Moving forward with the classes for Ukrainian refugees! [ENG/PL]

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Today we organised the first language class for Ukrainian refugees this week. There were 16 participants (including Hive users: @wadera, @grigorijj, @raptusiewicz, @wayward-dreams, @wawrzyniec, @edwinedwin and @hallmann). Another one tomorrow...

Our idea is simple: participants learn in pairs by describing the pictures and repeating the sentences said by their partner. The pictures not only provide a clear context, but also make it easy to start a conversation. To start with, we printed 200 pictures. Now it is not enough, so we will use the reward from this post to print them.


Dziś odbyły się pierwsze w tym tygodniu zajęcia językowe dla ukraińskich uchodźców. Uczestniczyło w nich 16 osób (również użytkownicy Hive: @wadera, @grigorijj, @raptusiewicz, @wayward-dreams, @wawrzyniec, @edwinedwin and @hallmann). Jutro kolejna...

Nasze założenie jest proste: uczestnicy uczą się w parach opisując zdjęcia i powtarzając zdania wypowiedziane przez partnera. Obrazy tworzą nie tylko jasny kontekst, ale również pozwalają w łatwy sposób rozpocząć rozmowę. Na początek wydrukowaliśmy 200 zdjęć. Okazało się, że to za mało, więc nagrodę z tego posta przeznaczymy na ich wydruk.


Great stuff and we taught the DRC refugees (French) how to speak English in the same way.
Well done!

Polish and Ukrainian are very close to each other, so I think it is much easier to teach Ukrainians in this way.

Oh yes, and the way that you do it is excellent.

Great work, happy to see you supporting people in need!

Thanks! :)

This is a great initiative. I find flashcards with words or pics a great tool for learning.

I'm using flashcards with words and sentences to teach my kids our native tongue. Thanks for the idea and I wish you all the best in this project going forward.

That's amazing and I promise to donate some HBD soon but please understand that your team has been blessed to impact in the world at large so please endeavor to teach them why things happen also to love and accept the present as I wrote about a friend this morning

Thank you!

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Wow.. this is so blessed. Well done

I'm really impressed and love the creative ways with which learning is taking place regardless of the difficult times. Making it easy to learn and understand.

Keep the good job going. Probably you can ask for and accommodate more creative ways to teach, by asking for opinions from people on this platform.


Polish and Ukrainian are very close, so teaching/learning is not very hard.

May Allah give you great reward, it is good effort to learn , stay happy all