OCD Curation Report | Nov 2023

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Authored by @dalz

This is a report for OCD curation for Nov 2023.
Here we will be presenting data on curation for authors and communities that are supported by OCD.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Number of votes per day
  • Unique authors voted daily and monthly
  • Daily HIVE rewarded
  • Unique communities voted daily and monthly
  • Top communities
  • Number of comments voted daily
  • Number of accounts created

The period that will be covered here is 2022-2023, with a focus on October 2023.

Number of Votes Per Day

Here is the chart for the number of votes per day for the period.


As we can see from the chart the number of votes has been quite constant in the period. On average the number of votes per day for November 2023 was around 150, while for the whole month it is 4510.

Unique Authors Voted Daily and Monthly

Here is the chart for the number of unique authors voted daily.


There is a similar trend here as the overall count for votes, with a small drop.
In November the average authors voted on daily is around 141. For the whole month there is a total of 1412 authors voted.

Auhtors Voted per Month

Here is the chart for the number of authors voted on a monthly basis.


The number of monthly author voted is quite steady in the last months. A total of 1412 authors voted in November.

Daily HIVE Rewarded

Here is the chart for the amount of HIVE rewarded daily.


Note that this is HIVE eqvivalent numbers, since half of the authors rewards are paid in HBD.

Quite a steady numbers here with a slow uptrend. On average around 2k HP was distributed on daily basis from the OCD rewards.

Unique Communities Voted Daily and Monthly

Here is the chart for the number of communities voted per day.


A steady daily numbers here as well. On average around 46 communities voted on a daily basis.

On a monthly basis the chart looks like this:


The number of communities voted in September is 131. A small drop compared to the previous month.

Top Communities

Here are the top communities that were voted on.


The Movies and TV Shows community is on the top, followed by the SWC community.

A longer list for the top curated communities looks like this.

1Movies & TV Shows
3Alien Art Hive
6Hive Gaming
7Cinnamon Cup Coffee
9Photography Lovers
11Comedy Open Mic
12Hive PH
14Foodies Bee Hive
15Hive Pets
16Hive Sucre
20Gods On Chain
21The Anime Realm
22Family & Friends
23Hive Book Club
24Hive Diy
26Wednesday Walk
28Hive Food
30Ladies of Hive
31Hive Cuba
32Holozing Community
33Hive Open Mic
34Plant Power (Vegan)
35BuzzParty Meet Hive!
36Geek Zone
37Full Deportes
38Loving Hive
43Music Zone
44Hive Motors
47Silver Bloggers
50WeedCash Network

Number of Comments Voted Daily

Here is the chart for the numbers of comments voted on daily.


On average 26 comments voted per day in October.A steady number here as well.

Number of New Accounts Created

How is OCDB doing when it comes to onboarding?
Here is the number of new accounts created.


The new accounts are usualy driven by the market conditions and the prices. As we can see at the begining of 2022 there was more new accounts created, with more than 500 accounts per day on a few occasions.

We can see a spike in the numbers of accounts created in August 2023, where in the midle of the month there was more than 100 accounts created, but in October this number has been low, around 10 new accounts created daily.

A 150 votes per day from OCDB, supporting 141 authors daily in November, 1412 authors for the month. A 46 communities per day supported, or 131 on a monthly basis. Some small numbers of comments voted as well.


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