Tau Update (Optional ERC20-AGRS + Bittrex & Uniswap listing + Supporter Program)

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AGRS is now available as ERC20-AGRS (an ERC20 token under Ethereum). If you've acquired AGRS before this, please be informed that you're holding OMNI-AGRS (an OMNI token under Bitcoin). You can hold that until the actual launch of the Agoras cryptocurrency on Tau-Chain, or optionally convert it to the ERC20 token to trade if you so desire. You can convert it through whitebit.com. Info source:


Just joined the telegram group. Will sneak peak and learn about the project these next few days 🤘💥

after all this time I'm still unsure what tau does :) they want to be a blockchain social media ?

Thanks for the heads up. I have all I can do to keep up with Cub Finance by @leofinance and my current holdings. Will have to wait until I get rich so I can hire a person to help keep up with it all!

Good fortune!

OMG!!!! just looked at my port again just now. You're the man. Thanks serrr T^T

Let me know if you ever or want to cover this project on any of your channels, feel free to come ask questions in the telegram. It'll be appreciated