My own bid based vote bot! Woohoo!

in #steem3 years ago (edited)

Hi there steem <3 I've recently started a vote bot on my account!

I'm still learning so not really sure the configuration is ok :) we'll see how it works :D

If you want to use the bot simply send some STEEM / SBD to my account (x30) with the URL as Memo.
Here's an example:

Then simply wait for the voting round to end :P I've set the bot to only vote on 100% vote power so the round time should be 2.4 hours :D You can check the time remaining until 100% vote power at

I'm using an updated postpromoter (Node.js based bot) from (thanks to @lightproject and @transisto) inside my own docker swarm ;)

If any1 needs the stack, here's my docker-compose.yml :)

version: "3.3"

    image: "antoinegomez/node:10.17.0-alpine-build"
      - NODE_ENV=production
    entrypoint: "bash -l -c"
      - "git clone . || git pull && npm install && nodejs postpromoter.js"
    working_dir: /nodeapp
      - postpromoter_data:/nodeapp


To use, simply deploy it, wait for git and npm to finish, then rename config-example.json to config.json and configure the bot and lastly restart the container, if it didn't fail already :P you can check the logs using portainer to see if everything's running as expected :D here's a working version:

Thanks for reading and using my bot! Have an awesome day :P


I have sent you 3.0 steem for post upvote about 15 min ago
But i seen that you have received the bid amount but did't show in the bottracker cycle. Can i know the reason?
If i am in any blacklist of yours then please check my post and take the decision. If you don't want to upvote then return the bid to me. Please, check and reply.

sry about that, my cluster crashed while i was messing with it and the bot crashed too ... seems it somehow messed up the state file and wasn't able to start on it's own :D i've manually started it, should be fine now :P also working on a fix to avoid this issue <3 thx for using my bot :P have a great day !

@x30 compliment of the season to you and your family members. Greetings 🎊. Happy new Week too.

@x30 Compliment of the season to you. Greetings. Happy weekend to you too.

@x30 happy new month. How is work going over there? Greetings.

Also send 1.750 STEEM, exactly 1 minute bevore next Vote or Bids end. The Votepower was at 1.97$
So every of us 2 who Bid should receive a 0.98$ upvote.

I think the Bot was broken... i received a upvote hours later... but insted of my 0.98$ i just reveived 0.49$ upvote this is a bad ROI.... please fix it.

sry for the inconvenience, it was offline for some time :D reason it didn't vote on time :( but as i've already pointed out, it should be profitable in the long run :P lots of other ppl are already using it, so there must be some profit to be made ;) please keep using it for a longer period, thx, have a great day <3

Good luck on the bot!

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Congratulations @x30!
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Hi friend. As I know, the bots began to be lowered. But good luck to you anyway.

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That is excellent @x30 but will it be profitable than manual or autocuration?

I have sent you 1.75 Steem for post upvote about 12 hours ago, but didn't received upvote till now. The post link is

Please, check and do the needful. Waiting for your valuable reply....

I think the BOT is having a problem. Not found on steembottracker. This is a great BOT and I am waiting for 1 update!
Good luck !

exactly :D problem fixed <3 thx a lot for using the bot, you guys are awesome !!

there was a problem with my setup :P now it's back online <3 sry for the inconvenience ...

But you give very less upvote compare to your min 5% return. Please correct it and give solution.

hi again, so ... i didn't code the bot myself, so i'm not quite sure why that'd happen ... the config is set with a fill limit of 95%, this means min 5% return, but that rarely happens since i've also put a minimum bid :D so it's usually higher return :P maybe it's due to the huge price swings during the period ... sry for the inconvenience, keep using the bot, i'm sure it'll make up for your loss <3 thx and have a great day !

it could also be the fact that i'm using the same price feed as steembottracker ( .... it is more stable, but maybe there's a skew in the prices ... i don't really know the cause, but ppl have been using the bot for quite some time so i'm assuming they're making a profit in the long run :P

May be i know the reason that due to multiple bid you received because you did not vote so long period say 8-10 hours or more. After that you vote all received bid in same time, that why we received small upvote.
This is not due to the price feed. This is becasue your bot not voted for long period and then voted all bids at same time. They sent bid for different times but voted same time by you, that's why we received less upvote. This is the fault of your bot.

You received multiple bid from different steemians as above mentioned screenshot 1.75 + 3.0 +1.75 = 6.5 steem for due to long period. Then you vote according to this 1.75 / 6.5 = 26.92% vote, 3/ 6.5 = 46.15 all steemians same time, so we received less vote.

Are you hearing the voice?

Vote was t received. Refund needed