or simply an urban legend. But every year there are disappearances from those that travel the jungles, and the rumors continue.

Iza enjoys the rumors spread about her, although her appetite isn't for children. She lives in a cave deep within the jungle. Her earliest memories are of the trees around her covered in snakes. She does not know where she came from, except that she was born with the heart of a serpent. Iza moves silently, almost invisible within the jungle. The earth mana wraps around her and flows through her, enabling her quick strikes and stealth. Iza does not need weapons, for she is strong and fast and can render someone paralyzed with her fanged bite.

Iza will prey on anyone who enters her territory. She has a particular fondness for luring in men after peering at them from between the trees, sparking their interest. She lures them towards her cave before striking. The last thing her paralyzed victim will see is a deep cave covered in plant growth, and human bones decorating the walls.

Get In on the Airdrop!

All packs sold in the first 24 hours of the general sale will have a chance of receiving BOTH of the two new airdrop cards above - plus they will also have a chance to receive the next 9 airdrop cards that will be released over the life of the Chaos Legion edition!

The general sale is scheduled to start on Monday, January 17th at 12:00 EST / 17:00 UTC. Each pack costs $4 USD (payable only in Credits) and VOUCHER tokens are only needed in order to receive additional bonus packs for larger purchase amounts in a single transaction.

Pick up some VOUCHER tokens on the Hive Engine and TribalDex markets, or earn them for FREE by staking SPS in your account!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Both cards look amazing! Can't wait to get them. Also I want to say you guys did a great job on the whole sale process. You managed to look at all the different stakeholders in the game and offer each of them something of value. While its impossible to prove a negative that didn't happen, there was much fear that these would just go to either super whales or bots and then resold to the common players at steep profits. Neither will happen, and while it took some time to disburse the packs, your careful focus on the customer shows once again that the Devs for Splinterlands care about their customers! Thanks again guys!!!

Awesome thanks for the update!! Cant wait to use iza!!




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Fuck it.
Now I have to buy more packs.
Silly splinterlands. 🙃

The cards are looking good.

Cool looking cards

Lira, princess of darkness, queen of winter 😍

Thankyou so much for getting this out to us so fast!

I'll share this through the Splintering community


Man I'm in love with Lira, which is a bad thing because she'll probably devour me (or good thing)

I heard she's high maintenance guys .lol

I'm thinking I'm gonna need a little bit of Lira in my life. Both cards look great, and both are splinters I enjoy playing.

Those cards look amazing! This airdrop cards is really a cherry on top of what you’ll get from buying packs. You get cards, you get card power, and you get awesome airdrop! Kudos to the team behind splinterlands!

Lets get this show on the road. I'm ready to roll.

Check out my post on the detailed preparations for the general sale!

Fantastic! 1 More day to sale!!



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350 packs. dang, that's so many! haha. Oh well.

I like opportunity and scavenge,vulture

Mr. Plague has that scavenge ability, yummy extra health!

Wow! You are doing fantastic work. I am very excited for the next 24 hours. I've published my strat in the post that follows. I will get 350 packs to get guaranteed airdrops. Just beg you not to rise the minimum guaranteed for the next comming because I'll have to do plenty of extra hours at work! Take care and greetings from Barcelona! May Chaos Legion be with you!

So many legendaries this time........


Do we have an ETA on when the airdrop is going to deploy? I'm foaming at the mouth for these new cards and can't wait to see them in my collection :)